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2008 - Imperialist
Israeli Apartheid

By Mary Sparrowdancer
© 2008 by mary sparrowdancer
New Year's Day, 2008

The year 2008 marks the 60th Anniversary of the Nakba in Palestine.  Nakba means Catastrophe or Tragedy in Arabic, both of which are deserving of a capital C or T.  It is an ongoing Holocaust unlike any other the world has known.  Sixty years ago, come May, a brand new "state" announced itself within Palestine.  It named itself "Israel."  It was a well-equipped war state since the very beginning of its Zionist-planned inception, and its military was ready to roll.  Since 1948, Israel has ethnically cleansed much of Palestine of its Palestinian landowners and inhabitants with force, turning the majority of Palestinians into an unrecognized nation of refugees.  Israel then declared this stolen property to be the new homeland for "the Jewish only" state.  Not a day of peace has been known for 60 years in what was once the Holy Land.  At this time, over 5.3 million ill-treated Palestinians continue to suffer under the barbaric apartheid of what is now a minority Jewish population in their land.  (1)
The world is expected to look the other way as imperialist Israel (partnered with the US) continues its savage insult upon the Holy Land and her refugees.  In 2007 alone, the 59th year of Israel's military occupation of Palestine, the Israeli military forces murdered 373 Palestinians, one-third of whom were unarmed civilians including women and children.  The other deaths are regularly shrugged off by mainstream media as "terrorists" or "resistance fighters" or other accusatory labels suggesting that those who resist the Israeli advances deserve to die.  These labels are used for those who dare to protest the barbaric, imperialist treatment doled out by Israel, and for those who have died trying to defend their families, homes, and lands against the invading Israeli military.  The total number of Israelis killed during that same year was 13.  (2)
The reason for such a disparity in the number of casualties in this "war" becomes apparent when one realizes that only the Israeli imperialists are armed with tanks, armored vehicles, planes, drones, helicopters, blimps, nuclear weapons, and gunboats.  This is not a war at all.  It is an imperialist attack by a military against a largely unarmed civilian population.  The Palestinians, for the most part, throw rocks.  Some have used old guns.  Since 2001 they have fired primitive, homemade qassam rockets toward Israeli settlement areas in retaliation of Israeli's ongoing bulldozing of Palestinian homes, uprooting of ancient groves and orchards, Israel's ongoing murder of civilians including children, and Israel's utter destruction of the Holy Land.
The qassam rockets rarely hit anything other than sand as was noted by Israeli Defense Minister, Yaakov Toran, who is quoted as saying, "we need to remember that Qassams are more a psychological than physical threat.  Statistically they cause the fewest losses" And yet, the Zionist-biased media continue to portray the Palestinian refugees as "terrorists," while portraying the offensive Israeli imperialist army, navy, and air force, as an innocent army, navy, and air force, acting only in meek and modest defense of "their country"  -  a country that does not belong to them, but belongs to the Palestinians they have been tormenting for 60 years.  (3)
The Encyclopedia Britannica defines "Imperialism" as:  "state policy, practice, or advocacy of extending power and dominion, especially by direct territorial acquisition or by gaining political and economic control of other areas. Because it always involves the use of power, whether military force or some subtler form, imperialism has often been considered morally reprehensible"  (4)
As we begin a new year, one might wonder when the imperialism of Zionism will finally be recognized for the malignancy that it is.  The Zionist imperialists are holding 1.4 million Palestinians captive in the Gaza Strip at this time.  The people of Gaza cannot escape.  After closing all of Gaza's borders, the Zionist Israeli imperialists have cut off much of Gaza's food and fuel, they have stopped mail delivery, and with US approval, they have closed down Western Union and blocked the ability of others to send simple food money to the innocent who are starving, thirsting, and suffering in Gaza.
While the film "Charlie Wilson's War" enjoys some approval at this time, one might also wonder when someone in the US Congress will finally notice the suffering of the Palestinians at the hands of the imperialist, invading, apartheid military known as Israel.  For 60 years, the unarmed Palestinian civilians have been asking for the world to please help them.
It is my prayer that in 2008, the world will finally hear the pleas of the Palestinians, and that many compassionate people will come forward and help the oppressed. This is my prayer.
mary sparrowdancer is the author of a bestselling book, and an independent journalist. www.sparrowdancer.com
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3. Yaakov Toran, Defense Ministry, statement about qassams. "03.01.06" (1/1/2008)
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