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Lying With The Lights On!
Jim Kirwan

It is usually said that "the first casualty in war is truth." To that age-old maximum the New World Order has added something of its own.
'The second casualty of wars that do not end is reality.'
Today, the world is being treated to a global display of this fact from Annapolis, Maryland. Over forty countries are attending a farce of major proportions that is meant to finish fogging over the war-crimes of the last fifty years, with no end in sight. Their goal is to stretch a mosquito net of platitudes across the entire Middle-East, while changing absolutely nothing that matters in that war-torn hell.
Israel says it wanted this conference and that they are serious about improving the lives of the Palestinian people. Yet none of their crimes, their settlements and borders, their walls, or their medieval denials of food, water, fuel, medicine or freedom for the Palestinians will even be discussed. Palestine is their Apartheid version of ethnic cleansing, in a half-century of prison camps and murder, mega-lies and deceits of every kind-all with the same purpose: to exterminate the legitimacy of the Palestinian people.
The West has been complicit, along with many of the other Arab nations in the region as well as the EU and the UN in blocking any real legitimacy for the people of Palestine. This huge-slice of Doublespeak has largely failed to convince most of the people of the world, and because of the resoluteness of the people of Palestine-this 'problem' is still alive and angry!
Three parts of the problem were not invited to Annapolis. Iran, Hamas, and Reality! Israel is bloodied from the ass-kicking they received from Hamas in their criminal attack upon Lebanon and Hamas: which Israel clearly lost for all the world to see. That loss also took a huge chunk out of the reputation of Condoleezza Rice, when the US Secretary of State told the world during Israel's attack upon Lebanon; that the time had not come to call for a cease-fire. This led to the extension of Israel's failed invasion from one week to thirty days and gave the USA a black eye that was thoroughly deserved. (1)
The meetings at Annapolis are being held with the preconception that Hamas and Iran are instigators of the problems in Palestine, when in fact the major impediment to peace in the region, is and has always been Israel.
Hamas won the free and open elections which the US demanded be held to decide the political leadership of Palestine-and when the result was Hamas-instantly Israel and the USA began to cut all aid and money to Palestine, and to intensify the suffering throughout the camps. Thereafter, Israel and the US conspired to engineer a coup within the legitimately elected government of the Palestinian people ­ a coup that only half-succeeded. It is this Palestinian half-leader that is cooperating with Israel in this conference. So the leader of Israel, the failed warrior against Lebanon and Hamas, will meet with the turncoat 'leader' of the West Bank, who claims to speak for all Palestinians.
These two losers agreed to meet with the decider who is claiming to have suddenly decided, after seven years of stonewalling the entire situation ­ to now be seeking some kind of 'solution.' This hardly qualifies for anything like a legitimate attempt to do anything but create more excuses for those continued failures that will no doubt be blamed on the absent parties to this dog-and pony show in Maryland.
Israel could immediately lift its self-imposed sanctions and provide fuel, food, water and jobs to the Palestinians, as well as the freedom to travel within what was their own country: but the world knows that this will not happen, so why all the pomp and ceremony?
Apparently the boycotts against Israel are being noticed, and the corrupted Arab governments are beginning to feel some heat over their refusal to help the Palestinians ­ this meeting is intended to furnish some cover for their failures to date, and maybe some kind of flimsy 'hope' for the future.
But whatever happens at Annapolis, will be no substitute for what is actually done on the ground in Palestine. There must be consequences for the crimes of Israel that go back so very many years: along with all the universal laws they continue to ignore when it comes to their treatment of an occupied people that have suffered immeasurably at the hands of this century's version of the Nazi party.
The threadbare netting that is attempting to cover this contrived farce seems to be very convenient in other ways as well: Because despite the bluster and the chest thumping, the US is losing in Afghanistan and has already lost in Iraq. They say exactly the opposite and point to this new fact that has just been "accomplished."
"Declaration of Principles for a Long-Term Relationship of Cooperation and Friendship Between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America'. Encapsulated in this document is the geo-political reality of what the Bush/Cheney administration and their neoconservative and Likudnik supporters had set out to achieve since the day George W. Bush became President of the US.
Far from 'liberating' the Iraqi people from the 'yoke of tyranny' for them to become a 'free and democratic' model to which all other Middle Eastern states could aspire, which was the propaganda and rhetoric used by the neoconservatives that convinced the Coalition of the Willing that Iraq was a 'noble and righteous cause', the declaration instead condemns Iraq to an endless occupation designed to enhance the power of the elite puppets of Iraq, and to ensure that Iraq's resources remain firmly under American control and enriching American controlled oil companies. In short, the document is the instrument by which Iraq has effectively become a colony of the US."(2)
If Cheney-Bush think the above charade will survive the forced pullout of US troops (the only member of the phony coalition still in Iraq), then they really are as brain-dead as the whole world believes them to be.
The reality that is being banned from discussion in Annapolis can no longer be shoved under the rug of global politics. In the real world our money is no longer any good, and the US is struggling to avoid the Depression that is on the way. The insiders in Washington know that virtually nothing this government has attempted to do, has worked, and they're voting with their feet. The people too are finally beginning to see through the now threadbare flags that have covered so many cynically criminal actions ­ that this pretence now at being part of the community of nations, is nothing more than a last gasp to con the world just one more time! (3)
One last thing: If this conference is meant to set up Iran and Hamas as the next targets that are required to quench our thirst for pre-emptive strikes: then the peoples of the countries represented in these talks will have to make their views known to their leaders-just as US citizens must begin to scream aloud about what has happened to everything that has been even touched by these international thugs that have hijacked this nation, in full view of a disapproving planet!
Resignations and Impeachment proceedings would do far more for Palestine, than this charade could ever possibly envision. But then obeying the laws of this country was one of the very first victims of the Cheney-Bush War-Upon-the-World ­ why would they change now!
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