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George Bush, The

By Curt Maynard
A Pseudo-Conservative is a fake conservative and that's just what George W. Bush is. He talks the talk, but like so many other politicians in both parties, doesn't walk the walk. It is now time that America's conservative base wake up and come to understand this ­ I've been saying this since before the bastard was elected. Bush is a cynical opportunist who has manipulated America's ignorant Christian Evangelists for more than seven years ­ Tucker Carlson, a media hack that has spent the better part of that seven years defending Bush and neo-conservatism has finally concluded the obvious, in a recent interview he is quoted as saying, "the 'elites' in the party had "pure contempt" for the evangelicals."
No kidding? Really? One wonders when Carlson figured all this out. Was it when President Bush appointed Alberto Gonzalez his pro-gun control, pro-affirmative action, pro-choice Attorney General or was it when Bush appointed his pro-gun control, pro-affirmative action, pro-choice house niggers [I don't use the 'N word,' I just say niggers] Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice? As a sitting Texas Supreme Court Justice, Alberto Gonzales, actually approved a law that allowed minors to get an abortion without parental consent!
What finally woke Tucker Carlson up to the fact that Bush is a pseudo-conservative; I mean why didn't Carlson say anything when Bush signed off on the abortion pill earlier this year, the aptly named "Plan B," or "Morning after pill?" Bush did you know, he signed it into law, enabling millions of young American women to more easily abort their babies and do so without anyone being the wiser ­ the only way we as a society will see the effect, is when we look at future charts documenting an accelerated decline in the births of American children. Bush could have vetoed the legislation, but he didn't. The pseudo-conservative charlatan's only defense of his actions was when he was asked during a press conference how he felt about the abortion pill, to which he replied, "I believe that Plan B ought to be -- ought to require a prescription for minors, is what I believe." So there you have it, in the President's own words and from the White House website itself ­ Bush doesn't disapprove of abortion, he wants the abortion pill to be available, just not to minors. Now if that isn't a crock of shit, I don't know what is. Bush knows full well that minors will easily be able to get the OTC abortion pill; they'll just get their boyfriends or older friends to purchase it for them, conveniently, at any local drug store from Los Angeles to Bugtussle Nebraska.
Do you know any Christian fundamentalists? Have you been trying to get through to them? It's difficult isn't it? They are so profoundly "programmed," that often a real Christian must take Jesus/ advice and "cast not pearls before swine." In any case, if you know any, show them the below and ask them to explain to you or more importantly themselves, just how it is that George Bush, an alleged Christian fundamentalist like them, has made it legal to obtain the abortion pill over the counter, i.e. without a prescrition. It's available today. What, you didn't know that? I'll bet your sixteen year old daughter does. The Zionist media has worked overtime to prevent them [Christian fundamentalists] from learning the truth about this, but nonetheless it's true. The Zionist media has even come out recently trying to soothe the ignorant and apathetic evangelical by  insinuating that abortion is on the decrease for the first time since the 1970s. Well folks, allow me to be the first to burst your bubble, the only reason it "appears" to be on the decrease is because our shitbird and chief made obtaining the abortion pill as easy as a buying a pack of cigarettes. The truth is, the killing of babies is NOT on the decrease, it is now higher than it's ever been in the past, it's just better hidden, because now someone can stroll into a pharmacy, buy a pill for a few dollars, go home and quietly terminate the child growing within their womb. Do you feel like a sucker? You should.
By now even the stupidest Christian Evangelical should be aware of George Bush's left leaning views on illegal immigration ­ the President supports it ­ in fact he wants it to continue. Bush has no intentions of building a fence along the border, he has no intentions of ejecting illegal immigrants from the United States, in fact, he wants to give them all amnesty, no matter what words he wants to use in its place, "comprehension immigration reform" means amnesty period! Recently the swine and chief stated before an audience " We must understand that you can't kick 12 million people out of your country - that we must figure out a way to say to those that if you're lawful and if you've contributed to the United States of America, there is a way for you to eventually earn citizenship." My question to the pig would be "why not?" They entered this country illegally [unlawfully], granted you and the United States government allowed it to happen, but nonetheless these people are lawbreakers, and I'd like to know why we can't deport them. No matter how you swing it, Bush's position on illegal aliens is not conservative, nor is it, as the media would have you believe, realistic ­ in fact it's insane pure and simple.
Bush's economic plan is anything but conservative as well ­ the Republican platform was once, "limit government and control spending," but President Bush has outspent any president in the history of this country, and he's spent every dime with a smile on his face and "conservative" rhetoric spewing from his lying lips.The long and short of it is, George W. Bush is not a conservative, he's a no good lying traitor that should be arrested and charged with treason. He should be tried and when found guilty should be given the maximum sentence reserved for traitors at a time of war. Remember, Bush himself has declared war on terrorism, thus, by his own words, we are in a state of war.
The entire neo-conservative movement is in fact a left leaning Trotskyite scheme designed to grab the reins of government and impose a police state right here in the United States of America, and George Bush is their front man. Bush's son-of-a-whore father is complicit as well ­ he was touted about as a conservative too ­ but he appointed the only homosexual, David Souter, to the United States Supreme Court, and you'd be a fool and a moron to suppose he did it accidentally. At the time Souter was allegedly going to be one of the most "conservative" Justices on the bench, but instead, he has turned out to be even more liberal than the Court's two Jews, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer, who haven't missed a single opportunity to impose socially liberal laws on this nation since the day they were seated.
It isn't like George Bush has only recently exposed himself, he's been a pseudo-conservative from the very beginning, the news media has just covered up for him, primarily because he's been pro-Zionist in every respect, something the media absolutely demands if one expects to receive positive media coverage in this day and age. News Max noted as far back as 2001 that George Bush was a liberal in conservative clothing when they accused Bush of liberal activism by writing:"President Bush, your affirmative action program is nothing but a Xerox of Bill Clinton's. Why do you make John Ashcroft use the same script as Janet Reno? How dare you not drive a stake though the heart of racial quotas?"
"President Bush, why do you treat the sucker fish better than the failing farmers of Oregon? Sure, Al Gore and his phony environmentalists will ventriloquize whenever they can, but why are YOU such a willing dummy?"
News Max then almost rhetorically asks its readers the following:
"You're disappointed in President Bush's failure to drive home all the conservative promises that inspired you to fight for his election and made you so excited with his victory. And now you're angry to the point of rebellion, abandonment, defection, desertion!"
The fact is, we shouldn't have allowed George Bush to deceive us with his words, his actions have always betrayed him, he has never acted conservatively, he has always been a social liberal period.
A year ago I might have asked my readers, "When are you going to wake up," but today, I know they have. Bush, Cheney, and the neo-cons, haven't got a snowballs chance in hell of pulling off another 9-11 and successfully blaming it on Iran without running into massive opposition represented by the more than 30% of the American population that believes 9-11 was orchestrated and carried out by the US government and the state of Israel.
Bush's so called "right wing" foreign policy platform is nothing more than a pro-Zionist ­ pro-Elitist power grab ­ it won't get much further though, today 40% of Americans [More than at any time in the past] recognize it for what it is, and recognize Israel's pernicious effect on the Bush administration and the entire neo-conservative movement. The hidden hand has been exposed, the only real question is, will we collectively do anything about it?
Wake up America, you're being taken for a ride.
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