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Jim Kirwan
Many if not all the current crop of 'candidates' now speak of change as if this were some kind of magic elixir; something semi- holy that will in and of itself lend a new way of seeing, in order to create the needed power, to alter our misfortunes and save us from ourselves. This is nothing new in fact this false-cry is an act of sheer desperation that amounts to spitting in the wind-and it shall have no more of an effect upon political events either today or tomorrow-than will that simple human gesture.
From the 'capture' of Geronimo to the occupations of both Palestine and Iraq we have failed to understand history's harsh lessons, or the critical needs of western civilization, whether that be of yesterday or today-but certainly not-when it comes to living our tomorrows.
In the US Army's war upon Geronimo in the 1880's, the only way for an Apache to become free was to die. Today those people in Palestine and Iraq that are living under US occupation appear to have the same problem as did the Apache's over 128 years ago. If Geronimo had been white we would have revered him and his people as heroic, as it is we have tried to weave his bravery into our military at virtually every turn. From the battle-cry of our paratroopers, to the weapons systems that we use today: so many of the native peoples that we slaughtered then are being used to slaughter others now. This is pathetic, because we still lie about what happened to the tribes that fought us for their lands and people. Just as we have lied about virtually every major war we've entered into since we "conquered the American West for "Manifest Destiny." (1)
War and murder have always shared the same tightrope. The very slight differences come down to who is looking and who is not-to who has power vs. those who have no voice. When nations go to war for lies, they only underscore their ultimate defeat. If history is consulted about the will to fight within a 'conquered people, one need only go back to the Algerian War for independence ­ a war that finally succeeded after 130 years of French Occupation. But the French failed to heed that lesson, so that they had to repeat their failure in their war on Viet Nam.(2) The United States has had it's own surrogate war going in Palestine, almost from the beginning of the artificial state of Israel, and now we have our second failure coming up in Iraq.
What happened in Algeria and Vietnam will come again in what we're doing now in the Middle East-and the final result will be the same. Just as the French and the Americans both lost in Viet Nam, we shall also lose in both Iraq and Palestine-because we believe in nothing but stolen money and stolen treasure-so that at the core there are only other people's profits to die for!
The Palestinians of today, along with the Iraqi's, remain under the guns of the US military and the duplicity and treachery of Israel-in the barbarity of the administration over the lives and lands of the Palestinian people. The present day Israeli settlements were copied from the white settlers in the American West that were used to conquer the native population here: Just as the cowardly Israeli settler's are now being used to drive the Palestinians from their lands in Palestine. These current actions by Israel are as vile and unorthodox as were the early American occupations of native lands in what eventually became 'this country.'
Neither the wars here nor in Palestine or Iraq were ever about religion or race: They have always been about greed and power being enforced from the barrels of our weapons. These two rogue governments, the USA and Israel have chosen to become modern day outlaws on the world stage. The only "allies" either we or Israel have now, are paid-for turncoats that have sold out their own people in service to the Empire's hunger for all the wealth and all the resources in the world today.
The Empire even has its own form of bounty-hunters, just as existed in the 1880's of the American West. These are the armies of private mercenaries that hunt the scalps of the people that resist us, in exchange for trophy money. They are 120,000 strong in the Middle East and are supported by Israel's Mossad: between them they are there to keep the flames of hate alive, and kill any chance of workable political settlements at bay.
Neither the United States nor Israel has the moral vigor to withstand the backlash that our continuing actions have engendered. We have the world's largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons and something like two and a half million men and women under arms: yet we lack the personal courage to defend ourselves against our own illegal government! That is because we know that basically this government is as "wrong" as our occupations and our tortures are, coupled with our entire legal system that has now embraced both torture and the end of human rights for all Americans. We have become a "lost people."
This all comes down to "Promises-Made & Promises-Broken" ­ and this behavior is as wrong today as it was throughout the over four hundred years of our wars upon the natives, whose lands we eventually took, while we slaughtered almost all those people: just because "we had to have it all." That fight left this nation with a massive scar upon our future-and it appears that the time for payback is approaching.
Consequently when Americans say that they are looking for Real-Change:
Given our background, that would be a very welcome thing indeed- but this new clarion call for "CHANGE" is just more jive from those who lie as easily as other people breathe. The people calling for this 'CHANGE' have failed to notice that most of what this nation had, of value, has already been sold or sent offshore. But that's not enough for these New-Robber-Barons; they want it all just as their forefathers did, when they lied to the native tribes so very long ago.
Nothing goes unnoticed in the natural world: for every action there will always be an equal and opposite reaction and the time has come to pay the piper!
1) Geronimo An American Legend (1993)
2) Battaglia di Algeria, La (1966)
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