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Bird Flu Death Toll In
Indonesia Almost 100

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello Jeff -- My greatest fear is forced vaccinations. I am concerned that as soon as a bird flu vaccine is ready to market, it will be forced on the public. The stage has been set in both Maryland, with the herding of parents and children into a Maryland courthouse for forced vaccinations, and the stage has also been set in New Jersey where the New Jersey government is making plans to force all preschoolers to take flu shots.
Tommy Thompson paved the way for forced smallpox vaccinations and stockpiling of smallpox vaccine. I am quite sure that once bird flu vaccine is ready to market, it will be stockpiled and forced on the public. WE know and have reported with Dr. Henry Niman that the bird flu strain being tested for a vaccine is the AVIAN version of the bird flu. It is not the strain which has been killing humans. Once the pandemic happens, it won't be the AVIAN strain H5N1. It is doubtful that the vaccine will prevent a pandemicand those who would force the vaccinations know this for a fact, but will force it on the public anyway.
A pandemic outbreak may even be H5N1 that has swapped genes with Ebola. Dr. Niman had written on this and investigated the genetic sequences of Ebola and H5N1 back in 2005. At that time there had been reports of a strange Ebola in China. There had been fear that Ebola and H5N1 had recombined there. Dr. Niman found it possible for Ebola and H5N1 to swap genes.
This great man has been on the forefront of H5N1 research. He was the first to predict where Bird flu would go and how it would change. We both hope he will receive the acclaim and accolades he so richly deserves for his brilliant work.
For the record -
By Andy Ho
The Straits Times
July 28, 2005
Pittsburgh-based genomics expert Dr. Henry Niman told The Straits Times he has noticed a gene in H5N1 "that is an exact match for an Ebola gene. So it is possible that a dual infection in birds or people may be leading to a new H5N1 - or a new Ebola virus."
Yes, a swap between bird flu and ebola viruses can happen. Dr Niman said: "They just need to be in the same host cell."
Let's hope this has not really happened yet. Otherwise, we could all be in the same boat, a rapidly leaking one at that.
Bird Flue Death Toll Mounts In Indonesia, Worldwide
<http://en.rian.ru/>RIA Novosti
JAKARTA (RIA Novosti) -- A woman has died of bird flu in Jakarta, Indonesia, bringing the death toll in the Southeast Asian country to almost 100, the Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday.
The 28 year-old woman was admitted to the Persahabatan Hospital with severe pneumonia and high fever on Saturday and died early on Monday morning. She was the 92nd person to die from the disease in Indonesia since the first report of bird flu infecting a human in 2005.
"Test results by the Health Ministry's research and development center confirm that she tested positive for the H5N1 virus,"
the agency quoted a senior official at the country's health ministry as saying. The woman came from Tangerang, a city some 20 km (12 miles) west of Jakarta. The satellite city has reported three lethal cases of bird flu since October, and a group of experts is currently attempting to establish the source of infection.
It is still unclear whether the woman had contact with infected birds or poultry, but her neighbors are said to keep chickens. Another theory is that the woman, who made her living by selling ornamental plants, may have used infected fowl manure as a fertilizer.  Bird flu is spread through the bodily fluids of infected creatures.
According to a World Health Organization report on confirmed cases of avian influenza (H5N1), Indonesia is the worst-hit country, with 91 deaths registered since 2005. A total of 207 deaths have been registered worldwide by the organization since 2003.
In 1918, a flu pandemic killed over 20 million people worldwide, and health experts fear another pandemic could be imminent.
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD
Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics
Univ of West Indies
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