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Jim Kirwan
"WASHINGTON - The Bush administration is going ahead with a controversial pilot program giving Mexican trucks greater access to U.S. highways despite a new law by Congress against it.
The decision to proceed with the four-month-old program, which allows participating Mexican trucking companies to send loads throughout the United States, comes, despite language in the recently signed catchall spending bill aimed at blocking it.
The hotly contested program, opposed by labor, independent truck owners and environmental groups, permits up to 500 trucks from 100 Mexican motor carriers, full access to U.S. roads.
Opponents have been fighting the measure - part of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement - since it was first proposed, saying the program will erode highway safety and eliminate U.S. jobs. And they say that there are insufficient safeguards exist to make sure that Mexican trucks are as safe as U.S. carriers.
"When you open up U.S. highways to long-haul Mexican trucks without equivalent safety standards, it poses risks for American drivers," Dorgan said." (1)
The national heads of all American Trade Unions; the Independent Truck Owners and the leaders of those environmental groups that oppose this criminal act ­ ought to call for a Nationwide STRIKE to immediately shut down this nation's trucking industry until the Decider and his Secretary of Transportation back off. Charges of reckless vehicular manslaughter, possibly murder, need to be drawn up, with the victims to be named as soon as people are killed by this administration's willful and senseless violations of the current laws.
Coast to coast and border to border ­ Americans need to support a strike, if we are to retain any control whatsoever over the roads and highways of this country. The public has stood by while all kinds of liberties and rights have been stripped from them. But the roads and highways ought not to have dangerously deficient, fully loaded Mexican trucks, cruising throughout this country just waiting for the accidents that will begin to needlessly take the lives of other drivers.
For the White House and the Secretary of Transportation to so callously implement this policy amounts to the premeditated murder of innocent people ~ and the only thing which can force these Privateers to cease and desist from this policy would be a coast to coast General STRIKE. This would cost even their friends hundreds of billions of dollars that no one can afford to lose today- especially not the truckers-whether they are unionized or independents.
In the decathlon-of-distractions, the candidates seem to be desperate to show their willingness to embrace "change." The Democratic winner in Iowa, a chicken-necked male with no obvious experience at anything except reading and taking written tests ­ is a war-monger that wants to declare even more wars in which to involve the American war machine and the 'troops' he says he so wants to "support." And John Edwards is desperately seeking to unite the two Americas, while Hilary still hasn't a clue about anything like a real issue. The Republican don't even merit mention, since they're blocking access to Paul, and given their new "winner," whose life has more holes in it than ten thousand pounds of Swiss cheese ­ they're definitely damaged goods!
Well people this is your issue, gift-wrapped from the Decider:
Whose country is this-and do the truckers of the nation have a right to even try to earn a living when they must now compete with hundreds of Mexican-truckers that need not bother with insurance, or the viability of their trucks that will no doubt become involved in more than their share of accidents, simply because they are not fully maintained? When this "happens" it cannot be called an accident if the conditions that cause the event were both known and ignored in advance.
Any candidate for president that does NOT support the STRIKE will be sending the stark message to the public that they care not about whether Americans can be protected from NAFTA ­ they only care about snatching the reins of power, and to hell with the nation and its people!
The only thing that will apparently matter to these new candidates for president (same as the old candidates - only more pretentious), are a bunch of words about "hope," that without any real actions to support that "hope" are utterly meaningless!
If Obama had any experience at all, he would recognize the truth of that statement ­ but since he's nothing but a construct of the CFR, that's not likely to happen. Just look at who the advisors are for all these new pretenders ­ they are the very same outlaws that backed the Old Regime for the last four decades. There are no differences here, except that all the puppets that are screaming about "change" are really only seeking a slight shift in who will be implementing pre-existing polices: which does not involve any change whatever in the actual policies themselves (except perhaps to make them worse). (2)
This nation needs to begin to weigh-in on this political farce and bring it all to a head ­ by declaring a National STRIKE, coast to coast and border to border. If there isn't that amount of fight left in this country, then we shall deserve the current flock of sheep that are bleating daily to the population about 'our need for their leadership.'
Here's an issue where the Tarnished House has chosen to blatantly defy the congress, spit upon protecting the people and just continue to ride roughshod over every legal objection ­ just to make the point that: 'Hey - there is nothing that you the public can do about it!'
What's it to be America ­ let's give the Decider the same orders he's been giving us for the last seven years: "Our way or the Highway-Bush-you work for us, and if you don't comply then don't be surprised by the end result." This nation is standing on the knife-edge of financial collapse, and a national STRIKE would tip that over into a full blown Depression.
But if we do not strike now over this issue - then we can kiss what's left of this place goodbye and get ourselves a huge supply of knee pads, because we shall all soon be living what's left of our lives on our knees!
1) Mexican Trucks allowed into US despite the new laws to stop them
2) War Whisperers
Video: Vote for Change?
http://www.democracynow.org/2008/1/3/ vote_for_change_atrocity_linked_us???
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