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People Are Dangerously Ignorant
Of Electronic Radiation

Ted Twietmeyer

Would anyone be crazy enough defeat microwave oven interlock switches, put their head in the oven and press COOK? Not likely. What would happen? Since the body is composed of about 80% electrically conductive salt water, it won't be pleasant. Lenses in both eyes will be the first to go, as both of them will rapidly cloud over with serious cataracts and the vitreous humor in both eyes would start to boil, causing permanent blindness.
All this will happen in a matter of seconds. And this is only the beginning of the agony. This damage would quickly be followed by searing internal heating inside the skull, creating unimaginable pain. Death would be sure to follow after untold agony.
Remember that new area denial toy the pentagon has which creates a burning sensation in crowds so severe that no reporter could stand it for more than a few seconds? Now imagine this happening INSIDE your head from exposure to 700 watt microwave oven power levels, as a long and agonizing death would follow.
About forty years ago, a man innocently walked briefly past a telephone microwave dish located on the roof of a tall building in Rochester, NY. He died an agonizing death just a few days later in the hospital from massive organ failure.
Although his exposure was only a fraction of a typical microwave oven, it was only about twenty times the radiation of a cell phone.
What is the legal limit of radiation for microwave oven door radiation leakage on your oven? FIVE THOUSANDTHS of a watt, or .005 watts.
What is the microwave power level for a typical cell phone? About EIGHTY TIMES that amount of energy, or typically .400 watts
Wireless lovers will cry out, "But that's not the same thing!" But in a way it is. Radiation damage over time applies to ALL forms of radiation, from radio frequencies (RF) up through ultraviolet. Damage pathology is well known and there are ANSI standards for exposure to almost all forms of electromagnetic energy. Strict safety standards have been established to light entering the eye - including ultraviolet wavelengths at almost energy level. With shorter wavelengths there is a higher the risk of developing cataracts fairly quickly. Various radio and light wavelengths have well established safe exposure levels.
Consider Pierre and Madame Curie, well known for their discovery of Radium and Polonium. No radiation standards existed for them yet when Madame died July 4th 1934from radiation sickness. Pierre died in 1906. His demise hastened by ill health and did not recover from being run over by a horse drawn carriage. Microwaves, ultraviolet, alpha, beta and gamma radiation are ALL part of the same electromagnetic spectrum. All of these forms of radiation will damage the body, just in different ways and at different dose levels.
Cell phone companies do not want you to even remotely think about any of these facts.
How many cell phone and Blue Tooth users must DIE before people wake up and a safety standard is established? Don't hold your breath waiting ­ cell phone corporations are very powerful and they will make certain no such standard will ever be established. Period. And don't lie to yourself by counting on Uncle to protect you. If the government can't protect itself ­ how can it protect us from anything? Perhaps it doesn't want to protect you, in the name of population control.
Risk factors for cancer and tumors caused by radiation sources are directly proportional to exposure levels and accumulated dosage, or time. Localized HEATING of brain tissue near cell and cordless phone antennas is a well documented fact. If you have used any form of wireless telephone for any length of time and felt warmth or a throbbing in the side of your head, that can be the cause of it. And if cancer runs in your family? Look out!
If you are cooking meat, what difference does it make if you cook something on medium heat for fifteen minutes, or cook it all day on low heat in a crock pot? It's still cooked. Your internal tissues, brain and organs are no different.
RF damage doesn't begin and end with telephones. Biological damage and sleep problems by Wi-fi network antennas are only now becoming widely known. Some areas inEurope have already banned these networks after numerous research studies have established real risks.
Now we have Bluetooth everywhere. Here's a recent example from CNN of the tremendous ignorance people have about RF radiation and how they ignorantly welcome it into their lives, putting their full faith and trust in Uncle:
" Murphy said he plans on spending more this year, about $3,000 to $4,000 total on stuff such as video games and "anything with Bluetooth."[1]
There is a perfect combination of madness and ignorance. How many millions of people around the world are thinking just like him? Would anyone spend any money on a product, knowing they will make themselves seriously SICK? Probably not.
Perhaps RF electronic toys are the new addiction and have replaced cigarettes.
What good will it do anyone to work their entire life and see retirement coming - only to learn from their doctor they have a massive inoperable brain tumor, lymphoma, organ damage or other cancer as a result of cell phones or other toys?
People swear that a certain brand of bottled water keeps them healthy (?) They carry a bottle of water in one hand and a cancer and tumor causing cell phone in the other.
Still not convinced? One study found a direct correlation between RF exposure and health/eye problems. Below is a portion of the study's abstract which is too lengthy to reproduce here. (A link to it is provided at the end of this essay.)
"Mejewska (46) studied 200 workers who were exposed to 0.6-10.7 GHz and 200 control individuals: a statistically significant increase in lens opacities in the exposed individuals was found. The severity of the disease increased with the duration of exposure. In another study, which involved 600 workers and an age-matched control group of 300 individuals (47), it was found that exposure to 0.3-300 GHz correlated with an increased incidence of a specific kind of lens opacity. Appleton surveyed military personnel who had been exposed to microwave EMFs and found a trend in older age groups toward a greater incidence of opacities among exposed personnel (48). Odland (49) also studied the relation between exposure to military radars and ocular anomalies.
There were 377 exposed individuals and 320 controls: among the exposed workers who had a family history of eye diseases, it was found that the incidence of eye defects was almost twice as great as that among the controls who had such a family history. Among 68 electronics workers and 30 control individuals, it was found that the incidence of lens opacities and retinal lesions were both greater in the exposed group (50, 51). Zydecki studied 1000 exposed workers (mostly between 100-1000 µW/cm2) and 1000 controls and found that the number of lenticular opacities was significantly greater in the exposed individuals (52).
Through painstaking analysis of many clinical cases, Zaret has been able to describe a particular lens opacification for which EMFs are the primary etiological factor (the microwave cataract) (53 -57). In contrast to other types of cataracts (heredity, metabolic, and senile) which originate in the lens, the microwave cataract originates in the elastic membrane that surrounds the lens (the capsule). Microwave cataracts occur following exposure to either thermal or non-thermal EMFs, and have a latency period of months to years." (See [2] for complete abstract.)
Here are some simplifications of pertinent facts from the above statement:
1. 0.6-10.7 GHz covers the ENTIRE frequency of today's wireless toys, from old style 900MHz cordless phones, through digital PCS and wi-fi and every consumer wireless technology in-between. Including Blue-tooth.
2. Appleton surveyed military personnel who had been exposed to microwave EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) and found a trend in older age groups toward a greater incidence of opacities among exposed personnel. (Opacities refers to a clouding of the lens or lens capsule in the human eye.)
3. Microwave cataracts occur following exposure to either thermal or non-thermal EMFs (or electromagnetic fields) and have a latency period of months to years.
4. Power levels used were FAR SMALLER than that of cell phones. The study used 100-1000 µW/cm2 which is equivalent to .100 milliwatts to 1 milliwatt/cm2. Recall that 1 milliwatt is five times lower than the leakage level of a microwave oven door seal. One milliwatt is a microwave power level FOUR HUNDRED TIMES LOWER than that of a cell phone.
5. This study referred to exposure of electronics workers. However, the prolific use of wireless technology makes anyone who uses these electronics toys also an electronics worker.
Though not included in the above abstract, there are several common procedures performed via out-patient surgery. Eye lens replacements are one of the most common procedures performed on an out-patient basis according one surgeon I spoke to. Could this widespread problem be related to wireless devices?
All the class action lawsuits against countless the wireless toy and telephone manufacturers in the world will never give you your life back once microwave damage is done. It's far better to be safe than sorry. Humans have existed for many millennia on Earth without any of these toys. Are any of these toys really worth the serious health risk they represent?
Who in their right mind would volunteer their body to be cooked in an ultra-slow microwave version of a crock pot? That's why I don't own any of these things. Why re-live the nightmare of Madame Curie all over again?
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] - http://money.cnn.com/2007/11/23/news/economy/blackfriday_
[2] - http://www.ortho.lsuhsc.edu/Faculty/Marino/EL/EL10/Epidem.html
From Ted Twietmeyer
Gamma, beta and alpha radiation are part of the electrogmagnetic spectrum.
In the world of physics, there has always been theory that a particle can act like a particle as well as a wave. Some readers exclude particles from the electromagnetic spectrum.
Here are two unedited references to support my inclusion that gamma, beta and alpha radiation are part of the electromagnetic spectrum:
1. From Wikipedia -
"Electromagnetic (EM) radiation is a self-propagating wave in space with electric and magnetic components. These components oscillate at right angles to each other and to the direction of propagation, and are in phase with each other. Electromagnetic radiation is classified into types according to the frequency of the wave: these types include, in order of increasing frequency, radio waves, microwaves, terahertz radiation, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays."
2. From A NASA Website - "The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is just a name that scientists give a bunch of types of radiation when they want to talk about them as a group. Radiation is energy that travels and spreads out as it goes-- visible light that comes from a lamp in your house or radio waves that come from a radio station are two types of electromagnetic radiation. Other examples of EM radiation are microwaves, infrared and ultraviolet light, X-rays and gamma-rays."
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