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'Harmless' Area Denial
Weapons Facts...And Burns

By Ted Twietmeyer

Here are some facts about the active denial weapon, and what the DoD has called a "mishap" when a serviceman was injured. From the known information, we can clearly see this weapon is far more harmful than we are being told. The energy required to power this weapon is enormous, and may indicate that the military is using (or plans to use) zero point energy to power it.
* The weapon does not generate a small amount of "harmless" microwave power. It generates 100 THOUSAND WATTS of microwave power. This is equivalent to more than 100 microwave ovens. This is the equivalent energy of ONE THOUSAND 100 WATT light bulbs. Who would put anyone in front of such energy? And who would be stupid enough to push the button to activate it? To put this in perspective, just 100 watts of microwave power are used to send signals to television satellites 22,500 miles out in space. And even 100 watts of microwave power is considered unsafe. Satellite dishes on remote hookup trucks usually have a radiation symbol on them to warn people of the risk. One hundred watts of microwave power is more than enough energy to cause cataracts in the eyes. It is still unknown if this weapon can cause cataracts.
* A very large power source for this weapon is required. It is known that the beam can be turned on continuously for at least 4 seconds, which was used on reporters during a demonstration. To generate 100,000 watts of power requires the electrical equivalent of 134 horsepower. In fact, more power is actually required because the gyrotron that generates this power requires far more energy to power it than what is generated by it.
Though not described here, the window is made of diamond. The small yellow zig-zag line shows the path of the microwaves which are collected. An interaction takes place between the electrons from the electron gun and the super conducting magnet, creating super high frequency microwaves. Only a portion of the electrons emitted from the electron gun become microwaves. The remaining energy is lost and travels to the top end of the tube, which is called a collector.
One paper written in 2004 [1] claims gyrotron efficiencies of just 6.3%. Yet a patent claims a theoretical efficiency of 75% is possible.[2] If we assume an efficiency of perhaps 50%, this would require no less than the equivalent of 268Hp to power the weapon at 100% full power. This figure is conservative, and does not include any additional energy losses in the weapon or power to operate the aiming or control system. It has been claimed that there are plans to put this weapon on an unmanned aerial vehicle like an RPV. This would appear impractical because of the tremendous electrical power required. However, a zero point energy power generator could make this possible, and it may be exactly what they have in mind. These generators are not fiction, and are not within the scope of this report.
* A 12 page report [3] on the "mishap" (a term NASA uses when they have an "accident") has 2 pages deleted and several other pages heavily edited.
* Athough almost no details have been released on the injured serviceman, but here is what we do know:
* The injured servicemen was exposed to high power in the millimeter region, with exposure from some or all of the weapon's 100 kilowatts. It has also been divulged that he received 2nd degree burns. What percentage of his body was burned is not known.
BURN EXAMPLES (left to right)
1st degree burn, 2nd degree burn which the serviceman has, and 3rd degree burn. [4]
* Cost to treat this serviceman's injuries was not trivial at $17,748.00. This probably indicates a large burned area which may also have included his face. His burned skin will be blood-red as shown in the example above (center.) His long term prognosis is unknown. The microwaves have burned away the outer layer of the skin exposing the dermis. This can also expose nerves and create considerable long-term pain and possible scarring.
* Testicles reside outside of the body for a specific reason. Sperm does not survive long at temperatures inside the body. Sperm survives inside a female long enough to achieve conception, but not much longer because of internal body temperatures. Exposure to heat and microwave energy could very well sterilize the serviceman, and also anyone who is exposed to the beam. It's unlikely any of this will ever be divulged, as it will be unpopular with public opinion of this "non-lethal weapon." This may also be in a portion of the text deleted from the publicized version of the DoD report.
* When this weapon was first announced, it was stated by the DoD that it is harmless and only penetrates a fraction of an inch into the skin. To damage the testicles or alter DNA permanently, a brief exposure to high power microwave energy could be more than enough. Skin on the scrotum is some of the thinnest skin on the human body. Did the DoD knowingly or unknowingly sterilize participlant or damage their DNA during that demonstration? This is also unknown. In that video of the demonstation no women were present. [5] Why? Perhaps this weapon IS harmful to females, and this is why they were not part of the demonstration.
This report is based on a mishap report obtained under the Freedom of Information Act [3] as well as other public information.
Ted Twietmeyer
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