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Ron Paul - Cult Mentality
Among Some Supporters?

By Ted Twietmeyer

In response to my recent essay about the two worlds of voters, I've received a number of emails. Not all of them were of a loving nature. I wish to thank those that wrote me, for it has made me aware of another aspect to this election which it seems almost no one is talking about.

Before I get started on this, first I'd like to point out something which is based on knowing a bit about what Ron Paul stands for. He would never approve of anyone quitting their jobs to sleep on floors, just to go out and campaign for him. This essentially makes them homeless and jobless people when it's all over. All of us are well aware of the nature of a cult. Some cults are well known like Heaven's Gate or Jim Jones, usually because a number of people sacrificed their lives for these and other groups. Without doubt, the last thing Ron Paul would ever want to do is have a cult form around him, or have his followers thinking like one.

A few (but not all) of the general symptoms of a cult are a strange blind faith, often without completely checking out the validity of the belief, an unusual dedication to the point of illogical thinking sometimes putting one's safety last and the inability to listen to reason. Perhaps we can add to this limited list of symptoms - giving up a home, livelihood, job or income stream to support a political candidate. To do this in some of the worst economic times we've seen in decades is incredible, to say the least.

No guarantee exists when 2008 is over, that any job will remain for them. Hardly a day goes by without hearing about more disappearing job positions in the news, or more down-sizing and out-sourcing. No profession is secure anymore, except perhaps in Health Care. It's safe to say that outsourcing an entire hospital or emergency room to India or China would be a bit difficult. But then, there are plenty of doctors in American hospitals that hardly speak English.

Make no mistake ­ I have a deep respect for those supporters who have such great admiration for the first presidential candidate in more than 40 years to run for the office of the president, that they have given up everything to support him. And without doubt, Ron Paul certainly would never approve of anyone dropping their entire life to support him. Yes, we are all desperate to remove the despots who are running the show, and who are running America into the ground.

Those who write me are sharply divided in their support of Ron Paul in a strange way. I received a number emails from several people that think I'm not supporting Ron Paul because I expressed an opinion. It forces me to remind them that to deny anyone's opinion, is to deny the Constitution and Bill of Rights which gives us this right to express ourselves, and is what Ron Paul firmly stands for! None of us know just how long we will still have these Rights (yes, with a capital R.) But by not exercising these Rights we will hasten their demise and with it, the end of freedom as we know it.

Supporting Ron Paul is something we must do. But not do it blindly and without reason. Our lives must go on. No one should ever think that just because they hold up placards, put up posters or stood out in traffic that they will secure a cushy government job. Even if somehow they did, it could only last 4 to 8 years IF Ron gets elected. Then the harsh reality of unemployment will yet again visit their doorstep.

It's important when working to support Ron Paul, they we do not fail to support ourselves.

Ted Twietmeyer


Here is a link to my first story on why Ron Paul won't win:

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