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AOL Posts Disingenuous Paul
Poll, Fixes The Results

By Curt Maynard

The mainstream media just cannot stand the fact that Ron Paul is far and away the most popular Presidential candidate and will win the election unless once again, the media, GOP and Democratic Parties work in concert to steal another election as they did in 2000 and 2004. It's going to be much tougher this time around as they are all being closely watched; any trickery on their part if likely to be broadcast around the world even before all NOW parties on their side they're fully aware of it.
AOL just released another Ron Paul poll this morning in which they do their absolute best to smear him, by once again distorting his message; intentionally misquoting him. On December 23, 2007 during an interview on Meet The Press, Ron Paul spoke the truth when he said that Abraham Lincoln should not have gone to war with the south; "that there were better ways to get rid of slavery."
Predictably, Zionist Media pundit Tim Russert laughingly suggested that blacks would still be slaves today were it not for Lincoln's fratricidal declaration of war on the south. Paul scoffed at the ridiculous notion, saying "Oh come on Tim," pointing out that slavery was a dead issue at the time, that every other modern nation had done away with it and that the British approach to ending it, I.e. the government buying out the slave-owners was a far better way to eradicate it than the killing of 600,000 Americans and the resentments that have accompanied that war to this very day.
Instead of providing its readers to the actual televised interview as I and Jeff Rense have done, AOL disingenuously presents a poll asking its readers the following insincere question, amounting to nothing more than a well orchestrated smear campaign directed at Congressman and soon to be President Ron Paul:
Ron Paul says Lincoln was wrong to fight the Civil War. Do you agree?"
Not only does AOL breach all boundaries of etiquette and objectivity by asking this loaded question, which amounts to something similar to asking the soon to be President if he's "still beating his wife," which by the way is a time tested method of attacking an adversary and one the Zionist media is quite skilled at, AOL also feels the need to ensure that the results they want appear are the results the public sees, rather than the actual results. This is one reason no sane American should believe any mainstream polls results, absolutely none.
I happened along this poll earlier today and noted that Wyoming had sided with Ron Paul's position in the sense that more than half of the polled residents of Wyoming believed that, like Ron Paul, Lincoln had in fact been wrong to wage war on our brethren in the south. Just as soon as a majority in Wyoming voted this way, I noticed something AOL didn't think anyone would see, the "no" counter began accelerating forward so that the no category would pass the yes answers, and then it went crazy. I got a screen capture of this just before AOL fixed this little glitch which can no longer be seen.
Please note that the screen capture clearly reveals that as of 1:43 p.m. on December 26, 2007, 44% of 25 individuals from Wyoming sided with Ron Paul's position on the Civil War, and 6,234 individuals [remember only 25 people had voted] disagreed with Ron Paul. Do you see a problem with that? I sure do. I'm glad I stumbled on this when I did, because less than 30 seconds after I got the screen capture, AOL had rectified this alarming discrepancy.
What this tells me is that AOL is prepared to intentionally cheat in order to get the answers they want to present to the public in their ongoing efforts to distort Ron Paul's revolutionary message and prevent him from becoming our next President. From my point of view these ever more common political machinations amount to treason today and I don't take kindly top traitors. I've said it before and I'llsay it again, America's true enemies do not reside outside the borders of this country as proponents of the Patriot Act would have you believe, our greatest enemies reside within our government and media itself.
Wake up America, you're being taken for a ride.
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