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Ron Paul - Vote Fraud Victim
By J. Bruce Campbell

The numbers don't add up, obviously. Ron Paul wins straw poll after straw poll, he wins hack-proof online polls such as AOL's and he gets unprecedented donations and still he gets wiped out by the Diebold machines, which was expected. Blackboxvoting.org has shown us how it is done. The exact same Diebold machines that were exposed in "Hacking Democracy" two years ago were used in New Hampshire yesterday to manage 81% of the primary ballots. Then we learned that the 2004 Iowa Caucus voting was handled by an Israeli-owned company, Elron. Were things different this year? Who is behind John Silvestro and his LHS company that counted the New Hampshire vote?

We should stop hoping that we can beat the house and its rigged roulette wheel, its programmed slot machines and its marked decks and loaded dice.

The Ron Paul campaign was given millions of dollars to clean out the corruption in the federal government. This will be impossible if vote fraud prevents Ron Paul from winning, despite his wild and growing popularity. Vote fraud is at the center of official corruption and will always prevent investigation and prosecution of those involved in criminal behavior.

The campaign should now shift gears and announce that vote fraud has clearly destroyed the American political process, as proven by the Collier brothers, by Jim Condit, Bev Harris, Harri Hursti and the Public Broadcasting System and by many others.

Vote fraud must now be the target of the Ron Paul Revolution. Ron Paul can make a calm announcement that calls for an audit of the vote-counting machine from one end to the other. The audit can be made by the Ron Paul campaign, which can now afford to do it. He should recommend that the General Accounting Office and Federal Election Commission assist the campaign's audit. He can invite the GOP and Democratic Party to participate. If they refuse for any reason, their refusal will prove that they know about the vote fraud and are willing participants.

Ron Paul should announce that fair elections cannot be held until it is proven that the vote counting process is honest and trustworthy. The best weapon his campaign has in the 2006 PBS program, "Hacking Democracy." Bev Harris' ongoing work at Blackboxvoting.org can be revealed to millions of Americans now, with the millions of dollars entrusted to the Ron Paul Revolution. The two Ohio election officials recently sentenced to prison for the 2004 vote fraud were exposed by Blackboxvoting's great work, which can be seen in the PBS program.

Ron Paul should file suit to order a suspension of the primary process until a comprehensive audit of the vote counting process has been completed and all doubts as to its honesty are removed. Computers must be outlawed in the vote-counting process. The only way to ensure honest elections is with paper ballots and receipts, as the Collier brothers proved in their groundbreaking book, Votescam. They showed that there are dozens of ways to steal the vote as long as machines are used to count it. The question we must all ask is, "Who programs the computers that count the votes?"

Ron Paul should demand that paper ballots be counted by hand in the open and measured against paper receipts in the event of a disputed result. But first, there must be an audit of the process we have been under for decades, to show how we have been cheated and defrauded.

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