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Time To Move To Gun Owners
Of America Which Supports Him

From Sources

Ron Paul has been excluded from the NRA's online list of GOP Candidates! This cannot stand. Either they include Paul or pro-gun rights people should dump the NRA for good and back Gunowners of America.
Here we go again... The strongest supporter of the Second Amendment (Rep. RON PAUL R-Texas) has been ousted from the 2008 Presidential Race by none other than the pro (anti-gun) National Rifle Association who these days seems much more concerned with selling miscellaneous insurance policies and knicknacks through their annoying email system than actually doing anything constructive to protect our Second Amendment.
Check out the <http://dailypaul.com/>dailypaul.com or just go straight to the NRA's own website and see for yourselves....
This is truly incredible. Please prepare yourselves.
NRA Contact info:
EMAIL - publications@nrahq.org, ILA-Contact@nrahq.org
Phone - (800) 392-8683 (during business hours you can speak to a live person)
They totally avoided my questions and responded that they were not endorsing a particular candidate. My question not answered - Why is Ron Paul not listed as a candidate?
Ron Paul is the ONLY Congressman and Presidential Candidate to receive an A+ rating from Gun Owners of America - http://gunowners.org/110hrat.htm
DROP YOUR NRA MEMBERSHIP and join second largest Pro-Second Amendment group (soon to be the leading group) in the nation. One who Dr. Paul himself has said is, "The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington."
Join now... http://gunowners.org/ordergoamem.htm DROP THE NRA. 
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