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Demystifying The Candidates
The link above is from Brasscheck today: and in light of current events the video clearly shows the world that Paul is not aware of what 911 was about; because he obviously believes the government's story of idiots being able to hijack commercial aircraft ­ and apparently thinks that better security (treating airplanes like armored cars) would have "prevented the attack." In no way does he credit anyone with the idea of why such an attack was carried out (politically or militarily). Ron is obviously ignorant of global tactics, and of the relentless crescendo of the waves that the New World Order has created. When one listens to the early part of this tape: It is the equivalent of sitting through a Jr. Highschool explanation of why some very violent activities 'sometimes happen somewhere in the world' - as though the causes might as well have been random.
Paul disputes only "who" the supposed hijackers were (Saudi's not Afghani's) - and gives no motives for anyone here to have had a hand in any of this. At some point he mentions that 911 was "a crime" but he does not elaborate. It is clear from this snippet of debating commentary that Ron is not clear about either the deeply rooted political truth being made by the facts Beneath the Smoke & Flames* of 911 - just as it is equally true that he has not credited anyone with having planned anything at all around this event, except some half-baked idea that some 'Arabs' took offence at our occupation troops in the Middle East (which of course they did).
However the mythic terrorists of 911 were not capable of affecting the total stand-down of US fighter aircraft for an hour and forty- five minutes on 911 that allowed the deaths of so many thousands of people. At no point does Paul actually challenge the veracity of the government's line on 911 - this tape was recorded in the middle of last year ­ and is not something he has said recently. This however, is in-part what so many people apparently based the 'idea' that Paul was "with the 911 truthers" on. Congressman Paul needs to explain himself at a national news conference, if these issues are to ever be clarified.
In the last two minutes Paul actually shows some fire over the political spin-off's that were enabled by 911 - such as the Patriot Act, the National ID Card etc.: Except that he fails to concede the most basic point which is that if there had not been a 911 - there could never have been the justification for any of the political crimes that have been committed by the New World Order since that day: Nor could there have been any reason for the spying on Americans that began seven months BEFORE 911 even happened!
This situation with Ron Paul has unfortunately crystallized for many, the actual degree of disassociation and lack of passion that Ron Paul has used, to link himself with a majorly dissatisfied political group that has been roaming through the American body- politic without a home - virtually since the that first day of the attacks.
On this tape is a professorial politician, a 'nice guy' trying to come to grips with some of the extreme elements of Genghis Kahn's descendants - Paul is just not up to that job. He has yet to address any of the Inquisition's new follower's either - because he is even less acquainted with the tactics of torture and random murder than he is with all the simplistically vile plans, that have been revealed over-the-course of the last seven years.
The New World Order's plans, via the North American Union's facilitation for the completion of their global Empire, is not something that people who continue to play-by-the-rules will ever be able to stop.
America either needs to find our own bunch of dark and capable knights, or we must do this ourselves.
To have the only thing protecting us be something as old and vulnerable as a Ron Paul at this point in history - would be worse than a joke - it would be suicide without the drama. "What choice is there" There is no choice. Americans must to do this for themselves - we have gone past the point where we can simply appoint or elect someone to do this for us - we made the mistakes - now we must clean them up! (1)
The congress & the courts and the entire administration are all traditional political tools that we have paid for, for decades. They were supposed to have taken care of this, long before now-yet they have not only failed: Now they've openly joined the outlaws and about the only hope left for us, is to prove conclusively that these 'selections' and the elections themselves are just another fraud. (2)
These 'candidates' have provided nothing but a national horror show - in a race to the bottom that seems to be a contest centered solely on who is the least qualified fool that can convince the most sheep that they can get away with running for office: without appearing to be too disconnected from the herd. . .
In response to this saddest of all outcomes: Instead of declaring a nationwide general STRIKE against the entirely corrupt government - the media has convinced this population to settle for a new election as the only way to fix our problem. These people, Paul included, have been there for their entire lives - but what have they done: They have, each in their own way, vitally emboldened the Outlaws at every turn; in crushing the very public that they were all supposed to serve.
And now Americans are going to fix all this by selecting one of these traitors to act as the puppet in chief for: "members of the CFR, AIPAC, the committee of 300, the Trilateralists, the Bilderbergers, the Money-Changers, the Bonesmen and the Corporatocracy - all fighting over who shall lead the scavengers that are currently picking the corpse of this former nation - right down to our blood-smeared bones." (3)
This farce has been disgusting from the start, largely because the public is not equipped politically to even be able to discuss what needs to happen - because they have NO IDEA of what they are owed by this or any other government, just as they have not even the most remote idea of why the USA cannot go around the planet slaughtering people at will - just because the Corporatocracy says they must have the resources that others control. As for murdering millions of people because they want to keep their own countries for themselves - how can this ever be justified ­ when the nations involved have committed no crimes against us, while we have done everything violent and hostile that we can short of war to them? And in the case of Afghanistan and Iraq we finally just spit on the global opposition to our 'impatience for war' and just did it!
If the public cannot see these blatant facts for what they are - how can anyone expect them to be complex enough to understand why it is that Americans are now (and have always been) the number one target that 911 ushered in - to pave the way for the takedown of this country?
From all that has been thrown around over the issue of Ron Paul - "American savior or imbecilic idealist' - the only clear result is that American citizens are not wiling to fight for themselves and are now DESPERATE to find anyone that might (even remotely) be willing to try to do that for them.
This is not going to happen - the US Cavalry might be just over the hill, but it will not be coming to save us - because whatever now constitutes those forces (probably mercenaries), they are coming not to save us but to shut us down. Why else would the government have spent the last two decades building all these camps! (4)
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