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The Official MSM Guide
To Attacking Ron Paul

From - The Main Steam Media Czar

We in the main stream media all know that Ron Paul cannot win thepresidency because of his extremist views. Given this fact, it isimportant we don't allow him the same media coverage as our preferredcandidates. It is true that we must give him some coverage, but it isalso true that we must adhere to the 'Mass Media Ron Paul Rule' whengiving him coverage during this campaign season. Generally, the 'MassMedia Ron Paul Rule' can be summed up in two words:
Marginalize him.
Here are some wonderful tactics to utilize when applying the 'Mass Media Ron Paul Rule:
Continually label him as a long shot candidate. This is the mostimportant of all the tactics so we list it first. Sure, it is true thatRon Paul has won or placed high in many straw polls across the countrybut we must never mention it. Instead, in every article or televisionnews story copy we should use one or more of the terms 'dark horse','long shot', 'barely registering in the polls', 'quixotic', or'gadfly'. If we can do this consistently, our job is complete.
Attack his supporters. Ron Paul has a stellar personal record withhis marriage of over 50 years, 5 children, and 18 grandchildren. Hispolitical record is also exemplary with him never voting to raise taxesand always voting in accordance with the Constitution. Because of this,attacking him on his record is a daunting task. The best method tomarginalize him is to attack his supporters. This can be accomplishedby calling his supporters names like 'kooky', 'crazy', 'conspiracynutjobs', 'paultards', and the like. This is classic 'guilt byassociation' and works well on the apathetic electorate.
Call him 'Libertarian' as much as possible. Continually giving himthe libertarian label is a great covert method of Ron Paulmarginalization. This reinforces that he's not really a Republican eventhough he has held office as a Republican for 10 terms. We find that ifyou are in radio or television you may even say the word 'libertarian'using a negative tone during questions. This perpetuates the extremisminherent in Ron Paul's policies even though the word libertarian simplymeans: one who believes in liberty.
Continually ask him if he's planning on running as a third partycandidate. This tactic should be used often. It accomplishes twothings. First, it suggests that he is not a serious candidate for theRepublican party. Second, it will get him on record as saying he won'trun for a third party. If he should happen to run third party at alater date he can be attacked for changing his position.
Ask him if he would support the GOP nominee if he doesn't win. RonPaul is against the Iraq war and wishes to bring the troops home fromoverseas in order to help stem the tide of government overspending.This makes him different than all of the other Republican candidateswho support keeping our troops overseas indefinitely. As media we mustmake all attempts to not only marginalize his candidacy, but alsomarginalize his steadfast message of linking the cost of the war onterror to our economic woes here at home.
Focus on his campaign strategy rather than his message. Ron Paul'smessage of freedom, prosperity, and peace should be overshadowed bytalk of his successful grassroots campaign. The more we focus on how heraises money and the types of supporters he has, the less time he hasto talk about his message that is sure to resonate with most Americans.We must make all attempts to block or cloud that message. If it were toget out, it could spell doom for our chosen candidates.
Attack him for not returning donations from fringe supporters.White supremacists and prostitutes have donated money to Ron Paul andthat is bad. We can use our political correctness and superior moralityas a weapon and ask him why does he not return that donation money.After all a white supremacist would do more good with having an extra$500 in his pocket than a doctor who has delivered over 4000 babieswhile preaching peace and equal rights for everyone.
Abolishing the IRS is crazy. Attacking his stance on abolishing theIRS and replacing it with nothing is also effective. After all mostAmericans don't know that we could do without the income tax if we justwent back to the same level of government spending that we had in the1990's. A great method is to reply to his answer with an incredulous'replace it with NOTHING? How can the government function?' comment.This tactic will scare people into believing in how the governmentalways has our best interests at heart. It will help people ignore thefact that Ron Paul also wants to cut government spending drastically inorder to balance the budget.
Label him an isolationist for his foreign policy views. Since hewants to bring our troops home from not just Iraq, but all of the 700other occupied countries he should be deemed an isolationist. Itdoesn't matter that Ron Paul wants free trade and travel with othercountries and thus is not truly an isolationist. The people willbelieve what we tell them to believe.
This directive gives us several tactics to be used in the fightagainst Ron Paul's candidacy for president. We should use them all anduse them often. After all Ron Paul's message of freedom, prosperity,and peace is antiquated and has no place in our authoritarian world.
The Main Stream Media Czar

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