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Got 'Change'? - Can America
Change Without A
|100% Secure Vote?

Dr. Ed Ward, MD
From reform to status quo, all our presidential candidates are looking for change. The panhandlers of change promote every type of 'change' from demolition to to a light dusting. Every imaginable change is promoted except one. From Hillary Clinton to Ron Paul and everyone in between, not a single 'change' candidate even whispers the absolute required necessity for verifiably accurate elections to insure change, or that the change is controllable by The People.
Whether one believes what our government tell US that voting is secure, or believes voting experts with evidence that voting is fraudulent, how is America harmed by insuring a 100% secure and accurate election process? America is only harmed by a secret, insecure and fraudulent vote count.
Secure, verifiable voting insures America's will is enforced. Insecure secret voting insures that those controlling the vote will rule America. Clearly, this single isolated issue controls every aspect of government and the American people.
Should not the first words out of any candidates mouth be... "Fellow Citizens: If you want to see me elected, The First Thing We Need to Do Is Insure Voting Is 100% Secure and Accurate. After all, we want to make sure each one of your votes for me counts. blah, change, blah, change...").
Ron Paul (I am and recommend Ron Paul for president 08 as the lesser of known evils - that must be bound by the chains of the (Entire Constitution). not as a our perfect savior (although he could be if remembers some vital portions of The Bill of Rights and parts of The Constitution that 'conservatives' don't particularly like and deny while they scam under the guise of Constitutionalists and God).
As Ron Paul supporters clearly see, the powers that be lie, slander, omit, scam, etc, et al, whenever and wherever they can about RP. The powers that be also control the vote (37 States at last count). The powers that be will be shown for their tyranny in thin air money financial enslavements. Ron Paul will destroy/obliterate/demolish the Entire NWO financial base and most of their agendas. So, as the powers that be know under no circumstances can they allow RP president 08. A vision just strikes me. (psychic line coming): CCN Projects Ron Paul's Democratic counterpart Wins another extremely close election in the late hours of the morning. The powers that be control the vote and certainly can not allow the basic financial structure of their power to be taken away and them accountable. The vote will be fixed against RP. It would be difficult for RP, who is current with many government irregularities, to not be familiar with voting irregularities. The only other reasonable alternative from insuring a 100% constitutional vote, is to believe you can take the fixed vote, or there is absolutely no need to run if you plan to run to win (now, I'm certainly open to any other possibly viable venues on a Win Scenerio/but even a loss leaves NWO intact in the States).
Yes, it is a REVOLution alright, but not the one we think - it's a NWO REVILution. A sect rebellion power play of the 'powers that be' crew of religious fanatics that are the US power base of the NWO/Bilderbergers/CFR/etc. Is RP fanaticism more powerful than Bush fanaticism? The sect must think so, or why try and overtake what all know is a vote controlled by the NWO fanatics.
Look at your nations power structures - almost all based on religion - almost all the leaders connect and follow out their religion's God's Will (Muslim, Jew, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Budha, with some claiming direct connection to their religious God. These NWO religious fanatics were and still are reponsible for crusades, inquisitions, wars, genocides, torture and enslavements.)
So, I repeat I am and recommend voting for RP as significantly lesser of the two evils. It is a known evil that is greatly more beneficial than the current NWO branch rule of War, genocide, and generalized oppresion (last I checked enslavement of the mind and body is better than being dead for the moment and one can always change their mind - dead makes it considerably harder to change things).
The above is only my investigative opinion based on referenced facts approached with deductive reasoning.
Don't Worry the NWO 'Chosen People' of all the religious fanatics are uniting and the 'Chosen People' don't hurt their own (unless it's God's Will), but it's always open season on the 'heathens'. So this article will be our secret, because you won't see it any of the official corporate media or NWO alternative religious fanatic run media.
My Best to You and Yours,
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TCN&911WIJ! development information via only The Price of Liberty statistics shows around 100 GigaBytes of TCN&911WIJ! rare pictures, facts and proof were dispersed during the 1 year investigaton into 911 and the WTC. In March almost 50 GigaBytes of verified proof was dispersed with the proprietary very significant facts in the Update: Micro Nukes in the WTC article with the Jeff Rense Program's 'super' assistance. March had been the record setting month in almost all categories, reaching 48,500 different sites with 106,000 visits. http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/webalizer/usage_200703.html

July 2007 should wind up (if the current trend continues) with a record 120,000 visits and 190,000 Page Views. Proven facts, like ideas are bulletproof. Facts will not go away. They must be addressed eventually.

Over the year investigative period there have been 840,000 Visits and 1.6 Million Page Views at The Price of Liberty. http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/webalizer/

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Dei Jurum Conventus - (God's Rights (Unity)/Convention)

Ed Ward, MD

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