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Ron Paul Vote-Cheated In
Sutton, New Hampshire

Devvy Kidd
As many know, Politico.com and other sites have posted Ron Paul received 0 votes in the town of Sutton, NH.
A couple of voters stepped forward and said they voted in their town, Sutton, but why weren't their votes recorded? That started the ball rolling.
I received email a few minutes ago from an Iowa precinct worker concerned about what's going on. He said Bev Harris called the county clerk out there earlier today who said, oops, there were actually 31 votes.
The question is this: Had these voters not stepped forward and put their complaint on a Ron Paul blog site, would the county clerk have made this new "adjustment" to the total?
Politico has now updated their site to reflect 31 votes for Sutton.
How many more missing votes are there for Ron Paul?
If you haven't seen it yet, Worldnetdaily.com has a lead story on more of this baloney:
Questions Raised apver Romney's Wyoming Win
'Results don't jibe with statewide delegate selection'
--Casper Star-Tribune, Wyoming
This whole process is a farce filled with fraud. Ron Paul is moving on to the next primaries, but what about the mess left behind? He simply can't afford not to get those delegate votes. One thing people aren't paying attention to enough is that each of these primary "events" gets the candidate convention delegates. Go to:
That will give you the delegate count. If Ron Paul doesn't start racking some up, it will be bad. He can't do that if the vote is being stolen because those delegates hinge on the vote. Rasmussen had Dr. Paul at 14%, FAUX had him at 8% all day yesterday and the machines made sure it stayed that way.
There is no shame in a candidate paying for a hand recount.
The shame is doing nothing about it and moving on as if everything is okay. It's not.
If this continues into "Super Tuesday," Feb. 5th, it will be all over for Ron Paul. Mark my words. If there isn't some accountability at this stage, we're going to see more of the same. McCain was declared the winner 17 minutes after the polls closed last night. Same old crap I've watched for 14 long years.
I hope everyone will continue contacting his NH Campaign HQ and ask them if there is going to be any audit of a dozen precincts. There has to be a fight for honest votes by the candidate, otherwise hope dwindles and so will the cash.
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