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Ron Paul, Our Last Hope,
Won't Be Allowed To Win
Meanwhile, Bush Regime Further Isolates Concerned Americans

By Ted Lang

Let US be perfectly clear on just one thing going into 2008: Congressman Ron Paul of the 14th District in Texas will NOT be allowed to win. Period ­ end of discussion.
I have previously written that Congressman Ron Paul is America's last hope of restoring the constitutionally limited republican form of government envisioned by BOTH our Federalist and anti-Federalist Founding Fathers. And both Federalists and anti-Federalists abhorred cash-raising and lobby-dominated political parties that catered to pay-offs from big money. For it is the political parties and their supportive cash-bearing lobbies and big corporate benefactors that comprise The Establishment which has replaced the will of the people.
Ron Paul is the only candidate with not only a rock-solid political campaign platform to rescue and restore constitutionally limited government in the United States; he is the ONLY candidate offering such a vital platform! The informed and adamantly dedicated patriots of American constitutionality and the American tradition of noble leadership, as well as an exemplary national moral code that served US and the world so well as the desirable, perfected model of responsible government envied throughout the world, has been reduced to smoke and ashes by our political class harlots in both the White House and the Congress. They serve only The Establishment and its untold wealth. And as Congress is unable to impeach, and is unable to investigate the deliberate assault on the American people on 9/11, they are more than able and willing to pass "legislation" that unconstitutionally bans firearms ownership for war veterans and to launch investigations of drug improprieties in professional baseball.
Ask yourself, does this "legislation" serve the interests of "We the People," or those of The Establishment? And recall the power elite's ultimate motive: the creation of a New World Order by disestablishing national sovereignties and subjugating the world's citizens to serfdom. The horrific and egregious violations of our nation's rule of law by the Bush regime supported and protected by the Democratic Congress operating totally under the dictatorial control of a criminal vice president entrenches an "administration" seemingly run by deranged or mindless criminals; and upon closer scrutiny, it is obvious that this is precisely what it has become! It is pure madness to reverse Mankind's progress towards individual freedom and world peace!
It has always been the United States that has served as the sovereign role model for all the nations of Earth to emulate. In fact, that was the collective hope of the Founders in creating this nation of limited government allowing unlimited freedom to live life to its fullest while promoting and protecting the fruits of our honest labor in utilizing private property to create both personal and national wealth. It was the means to lead the way forward to spread such individual freedom globally. We demonstrated that a republican form of government can endure, and that a government of, by and for the people, and affirming a peoples' success at self governance, was viable if indeed unprecedented. 
No greater assault upon both America and its founding hypothesis has ever been so horrifically successful in this nation's history than the unrelenting destructive legalistic barrage and well-planned and orchestrated follow-through than by these most destructive and far-reaching attacks from the present criminal Cheney-Bush dictatorship. The soviet regimes of Lenin and Stalin and every dictatorship in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics since have ever even come this close to achieving the threat we now face under Cheney-Bush. Even the so-called greatest monster in the world, Adolf Hitler and his Nazis, didn't come anywhere this close to completely annihilating America's principles and way of life. And in reality, it was Hitler who most aggressively stood up to the international bankers that offered the greatest militaristic challenge via his attempts to defeat New World Order communism.
As mentioned, Congressman and physician Ron Paul is America's last hope, both in terms of validating our constitutional form of government and in once again providing measurable participation by the people in their own governance. But Paul stands in defiant opposition to all that has been planned and prepared for US by The Establishment. It is both futile and naive to believe the latter will simply stand aside for this, the most serious threat since their recently launched and rapidly deployed hijacking of our government via the Bush and Clinton crime families in the last 20 years.
The corporate power elite has desperately tried to simply ignore Dr. Paul by giving him absolutely no broadcast air time at all. Cable and broadcast TV debates were orchestrated by The Establishment's propaganda arm, the mainstream media [MSM] whose "moderators" were programmed to steer puffball questions to Establishment favorites emphasizing the non-differences of both the candidates and the two flavors of the power elite's unitary welfare-warfare party. True controversial issues and those of vital relevance regarding America's survival were deftly avoided. And concentrated "face time" for Establishment and MSM favorites was promoted, while anti-Establishment real choice, Congressman Ron Paul, was hardly recognized and mostly ignored. 
Yet, in debate poll results surveys, Paul consistently came out way ahead or showed an unusual and strong showing. This prompted some of the more immoral, unethical and lower-end MSM debate hosts, such as FoxNews, to quickly remove poll results in order to protect Establishment picks. As former Alabama Democratic Governor George Wallace once correctly observed, there isn't a "dime's worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans." And there is also no difference between today's conservatives [neocons] and liberals. They all support big government welfare and warfare and aggressive American global imperialism.
Considering the MSM's mission of marginalizing Paul, it is both unusual and completely unsuspected for them to recognize and consider Congressman Paul such that now he is being permitted an interview spot not only on CBS' "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer, but to have that interview followed up by yet another lengthy interview with Tim Russert onNBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday morning, December 23rd. The transcript of the interview can be found <http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22342301/>here.   
It didn't take long to sum up Russert and NBC's intent in going back in time as far as possible to dig up anything that could even remotely be used as dirt to smear and stain Congressman Paul's reputation to help knock him out of the running. Russert even resuscitated MSM darling and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's idiotic challenge of Paul during one on the first anti-Paul biased debates wherein Paul was denigrated for offering that we may have provoked Middle East terrorists by being "over there." Then Russert tried to link him to the "9/11 Truth Movement": "You mentioned September 11th, a former aide of yours, Eric Dondero said this. 'When September 11th happened, he just completely changed,' talking about you. 'One of the first things he said was not how awful the tragedy was, it was, 'Now we're going to get big government.' Was that your reaction?"
The points Russert was trying to score was that Paul was a radical and held the actions of our country in contempt. Additionally, Russert tried to link Paul to the 9/11 truth seekers. Both attempts were well fielded by Paul, and considering that the majority view of the American public aligns with Paul's views, and not with Russert, the MSM, the Democratic and Republican Party's views, Paul more than held his own with informed viewers and thinkers. Russert showed his true colors and hostility to a patriotic American who only wants the best for his country. Russert's contempt personifies his and the MSM's contempt for patriotic, thinking Americans.
At one point in the interview, I noticed Dr. Paul stammering a bit. This was understandable as Paul began to realize NBC's attempt to denigrate and belittle his genuine reverence for the United States Constitution. He was struggling to stifle a building anger, but he did manage to do so, reserving time to take a future stab at Russert's despicable and unprofessional MSM bias. When the opportunity came, Dr. Paul asked Russert if he pounded other guests on his show the way he was just interrogated. Russert was disrespectful, accusatory, and attempted to steer the interview to discredit Paul.
The MSM has progressed from ignoring Paul, to marginalizing him, and to where now they are trying to smear him. Simpleton and non-journalist, Matt Drudge, an MSM wannabe, keeps offering a side panel on his website offering that a brothel operator and his female employees are key supporters of Dr. Paul; talk about desperation! It is easy to understand that more such gutter-level smears will be forthcoming.
But in the event that a real square-off debate takes place between Paul and any of the incompetents, whether it be Hillary, or Huckabee, or "Madman" McCain, it is clear that BOTH Congressman Paul's position on the Constitution AND his voting record in Congress will literally destroy any and all of the opposition. The electorate disapproves of Bush by close to a 70 percent majority. And more than 70 percent of American citizens as well as more than 70 percent of those serving in the American military oppose the continuing war in Iraq. Close to half the electorate wants Bush and Cheney impeached, and over 60 percent of Americans believe the government was directly involved in some way in the attacks on theWorld Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Yet Russert clawed and fought his way to legitimize the minority points of view he and NBC are promoting on these issues instead of serving as the journalistic source of inquiry for the people.
As I have written in a prior essay, the increasing popularity and media exposure of Dr. Paul will morph into an Establishment crisis. The power elite and their media have underestimated the true grassroots power of the Internet and the growing youth movement that supports Dr. Paul. The Establishment will now use their latest and most polished, proven technological weapon: electronic vote fraud. This will most definitely be used, and as I have offered in earlier efforts, is in all likelihood well past the planning stage. And a sure way to tell that this huge fraud is well underway in America is the deafening silence from The Establishment's MSM.
Just as the White House pedophile scandal was made to disappear via media silence, and just as the DC Madam blockbuster story had its "legs" chopped off by the MSM, election vote fraud has been totally removed from the American Public's radar screen. The Downing Street Memo was never approved nor launched by the American MSM's gatekeeper, The New York Times, and today, most Americans never heard of it nor have any understanding of its relevant significance. And Vice President Cheney's orchestrated outing of CIA supervisory operative, Valerie Plame, in retaliation for her husband's New York Times editorial challenging the Niger yellowcake hoax used in a Bush State of the Union message, a Title 18 felony violation, was also puffballed by the MSM. The out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach by the corporate media worked magnificently to squelch information and debate on these vital matters of public interest.
And not remaining idle, the Cheney-Bush regime is legalistically taking further action to isolate the American people from obtaining the necessary information to rein in this horrific, despicable organized and unconstitutional criminal regime. Using its authority, as opposed to its control of the MSM, the latter a tool of The Establishment that lords over our political class and its government, the Cheney-Bush regime's Federal Communications Commission has just ratcheted up further legal centralization of the big media to make it even bigger and more powerful.
In her article, "The FCC's Christmas Gift to Big Media," Amy Goodman writes in TruthDig.com and carried also on Common Dreams' website on December 26th: "On Dec. 18, the five commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission met in Washington, D.C., and, by a 3 to 2 vote, passed new regulations that would allow more media consolidation. This, despite the U.S. public's increasing concern over the nation's media being controlled by a few giant corporations."
Goodman continues: "Dissident FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said of the decision: 'We generously ask big media to sit on Santa's knee, tell us what it wants for Christmas, and then push through whatever of these wishes are politically and practically feasible. No test to see if anyone's been naughty or nice. Just another big, shiny present for the favored few who already hold an FCC license-and a lump of coal for the rest of us. Happy holidays!'"
Perhaps Copp's closing remark was just a Freudian slip, but the five Jewish moguls so supportive of the Cheney-Bush regime's dedication in jettisoning United States interests for the greater good of Israel, now have even more brainwashing and propaganda power. As Mark Weber <http://www.rense.com/general79/str.htm>observes quoting Jewish political science professor Benjamin Ginsberg, "'Since the 1960s, Jews have come to wield considerable influence in American economic, cultural, intellectual and political life. Jews played a central role in American finance during the 1980s, and they were among the chief beneficiaries of that decade's corporate mergers and reorganizations.  Today, though barely two percent of the nation's population is Jewish, close to half its billionaires are Jews.  The chief executive officers of the three major television networks and the four largest film studios are Jews, as are the owners of the nation's largest newspaper chain and the most influential single newspaper, the New York Times...  The role and influence of Jews in American politics is equally marked...'" And now that power has been further reinforced by Cheney-Bush to focus and intensify The Establishment's message!
Here's Goodman again: "It was Bush-appointed FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, now just 41 years old, who rammed through the rule changes. He has served President Bush well. As deputy general counsel for the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2000, he was active during the Florida recount. Before that he worked for Kenneth Starr at the Office of Independent Counsel during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Rumor has it that he may run for governor of his native North Carolina. His wife, Cathie Martin, was a spokeswoman for Vice President Dick Cheney in the midst of the scandal around the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame. She now works on Bush's communications staff.
The federal regulation in question is the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership ban. It has for decades prevented the same company from owning both a television or radio station in a town as well as a newspaper. Underlying this ban is the core concept of the public interest. Copps couldn't have been clearer: 'Today's decision would make George Orwell proud. We claim to be giving the news industry a shot in the arm-but the real effect is to reduce total newsgathering.' Mergers will result in newsroom layoffs and less, not more, coverage of local issues."
And not only is the Cheney-Bush dictatorship giving The Establishment further control over communications and information vital to the public interest, but Cheney-Bush is now launching its all-out war on the election process. In an article in the Washington Post this past Sunday, December 22nd entitled, "As Primaries Begin, the FCC Will Shut Down," Poststaff writer Matthew Mosk opens: "The federal agency in charge of policing the torrent of political spending during the upcoming presidential primaries will, for all practical purposes, shut its doors on New Year's Eve.
The Federal Election Commission will effectively go dark on Jan. 1 because Congress remains locked in a standoff over the confirmation of President Bush's nominees to the panel. As a consequence, the FEC will enter 2008 with just two of six members -- short of the four votes needed for the commission to take any official action.
'There is, in effect, nobody to answer the phone,' said Robert F. Bauer, a leading Democratic campaign finance lawyer.
Although the 375 auditors, lawyers and investigators at the FEC will continue to process work already before them, a variety of matters that fall to the commissioners will be placed on hold indefinitely.  Chief among them are deciding whether to launch investigations into possible campaign finance violations and determining the penalties."
How totally convenient for Cheney-Bush! One federal commission, handpicked by Bush, burns the midnight oil to ram through new regulations giving more power to a government-supporting news media that only mass produces administration-favoring propaganda, while another one, not yet totally under administration control, is shut down for the rapidly upcoming presidential elections.
And in another Washington Post article by Robert Barnes, "Partisan Fissures Over Voter ID ­ Justices to Hear Challenge to Law," the December 25th article opens, "The Supreme Court will open the new year with its most politically divisive case since Bush v. Gore decided the 2000 presidential election, and its decision could force a major reinterpretation of the rules of the 2008 contest." Really?!
We are referencing the 2000 presidential election debacle only a week shy of 2008, the year of the most important presidential election in history? Why has this taken seven years to resolve? And all that is being reported on here are issues relative to registered voter identification? But what about electronic voting equipment anomalies and fraud?
Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather asked basically the same question on a news <http://www.hd.net/drr227.html>video produced by HDTV/HDNet entitled, "The Trouble With Touch Screens." In the video report, Rather interviews several key players, beginning with a woman running for Congress in Florida. [Where else?] The election fraud incident eventually wound up in the United States Congress, resulting in Senator Dianne Feinstein charging the Government Accountability Office with the responsibility of looking into the matter.
But the best the GAO could come up with resulted in a sketchy laundry list that did not generate a definitive action plan, and obviously, considering that Rather's HDNet report was dated August 14th of this year, really nothing at all has been done. Rather's report focuses on that element of electronic voting that is closest to translating the voter's selection digitally via the equipment's touch screen. An industry expert explained the error was in the calibration of the screen, such that a margin of error of 14 inch could change a voter's selection. Rather was dumbfounded to learn that this issue has been kicking around since the 2000 presidential elections and that absolutely nothing has been done about it.
Rather exposes the "global" GATT-NAFTA-CAFTA manufacturing fiasco where mainframe manufacture was centered in a sweatshop in the Philippines that received faulty screens from a US manufacturer. The report cited three companies in the global manufacturing process: Election Systems & Software [ESS], Berquist and Pivot. Quality control at virtually all levels in the manufacturing process was non-existent. The screens actually had air bubbles in them causing the screen system to "float" over the finger sensing electronics. And quality control for the "mainframes" involved shaking them by hand and listening for rattles. And the latter q/c inspection involved tiny samples of the sweatshop's total manufactured output.
It is now two presidential elections later, and Congress, its GAO, the FEC, and all the other relative federal commissions have been either unable, or unwilling, to remedy this glaring electoral failure. Yet MSM talking heads continue to emphasize the importance of Americans in exercising their "freedom" to vote. But why is this important to the MSM if election fraud is not, and hasn't been for EIGHT YEARS??? Why does it take a seasoned reporter, free from the yoke of Establishment MSM control and supervision, and an independent news organization such as HDNet, to report the facts and truth?
Now reflect upon Bush's FCC maneuver. Will this improve accuracy and reporting in the only constitutionally sanctioned profession, a "free and independent press?" It is becoming increasingly clear that The Establishment is more than just OK with fraudulent elections, just as long as they get to control them and pick the political class stooge they want in place to rule over US. We are now more than ever, land of fraud, and home of the slave.
Happy Holidays!
© THEODORE E. LANG 12/27/07 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.
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