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Ron Paul And The
War Crime Tribunals
By JB Campbell

Can Ron Paul win the presidency? The answer is definitely yes, based on a popular vote but Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000 and we still got his opponent, a psychopathic war criminal, as president, who was solely in the race because he was himself the son of a psychopathic war criminal (and a former president). So I'm not sure why we have a popular vote. Most Americans do not fully understand the Electoral College, and I'm one of them. It's the Electoral College that elects the president.
Today, we have an added obstacle to electing someone we like and that is the way the vote is counted. The apparent idea behind computerized vote fraud is to justify the votes of those mysterious people who purportedly decide the winner, the Electoral College. How are these electors assigned to their jobs, other than by their good connections and their willingness to follow orders?  
Further and unexpected obstacles can develop quickly when the Chosen One looks to be losing, as we saw with the rescue of GW Bush by five members of the Supreme Court, who ordered the end of the Florida vote re-count in the last hour. When other countries do this, we refer to the five members as a "junta." The news corporations very decently refrained from embarrassing the winner and his brother, who happened to be the governor of Florida, by any messy investigation into computerized vote fraud, or exactly how the Judicial Branch could shut down a general election and declare the winner of an Executive Branch contest.  
Pat Buchannan won the early GOP primaries in 1996, including the Arizona primary, but then the computers were adjusted properly; his announced Arizona victory was corrected and he won no more. Buchannan proved to be a good sport and never complained about the three or four little private companies that count the ballots in secret ways, or who owns the little private companies. But imagine: obscure little private companies counting the votes with their private little computer programs. All the votes. When they were asked exactly how they count the ballots with their computers, the little company owners were indignant, claiming that their programs were proprietary, and to divulge their workings would damage their position in the market! This was accepted at face value. The news corporations didn't investigate the little companies because, it turns out, the little companies are owned by the news corporations themselves.
The latest GOP debate demonstrated how an entire political party can be reduced to fringe status by a private company, CNN, taking "YouTube" questions from religious fruitcakes, gun nuts and racists, or actors portraying them. CNN's first home-grown question to Ron Paul was an effort to tie him to people such as myself: Do you really believe in a conspiracy by the Council on Foreign Relations?
The neat thing about Ron Paul is his ability to hit the slimiest, spit-coated slider out of the park, every time, on the first pitch. And the suspense has become very entertaining: both his supporters and his enemies wonder how long the fraudsters can go without giving him his first trick question, though it must be unnerving to his malefactors who are undoubtedly considering more drastic ways to shut him up.
It took this writer many years before he could understand the method behind the madness of the Bush gangsters. Now that they are about gone, I'm getting it. It was difficult to come to grips with this concept, probably for philosophical reasons. Ron Paul may have the same problem. It is a very simple program and it is called "Privatization."
For someone who is basically an anarchist, who despises government, or even someone who is a libertarian, the idea of "privatizing" functions that the government shouldn't be doing sounds attractive. And many libertarians have called for just about everything to be turned over to private companies, which they think can perform most if not all government jobs more efficiently. Bush and Cheney have shown us, however, just how dangerous this idea is when it is implemented by criminals who are not only greedy but psychopathic.
Actually, the idea of privatizing certain government functions goes all the way back to Alexander Hamilton, whose plan was to privatize the central bank, the First Bank of the United States, that is, to place the credit and currency needs of this country in the hands of private bankers, who would make highly profitable loans to the government. To the Southerners who objected to this Northern monopoly on the money supply, Hamilton said, "What the government could do for a person (incorporate), it could not refuse to do for an "artificial person", a business. And the Bank of the United States, being privately owned and not a government agency, is a business." George Washington signed Hamilton's bill into law and we got the first privately-owned central bank, which lasted from 1791 till 1811.  
This was followed by the Second Bank of the US, also privately-owned (which failed due to Andrew Jackson's ordering its assets taken from it and placed in State banks) and of course by the third version, the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank of 1913 to the present day. Ron Paul would like to do to this RICO loan racket what Andy Jackson did to its predecessor in 1832, although Paul may have a slightly better solution. Considering that the Federal Reserve Note, the greatest fraud in US history, is about to collapse, his solution had better be a good one and he better start discussing it now. I'm sure that everyone would take his plan very seriously.
So that's the origin of Dick Cheney's secretive plan for the privatization of government functions, which today has spread to prisons, police and the military. The real purpose, besides huge profits to the corporations, is no accountability, as we see in the privatized counting of the vote. The Freedom of Information Act only applies to the government, not Halliburton. Blackwater and the other mercenary companies in the War on Terror receive obscenely high wages from the taxpayers but are not under military rules of conduct, which aren't too strict in the first place. The mercenaries, however, have exposed themselves as the most lawless and bloodthirsty band of cutthroats in the entire Middle East and are the real cause of hatred. How do you deal with officially green-lighted private killers, other than taking them out of their cars and hanging them from bridges?
It has just been revealed, to me anyway, that the American gangsters in Iraq, led by the Kissinger Associate L. Paul Bremer, had been busily "privatizing" Iraqi industries by selling them off to Americans and Europeans. In this case, the word "privatizing" is a euphemism for "looting." Now we learn that the main reason for Iraqi rage at Americans, besides our mass murder of two million of them since 1991, is our massive theft of everything they owned, including their oil, since 2003, under the guise of aggressive war. This is the fruit of war crime.
Part of Ron Paul's great appeal is in his mild-mannered insistence that the president, the Congress and the Supreme Court follow the rules of conduct as written in the US Constitution. Although I am not a believer in the US Constitution, as explained in <http://www.rense.com/general79/patri.htm>http://www.rense.com/general79/patri.htm, there is no denying that this would eliminate about seventy-five percent of our immediate political and financial problems. There are so many Americans, though, who are almost totally dependent on unconstitutional government programs for their survival that Ron Paul may not appeal to enough actual voters, if we believe that the vote actually counts. His main strength right now is his unwavering and not so mild-mannered insistence that US war mongering be ended NOW and the troops be brought home NOW, not just from Iraq but from all 130 countries we are occupying around the world. And that's better than any other candidate from either party, besides Dennis Kucinich, the Democrat who also insists the troops be brought back immediately. Kucinich has distinguished himself by introducing legislation that would result in the immediate impeachment of Dick Cheney for a variety of high crimes. He does not share Ron Paul's philosophy of the legitimate functions of government.
Right now, Ron Paul's base of popular support is astonishing for a congressman who's been saying the same basic things for thirty years. What's different this year? Mainly, it's the war. All the corporations want war because war transfers the most money from our checking accounts into the corporations' cash registers. Most of the people do not want war, either for financial or moral reasons. Ron Paul is on the side of the people and against the war-profiteers, which is a very dangerous place to be. And he's trying to operate in this no-man's land in a very polite way. The way he's being treated by the news corporations but keeps winning is right out of a Frank Capra movie. The corporations intend to turn it into a Brian DePalma movie next year, if not sooner.
(Frank Capra debuted MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON at the National Press Club in DC. He thought the reporters would get a kick out of it. They were so angry and embarrassed that they nearly lynched him.) 
Ron Paul probably understands that he is making some deadly enemies. His own party hates him and would like to keep him out of their circus sideshows that he has repeatedly ruined. His fundraising ability has them terrified for next year because it's apparent he's going to get all the money he'll ever need. He can't be bought off and he can't be scared off and he's clean as a hound's tooth and has been married to the same woman for fifty years. Plus he's a real doctor who helped bring over 4,000 babies into the world. It really doesn't get any worse than that, as far as his enemies are concerned. That was the problem with Jack Kennedy: too good looking to beat and too rich to bribe. And Kennedy also set about to destroy the Federal Reserve Corporation. So we should prepare ourselves for a very nasty shock next year. Ron Paul is becoming the new Jack Kennedy, in terms of popularity (not ethics). All kinds of Americans with all kinds of politics recognize him as a true political hero.
In the meantime, Ron Paul might consider playing to his strong suit, which is his premier position against US war and aggression.  
In the last century, the Washington warlords were Democrats. Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson started the wars. Nowadays, it's the Bushes (the Clintons are Bush operatives). Ron Paul can win the general election, if not the GOP nomination, by calling for war crimes trials for those responsible for waging aggressive war in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's obvious that the GOP is not going to nominate Ron Paul under any circumstances. But that doesn't mean that millions of Republicans won't vote for him anyway, along with millions of anti-war Democrats. He's already turned the system on its head with unprecedented donations. He can do the same with write-ins on paper ballots, which could bring awareness of the corruption of the computers.  
Our victims in the Moslem world have not chosen to try to get even. There has been no terrorism by them against us anywhere due to their basic good nature. Only a fool believes that Moslems were in any way involved in 9-11 except as patsies. But that doesn't mean that American war criminals shouldn't be punished for crimes against humanity done in our names.  
Ron Paul is Mr. Nice Guy. There's no doubt that he is a nice guy. But now he has to start showing some steel, some menace. He is an accomplished physician with five years in the air force as a flight surgeon. From this platform he can tell his countrymen the ugly facts of American crimes against humanity in the Moslem world. 
He can explain in his kindly way that war crime is the very worst crime that can be committed. "The United States developed the harshest punishment for war criminals because these are the most dangerous criminals on earth, who kill the most people under the color of their authority. The Americans have hanged many Iraqi leaders accused of war crimes, most if not all of them on false charges to prevent disclosure of past business dealings with the American leaders.  
"Beyond these heinous murders, however, is the American use of depleted uranium munitions. DU shells produce radioactive dust and over four thousand tons of this deadly dust have settled on Iraqi soil, never to go away. Here are the results (color photos of hideously deformed infants and fetuses). In addition, here are photos of American infants and fetuses of American soldiers who are also dying from breathing our DU dust and passing on deformed DNA to their children and spouses and doctors and nurses.
"The people responsible for this permanent living nightmare must be brought to justice. America has the responsibility for this death and suffering and the traditional American punishment for war crime has to be applied to those found guilty in war crimes trials, which should be convened immediately. The same war criminals who have done this are right now planning to attack yet another Moslem country with even more terrible nuclear weapons, the kind that explode with megatons of destructive energy.
"As a physician I took an oath, which was: First, do no harm. The best way I can accomplish this is as the leader of the United States who will bring home all military personnel whom we have put in harm's way, and to make sure that they will never be sent overseas to wage aggressive war against people that do not threaten us. And as a congressman I took an oath to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I have found no more dedicated enemies than the so-called 'neo-conservatives' who have guided this administration from its first day in power, the ones who assured us that aggressive war against Islam would be good for America."  
Ron Paul would also capture the public's total support by stating his plan to declare null and void all Orwellian legislation recently passed by Congress and signed by Bush. Any government employee who not only practices torture but would justify it would be subject to prosecution for assault, murder and war crime, as applicable.
Another major crime against the people is counterfeiting as practiced by the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve System. America is facing the loss of ninety percent of the value of its currency, according to reports. This crime, which has destroyed so many lives, requires penalties as harsh as the above.
It is good that Ron Paul stands for bringing the troops home, for privacy, for civilized behavior and sound money. But to prove it and to show his capacity for leadership, he should consider taking these positions as soon as possible.
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