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Senate Bill Puts Morgellons
Ahead Of West Nile Virus, CFS
Recognizes Neurological, Mental And Physical Symptoms
From Morgellons Forum

This is the 2008 U.S. Senate Labor, Health and Human Services and Education and Related Services Appropriations Bill.
(See Pages 76-77 in the link below)
Morgellons Disease
The Committee urges the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study an unexplained skin condition commonly known as Morgellons Disease, which affects over 10,000 individuals with skin lesions, joint pain, and neurological difficulties, among other symptoms.
The Committee encourages the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to work as quickly as possible to plan and begin this important research to increase the amount of information available to practitioners and the public.
Morgellons is listed above West Nile Virus and after CFS.
To see the entire bill -
Morgellons - Pg. 76-77: 2008 U.S. Senate Labor, HHS, Educ., etc. Appropriations Bill
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