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Strike 3
Jim Kirwan
In May of 1886, the Supreme Court granted rights of personhood to private corporations, with all of the rights of personhood, and virtually none of the responsibilities. Then in January of 1976 ­ the Supreme Court added to the already egregious rights of corporations ­ to include: "that limitations on the use of money for political purposes were in violation of First Amendment protections for free expression." (1)
This latter decision destroyed the entire electoral process of the United States, to the extent that at present, any idea of a balanced playing field in American politics is completely beyond the realm of possibility. Indeed that court decision virtually guaranteed the supremacy of major Capitalistic interests over all other considerations ­ in perpetuity ­ by virtue of their access to unlimited campaign contributions.
Critics of this view will argue that these 'decisions' have been modified, but that's like putting lipstick on a pig. What this situation calls for is a careful overview of what these changes have done to the elections process that so many still trumpet, as 'the best system in the world today.'
Here's a broad overview of 'our system.' The independent Central Banks own the multinational corporations who own the markets. Mixed in with their other holdings are all the major communications networks, the publishing houses, most of the nation's major newspapers and the Major Television & Film studios. They also own and control the distribution of all of the above, as well as the advertising venues and most of the major think-tanks that are designed to influence public policies. These are the moneyed interests behind raw unchecked capitalism-and these are the same people that benefit directly from the above mentioned inane decisions of the US Supreme Court. Collectively this entire structure can be thought of as "The Corporatocracy" who got their real start in 1913: (2)
In the everyday world of politics and ordinary people, here's what happens.
The candidates ask people for money to buy advertising space and television time, from the Corporatocracy, in order to 'get elected.' Behind the scenes the Corporatocracy gives tons of bucks to both major parties. They concentrate on the most likely candidates which they, through one of their parent-organizations (the Council on Foreign Relations), have already decided on - as "winners" of the coming so-called 'elections.'
If we follow the money trail it looks like 'the-Serpent-eating- it's-Tail.' The money from the Corporatocracy is paid essentially to itself, to promote their chosen candidates, then re- spent on their own services to provide the necessary campaign effluvia for the so-called candidates: With the added sweetener of the money "given" by ordinary citizens which they will also directly benefit from-when that money too-comes back to them in the form of more services purchased or provided. This is a closed loop.
For decades the best investment in America was a "Campaign Contribution" to a major government office holder. For every buck invested in these crooks the return was something like a thousand to one ­ in perks or contracts. Hence congress has been talking about campaign-finance reforms since the Supreme's passed the law that opened the flood-gates for the revolving doors of the Congressional-Corporatocracy-Complex. But of course nothing has changed-except to intensify their options by including many thousands of additional lobbyists in the mix of those that can vastly increase anyone's "investment" when you "give" to the right man, woman or cause. This garbage is where and how AIPAC became so powerful so fast!
If you want a clear idea of how much money we're talking about in the elections here ­ just add up all the money raised so far, by all the candidates, and divide that number by the number of votes cast to this point ­ this will give the prospective voter some idea of just valuable those first two side-shows are to the Corporatocracy.
Back in the days of Boss Tweed & the openly corrupt political machines, many citizens then, were bright enough to demand to be paid to vote one way or the other-but in this NWO system-the Corporatocracy has brilliantly figured out how to pay itself, in order to select their own flunkies to do ever more for themselves while totally shutting out the electorate in the process.
Professional political parties are nothing but scavengers that raid the body-politic for cadavers to pick clean, while they too practice keeping the public at bay during every presidential political campaign since 1968 (national security of course). The public no longer can challenge candidates directly, yet the Corporatocracy has enough financial muscle to decide who can or will be included in any of the pretend debates. FOX News "The Fair & Balanced Political Network" just blocked Ron Paul, despite his position in the field, his track record in congress, and his amazingly adept skills at raising huge amounts of money ­ 'cause he's NOT one of them, and Paul has not been sanctioned to run by the CFR, so 'nobody cares what he thinks!' (3)
Slowly the public might begin to get the idea that their "politics" have been hijacked and given over to those International Outlaws that run the bulk of the Corporatocracy-for fun and profit!
Another glaring facet of the current presidential contest is that things have changed dramatically since long before the Decider. Individuals used to run for office, and we still treat candidates that way-as if they were going to do it all. That's ridiculous! Whereas in the past, advisors were mere shadows behind the scenes (with the exception of Henry Kissinger), in today's world these creatures are the government, not merely talking figure-heads: look at Cheney who is the president, or Rummy who's still hanging around in the Pentagon, not to mention the army of spooks from so many different agencies that it boggles the mind ­ these are the creeps that stay up planning how to destabilize the planet in 37 different ways each week. So when you "vote" for one of these show-pieces for "president" who you're really voting for are the whole cadre of political hacks and unprincipled whores that work in the shadows of the world-wide power structure. Can you name the advisors to your prospective "presidential choice"! I doubt it, so here they are. you can watch a video or read a transcript. (4)
Throughout the 'American voter' has remained oblivious to the obvious takeover of the nation, so why would he or she have even a hint that as sheep - they have been royally and repeatedly screwed ­ since at least 1976!
The system isn't just broken it has been smashed into a million shards of broken dreams and shredded papers-and did I mention that you and I will get the bill for all of that as well? In case you were thinking about contacting your congressperson ­ you might want to lean rather heavily on them about the pending Bill which already passed the House as HR 1955. It passed 404 to 6, is now pending before the Senate. What this does is outlaw each and every thing I've said above ­ it defines "Thought Crime" in the USA for the first time in our short history, and it criminalizes anyone that might in any way disagree with the insiders or the Corporatocracy! (5)
This mini-series of articles was written to call attention to just how far we've fallen ­ ands since Three Strikes is all anyone usually gets ­ If you still think
You can ignore the fact, that the only way to stop the Corporatocracy is to simply SHUT- THEM- DOWN: Then you must be too far gone to care whether you will live or die tomorrow! Maybe you should take the Decider's advice and just go shopping!
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Video: Vote for Change?
http://www.democracynow.org/2008/1/3/ vote_for_change_atrocity_linked_us
5) Freedom of Speech and H.R. 1955 Pt. 1 (definitions)
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