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Let's Talk About
'Low Blows'

By Judith Moriarty
Joe: As to your outrage over McCain ( "low blow after what he went through") . Because of his father's status (Commander of Pacific fleet) was afforded 'medical care' that other POW didn't (therefore died). There are not many (like none) veterans who have a memorial erected to them in HANOI.
I suggest that before you waste a lot of time over McCain you do some research of just how McCain was treated in Vietnam - (his own testimony) - and his bizarre actions towards families (I was there - were you?) of POWS in the '91 hearings.  He stunned everyone when he rushed to the witness table and HUGGED North Vietnamese, Col. Bui Tin (responsible for POW deaths and torture).  He has had his own records sealed and those of other (legislation) POWS. He HUGS a killer/torturer of our men and called the families of those LEFT BEHIND - 'charlatans, whiners, vultures, lunatic fringe'  
Tell me, this is SANE? He insisted they 'be investigated' by the Justice Dept.  John had visitors as a POW (nobody else did). He certainly wasn't living in a bamboo cage (like others). He was afforded (after he told them who his father was) the best of medical attentions. Some people, are FOREVER, unhuggable under any circumstances.  Besides the atrocities against OUR MEN - the North Vietnamese were responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths against innocent civilians.  Who the hell would HUG a KILLER and mock American families?  What a 'low blow'.
Now if you've got a problem with 'low blows' how about BUSH in S.C. (2000) and his buddy Karl Rove. Did you write to the White House? He was identified in fliers handed out at churches as "The Fag Candidate". It was circulated amongst the 'gullible' church going Southerners; that his adopted daughter from Bangladeshi was black - and that his wife was a drug addict. Rove suggested that McCain committed TREASON while a POW and on and on the smear went. Apparently all this was forgiven (?) with McCain hugging Bush in 20004. Gosh, accused of TREASON? I'd want to set that record straight! He didn't. Then we have Bush delivering McCain a birthday cake in the middle (2005) of Katrina?
Meantime our veterans are living under bridges in our nation's CAPITAL - or in shanties they've built in the woods. I worked for YEARS with homeless veterans.  John wasn't there pleading their cause.  I found (WWII) Joe in a car with maggots eating out his foot. James (Korea) was living under a bridge with rats.  Denis lived in a plastic tent in the park (near yacht club). He was beaten to death for his 'canning' money. Mr. Christanson was beaten to death in his car (where he lived) for his disability money. Mr.Elliott (WWII Naval photographer) was beaten to death in his wheelchair by an illegal immigrant (dishwasher) in an alley behind an upscale restaurant. This boutique town wanted to charge him $5.00 a night for their 12 person (token) shelter. Bob, Vietnam, burned to death in an abandoned house.  On and on and on ( I could tell you dozens of stories).  Don't tell me what JOHN'S been through.  A couple thousand were left behind (read the McCain POW hearing transcripts for an eye opener) to ROT in jungle cages.  Let's not even address KOREA and those missing. Those who came home have been kicked to the curb - and made to BEG for benefits.
Luis - age 21 doesn't even get a PURPLE HEART. He was permanently paralyzed when a statue of Saddam he was ordered to tear down fell on him~
Let's talk about 'low blows'. These are our newest veterans.  I imagine that you've read the investigative stories in the Washington Post on the deplorable treatment of vets at Walter Reed ( a few miles from the Capital).  Low blows? These men and women were sent into battle in Humvees with NO armor. They had to put sandbags on the floor of their vehicles to try and survive! Ty (the burned Marine above ) had to fight a (like all the vets) bureaucratic maze to get disability (also a missing arm). John (blind) lives in a trailer in West Virginia. Most don't realize that services have now been OUTSOURCED to profit making companies. If these men and women had been traveling in a Presidential motorcade through the streets o f Tuscon they would have had ARMOR.
Visit our nation's CAPITAL and meet the veterans in the pocket park on K Street ( Lobbyist's Mecca). A mile away the Legislatures are building themselves a $500,000 to one billion dollar bunker/visitor's center.  This so that citizens who visit can be scanned, x-rayed, and searched, before entering the Capitol building. Visit the weeping WALL - Darn, McNamara (Defense Secretary) wrote in his book that Vietnam was 'a mistake'..........That's a "low blow" for the 58,000 + names doncha think?
As Marine General ( 34 years) Smedly Butler said "War is a Racket". The young die...shredded for fat rich men who rake in the profits. Halliburton (now moved to tax free Dubai) has made BILLIONS while a kid in battle is paid the wages of a McDonald's manager. No automatic cost of living increases in their checks like Legislators pensions.  Oil profits are at unheard of multi-billions in profits.  Who, pray tell, will care for the youngster above (now here's life long suffering - no heiress for him) missing three limbs? Rumsfeld said 'you go to war with what you have.'  But then, he couldn't even protect the Pentagon on 911...former CEO of Searle Pharmaceuticals that he was.  Wars have long echoes.  -JM.  Read the below...

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