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Russert's Disgusting
Affront To Ron Paul

By Jim Kirwan

Watched Ron Paul's interview this morning on Meet The 'Press'...
That was 'interesting' - I've never seen the bullfrog (Russert) quite so determined to destroy anything.
He did not refer to Paul as a 'dark horse' or even a 'long shot' - but he did try to use Paul's very long record of public service to try and destroy Paul's credibility.
Russert didn't smile, didn't look into the camera, just read his little digs into the interview in rapid fire-succession. Mostly, Paul was not allowed to even finish his own sentences - the exact opposite of Russert's interviews with insiders...where Russert finishes their sentences for them with a huge grin.
Still, Ron held his own, and then some. People NEED to bombard Russert with DEMANDS that he treat everyone else the same way he treated Ron Paul. IN fact, if all those pretenders in MSM did that we would never have had Bush the 1st or his evil seed. But because no one, nationally, ever asks tough questions or DIGS into the background of the "favorites" the public is always presented with flawed and misrepresented records to choose between. Russet went back to the 1980's for "background" on Paul's positions (fully half of which were either outright lies or bruising half-truths) - something no other candidate will ever be threatened with, much less have to explain.
Conversely, on FACE theNATION this morning, the same old softballs were being tossed to Bomb-Bomb O'Bama (our national teenager who wants to president) and Elmer Gantry - He of the Cross & Brimstone, and He-never-met-a-gift-he-couldn't wholeheartedly-embrace Club where women need not even ask, and men better be Christians or else. No challenges there at all - just ill-disguised praise for the pre-ordained. This nation's political circus gets more disgusting by the minute.
The proof of the heresy lies in the fact that the entire planet may well be in a completely different state by the time the elections come around again - so why the rush to anoint one of these turkeys now? Maybe it's because once we really have ourselves under the international guillotine that comes to all Empires whenever they meet their end - we most probably will want to have someone completely different in a leadership position - than any of the bottom-of-the-barrel bunch that are currently in the running, with the possible exceptions of Paul and Cynthia McKinney (green party).
Oh yeah - and Bullfrog's parting shot to Paul was - "Be Safe OUT THERE on the CHAMPAIGN TRAIL..."
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