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'Change' WHAT Change?
Jim Kirwan

It seems like only a few weeks back that the party-guru's were screaming from every soapbox about the need for "CHANGE"! And the then crowded field were all vying for the title of "The World Champion of Change." I turned them all off and went back to living amid the rubble. This morning I turned on the Sunday morning shows and was stupefied by what has been distilled from all that noise about "Who will bring REAL-CHANGE toAmerica for the next four years"!

Having been gratefully missing-in-action for the last ten days the language I heard was blatantly insulting. Here's some of what I learned, and what I thought about it.

Health-Care: It seems both Democrats want to force the uninsured to buy health-insurance, to the point of garnishing their wages; fines in one instance, and a sliding scale in the other. It is apparent that neither idiot actually watched SICKO, or even gave the substance of its premise a moment's thought: A pity really; because that film laid out a course to common sense ­ so then why am I surprised. The core of the argument is that what American's need health-CARE, not ACCESS to Health-insurance.

Apparently the Democrats think that having FREE Universal-Health Care for every person in America is impossible: Obviously forgetting that we have already paid for it a thousand times over. What needs to happen here-contrary to the perceived political wisdom of the Money-Changers running for higher office-we need to combine ending the War with providing FREE Universal Health Care for everyone!

If we stopped spending a Million Dollars a Minute on a continuing genocide in Palestine, on the continuing liquidation of the population in Iraq, and on a re-staging of the failed war in Afghanistan: then that money could easily fund Universal Health CARE. This could be done without the need for Health-Insurance at all, and with change leftover to begin to repay the Social Security Fund for the hundreds of billions that government has been stealing from that "fund" since it began!

In fact we could follow current policy and downsize (throw directly out into the streets) all employees of the criminally-constituted privatized health insurance plans. The public ought to demand that these criminal-schemes masquerading Insurance-company's have all their assets frozen under RICO; and their management staff's should be held for federal investigation of fraud and grand theft. This would constitute a CHANGE!

What happened to open political debates ­ and public input on anything that this government wants to spend our money on? Obviously there has been no progress there at all!

It's a moot point anyhow because it is against the law, or will be soon, to question anything at all - especially about the war or any of its costs, including the deaths of American troops!

On reinstating government ACTION, resulting directly from any federal investigation by any congressional oversight committees-what's been done? There has been nothing done about this for the last seven years ­ when, if ever, will this begin to CHANGE?

Why for instance has no candidate called for on-the-record fact-checks, during the election process, instead of months afterward when nothing can be done about all the lies told during the campaign? An excellent case in point is the current series of frauds that took place in a number of the early voting situations ­ that have yet to be unraveled. It's not brain-surgery: If a corrupted computerized system was used ­ then that contest is definitely subject to a thorough investigation, ASAP. If it is not then possible to verify the vote tolls, as it was under the old paper ballot system, then the results must be thrown out and a new election held. How hard is that? It would be costly, but the people who made the fraudulent machines could be forced to pay for the needed re-run of the vote ­ and then at least every voter would KNOW that their vote was counted and not just manipulated!

What happened to the Truth-in-Advertising laws, are they still on the books, and does this apply to political rhetoric as well? These people currently running are worse than snake-oil salesmen from the nineteenth century ­ they will PROMISE you anything, and then deliver the exact opposite. "Freedom & Democracy" becomes 'Slavery & Fascism' and you will be the ones that voted "for" it.

What about demanding that all political parties be held to account for what they say they stand for-instead of simply letting them wander around in the wilderness of vague and misleading concepts that always end up amounting to nothing more than just another pack of lies?

During the campaigns both parties claim the high-ground of Party Principles that simply do not exist except in the imagination of the speaker. Since we cannot hire public mind-readers to interpret what they're saying maybe their speech ought to be subject to criminal investigations when they lie! And where by the way is there any access for the public to be able to use the public's airwaves on a par with what commercial media now enjoys. The airwaves belong to the people! The private commercial interests have stolen away even the Public Broadcasting System - which has become just a minor version of all the other disinformation outlets. And as for the FCC, if ever there was a criminal organization ­ it is the Federal Communications Commission - that has eliminated all real competition and destroyed all local markets for radio television and the printed news media.

Instead of demanding any of this: the politicians remain hell-bent on criminalizing both the thoughts and speech of all US citizens (H.R. 1955 & S 1959). And in the latest twist they've now decided that judges can any longer be subjected to written complaints from the public, about the laws they rule on, or the people they supposedly serve. What happened to the Constitutional right of "redress of grievances"!

This was supposed to be handled by the House of Representatives but they passed the buck to the Courts, that only the rich can afford to use, so where does this leave the ordinary person who used to be able to at least complain directly to the official involved?


"It allows judges to redact from their public disclosure forms personal information about their families that could be used to harm them.


It provides increased funding for judicial protective services furnished by the U.S. Marshals, and for federal witness protection programs.


It prohibits publishing of personal information about a judge, law enforcement officer, or witness with the intent to cause harassment, intimidation, or a crime of violence.


And it enhances prison terms for assaults and other violent acts with intent to intimidate or interfere with judges and other federal officers in performance of their official duties." 

The House passed this bill in July by voice vote under suspension. The Senate has now passed it with an amendment that makes a few minor refinements, all of which should be acceptable to the House." (1)

In another cynical twist of fate, school teachers in California make roughly half what a prison guard does, yet the privatized prison systems make a huge amount of money on each and every body they process, house or punish. When was the last time a politician suggested doing away with the Country-Club prisons for the elite-criminals (mostly insiders and politicians)? For that matter whatever happened to CLOSING Gitmo-as the Bushwhacker promised he would do! Now there are two real CHANGES that wouldn't take a whole of brains to complete, yet not one word from anyone on that topic either.

And to top everything off ­ McCain wants to not only retain the tax-breaks for the corporations and the super-rich (a proven disaster for the US Economy), but he wants to give everyone a tax-break: proving that he is totally unfit to even manage the job he says he wants. Oh I forgot, he's not running for president, he's running for Commander-in-Chief: which just happens not to be an elected office, but a subsidiary constitutional function of the presidency-for which McCain is neither qualified nor physically able to fulfill until he opens his files on his stay in the Hanoi Hilton for all to see!

Where's all this CHANGE that all these pampered and sycophantic candidates keep screaming about? Maybe what they meant by "CHANGE" and what the public means by the use of that same term are two completely different and inconsolable positions. . .

Why not ask them about some of the above and see what these People-who-would-be-Dictators come up with: because the duties and the responsibilities of the office they're supposedly running for have nothing to do with what they're mumbling about on the campaign trail.

The public got sucker-punched in the last two versions of this farce that the media is calling Campaign '08. How many more times will people continue to believe in this herd of lying criminals? Obama's just an infant, a child that tells us he can't wait to get into the Lion's Den-proving that he is definitely a light-weight when it comes to down and dirty political warfare. We know he's not a threat to anyone ­ he's just the latest model of "the newest Candidate" who wants to join that Fraternity-of-Evil who pretends to represent the public in these final days of the Republic.

None of this is new, and all of it is ugly. Instead of CHANGE-it appears that when this is over - about the only remnant of this new approach that will heard on every street-corner in the land will be: "Spare Change anyone ­ Spare Change"?


1) House Passes Conyer's Landmark Bill to Make Judges Safe.


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