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An Open Letter To All Professional
& Amateur Writers,
Political Activists & Commentators

Jim Kirwan

The moment has arrived when everyone that has been following this Outrage needs to get up from their laurels and finally write or print of make that version of their own mega-stories that have been waiting for the just the right moment ­ because that moment that has finally arrived.
It's "speak now or forever hold your piece"-because if 'we' don't act now then there will not be another opportunity to do so. At the moment we are all just existing in the shadow of Senate Bill 1959: which when passed, will end all opportunity for any further need for any of us. Whether professional or the most amateur of observers, we must each seize this opportunity before we become completely beside the point!
What is and has been happening to the planet is actually widely known by a lot of people, and it is our job to try and connect the dots for the public, in those areas where each of us has special abilities. In the past many knew they would lose their jobs over writing or speaking about these things in detail. This no longer matters now, because the ship is listing and the horizon line is beginning to tilt, over what exactly is to be done about Iran; about the value of US currency; and about the crumbling US Empire in particular. If the cabal does what it always does, which is to underestimate Iran and the global situation, then "jobs" will be the least of our concerns.
What is on-the-line now is 'context' and 'strategic critical thinking' as an alternative to the insanity being pursued full force by the puppet-masters and their completely incompetent servants that are loosely seen to be running this quasi-Empire. We cannot continue to hesitate-we must resurrect a Fourth Estate, outside the completely bought and paid for "traditional media." Investigative journalists of all types have always had a major role to play in defeating coups and government meltdowns, in the past: we must do this now, or resign ourselves to becoming politically and physically extinct.
Why the Rush? Because there is a new urgency and perhaps only one more real opportunity to severe the head of this beast before it completes the destruction that was planned so long ago. Yesterday: "Iranian oil minister Gholam Hussein Nozari told the press the dollar is not considered a trustworthy currency any more, considering dollar depreciation and the dollar losses experienced by crude-oil exporting countries, according to a report published Saturday by the Iranian Student News Agency, or ISNA, in Tehran." (1)
Combine this fact, which was also a key factor in the second attack upon Saddam in 2003, and it appears that Iran has just upped the ante and is now challenging the US to use the Bush Doctrine's most famous weapon-the completely illegal 'preemptive strike,' as a way to prevent this crippling economic blow that will most likely kill the US dollar on the world stage.
Then add the tortured thinking that the US and Israel have chosen to apply to this circumstance. Far from taking a deep breath and opening a real dialogue with the several states with which we are psychologically 'at war,' the USA and Israel have apparently chosen to project our paranoid version of colonial ambitions onto a state that has never shown the slightest inclination toward such a stance.
We overthrew the elected Government of Iran in the 1950's to install our puppet (the Shah), who ran things until he was overthrown by the Mullahs in 1979. What most Americans remember about this was the 444 days that the American hostages, taken from the American Embassy, were held by the new Iranian government. They were all returned when Reagan was elected, under the terms of a deal struck by GWH Bush, who also engineered the Arms for Hostages Deal, and later the Iran-Contra Affair. Throughout these nefarious dealings Iran was routinely victimized by her wars of resistance, to keep Saddam at bay: The same Saddam Hussein that we later declared to be the new Hitler: but who was at the time ­ "OUR man" in the Middle-East.
What short memories Americans always seem to have! The reason we have been shut out by Iran is not the opacity of their government, it's because we engendered so much hatred when the Shah used the Savak (the Iranian secret police) to punish disloyal subjects. We were dictating terms to Iran at the time, and Iranians knew who was to blame for their fate.
This point clarifies the fact that Iran has never followed the same paths to independence as the USA or Israel: just as they have only fought defensive wars-whereas we have been fighting offensive wars for the last hundred years in dozens and dozens of nations- wherever we were resisted. It is not Iran that is a threat to world peace: it is the USA and our pit-bull Israel that the world has to seriously fear! The US has the most atomic and nuclear weapons in the world, and not only that we used them on Japan, in Bosnia (Depleted Uranium), and in Afghanistan & Iraq, (DU & tactical nuclear weapons). If one looks at 'context' then, which nations must be feared when it comes to the possession of nuclear weapons- Iran or USrael?
And it is the USA that has killed more than 1,129,698 Iraq's, not to even mention the 73,000 plus American troops (from all sources) that have died since we began these two wars on Iraq, back in 1991- According to the US Department of Veteran's Affairs. As for money the war that was initially going to cost us "$50 billion" is now costing US taxpayers over a Million Dollars a Minute!
Also Israel has nuclear weapons but refuses to join the International Atomic Energy Agency's oversight program, whereas Iran is a member state and has routine inspections. Which of these two countries presents a greater threat to world peace: Iran that has been attacked, but has not attacked anyone-or Israel who has attacked almost every nation in the Middle-East at one time or another-not to mention their attack on the USS Liberty during LBJ's watch, in which Israel knowingly tried to sink that US spy- ship in the waters off the Israeli coast. (2)
Given this historical 'context' for our actions with Iran-it would seem obvious that we need to talk to that nation rather than try to pick yet another fight with yet another Middle-Eastern nation. Iran has tried numerous times to meet with us, and yet all attempts so far, have been summarily rejected by the USA. In fact this latest event (the refusal by Bush & Israel to accept the fact that weapons grade nuclear material was stopped four years ago) - despite the unanimous opinion issued by all sixteen US government intelligence agencies which became the trigger for this latest move by Iran.
Iran simply upped the ante by eliminating the US dollar from the list of those currencies that could be used to purchase oil from Iran. Given that the congress and the State Department along with the Oval Office have all been brutally turning up the heat on the people of Iran with their bellicose sanctions that are crippling everyday life for ordinary Iranians. Iran, which has a certain self-assurance along with national pride; is autonomous when it comes to the weapons that it needs to defend itself-yet all these facts have not swayed the USA or Israel. Instead these two rogue nation-states are trying to proceed to find a way to attack Iran- regardless of what that nation has tried to do, to fulfill its part in the community of nations. (3)
Speaking of 'Aggressor Nations': It should be remembered that Iran is not the nation with a thousand military bases scattered among one-hundred and thirty of the world's one-hundred and ninety nations. Nor is Iran the nation that is now seeking to militarize the entire continent of Africa. Apparently 'we' have now decided to create a new "Africa Corp" (Africom), as the successor to the one that was led by Rommel during WWII. Of course we don't "say" that, but there will bases placed in every country that cannot refuse our "help." (4)
There is also one other glaring fact that has gradually been taking shape over the last six months as well. This is that there is a subtle mutiny going on among this nation's flag officer's corp. The Army, the Navy and the Marines have reportedly refused, along with Air Force Intelligence, but the Air Force proper is not on- board-according to rumors. This, in part, accounts for the three or four attempted attacks, depending on which ones you believe, that have already been thwarted. . .
With all the above context, it seems clear that USrael is trying- harder-that-ever to find a way to stop the bleeding and short- circuit the devaluation of the US dollar by hitting Iran, despite all the evidence of actual innocence to the contrary.
Beyond that; the military context for such a suicidal military mission against a nation that is well armed and determined to protect herself at all costs would seem to hinge on the steadfast refusal of the military-intelligence-wing of the Cheney-House of Empire, which true to form, is rejecting all evidence that does not support an attack on Iran, that would inevitably lead to the World War III that will immediately follow.
Consider: That once the attackers from any nation cross their borders, Iran has promised "to fire 11,000 missiles in the first minute," and that will continue until their stockpile is depleted. To consider this approach when talk is clearly lying on the diplomatic table is hubris beyond all sense. Ego and greed alone cannot again be allowed to dictate the course of yet another world war-but unless these Barbarians are stopped-then that is precisely what will happen.
The above is why it has become "SHOWTIME" ladies and gentlemen- because once these events are no longer controllable, then all life will lose its meaning, along with life itself for many of us. This is not really a choice if you think about it-all we have to do is to rebel against the Monopoly Men and their convenient little world where none of us have really EVER mattered anyway! Think about it: what good is a job when the world outside so many doors will only be a ruin anyhow-once the genie is out of the bottle the chaos will soon after be universal.
So what's to lose? As the troops used to say ­ "You want to live forever"! Even the native population whose lands we stole, understood these kinds of moments as they rode into battle singing: "It's a Great day to die!"
Freedom isn't free, and we've been living off the sacrifices of others for far too long: it's our turn now. Just Do it!
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A Million Dollars a Minute
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