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Candidate's Unattainable 'Carrots'
Lead US Around A Neverending
Circular Path Of Servitude

By Ed Ward, MD
The current political charade is completely analogous to carrots placed in front of a horse to have it happily perform it's horse drawn carriage duties. The horse always focused on his goal of carrots placed just out of his reach continues to strain, work, and desire what is placed just inches from his grasp by his owners.
The horse is desperate, hungry, and focused on his salvation only inches from attainment. The horse will drain every bit of his life force to inevitable death with steadfast resolve. The carrots are never attained by most horses, but the master's task of pulling the carriage is performed by all with tremendous resolve from the moment the carrots are placed in front of him until he has drained himself of life itself.
The deadly charade is quite evident to some, but the horse, focused on his soon to be received reward, is not easily dissuaded. The horse clearly sees the carrots in front of him, the carrots are his. Anything or anyone trying to get the horse stop his quest (pulling his master's cart) for carrots, even for the sake of attaining them, just wants to get to his carrots before he does.
His masters, that place his daily carrots before him (so they must be the horses friend) gladly reinforce those thoughts. "Don't listen to anyone telling you to stop for even for a second, they are just trying to steal the carrots I have so generously placed before you. They will get them before you do, if you are distracted for even a second."
Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist, Communist, Constitution, Independent, and Apathetic are but a few of our master's horse breeds. Each breed has several different favorite 'carrot' flavors. Peace, War, More Tax, Less Tax, Safety, Protection, Reform, Control and Liberty are but a few of our flavored 'carrots'.
Fellow 'Beasts of Burden', I beg, plead, pray and implore that you stop for a minute to think not of illusionary favorite 'issues' (flavored carrots) placed supposedly within your grasp, but how to actually get/receive/grasp our 'carrots'. A Completely True, Accurate, Verifiable, Viewable Voting Process Is The Only Issue that Can Resolve All of our master's illusionary issues.
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