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Brave New Denmark -
A Model For The USA?

By Ted Twietmeyer
Recently, I received an email from a former London Police officer, Philip Jones.  Philip has given me permission to use his email and his full name. His powerful and highly articulate essay describes in detail what life in Denmark is like today, after living there more than ten years. Many of us have our own internal visions of what foreign countries are like which we may never have the opportunity to visit. These ideas are most often based on the media and classes in school. But it was a total surprise about what Philip had to say about Denmark and it's amazing placid lifestyle. I'll never look at a tin of Christmas cookies made in Denmark the same!
Most people are quite aware that the UK is a model police state, tightening the screws a little more each day on its citizens. One could easily think that Denmark and perhaps other EU countries are following the same model. What we learn from Philip's detailed description of Denmark is that this is not the case. Denmark is a country with the most passive people one could ever imagine. How this mindset was accomplished is a bit of a mystery. Perhaps the globalists found every weakness in Danish culture, exploiting each one to the fullest. It does appear it to be like Philip has named his essay, "Brave New Denmark."
The United States is turning into a hybrid of the UK and Denmark. New laws have been passes to help control what everyone thinks in the United States, while at the same time doing everything possible to help the people ignore the effects of growing government behind the scenes. Draconian laws are quickly and easily passed by formulating excuses or events so people will not grumble too much. If everyone in the United States were as dedicated to the Constitution and Bill of Rights as Ron Paul supporters are, none of this would be happening.
Today sports scores, video games and the internet are all that most people care about. They no longer care about each other or what big government is doing to them. A non-caring state of mind is also the same characteristic the Danes have as Philip so eloquently expresses. So without further delay, here is Philip's unedited email:
'Brave New Denmark'
Dear Ted,
Before I begin, perhaps I should tell you something about myself. I am a 49 year old British man, married to a Danish lady and living in Denmark. Prior to moving here back in 1996, I had spent 15 years as Police Officer in London and before that 6 years in the military.
I was raised in the industrial area of South Wales and come from `blue collar` stock. Up until quite recently, I had been a believer in the `democratic` process and a staunch conservative.
My awakening began upon my relocation to this small, cold northern country. Up until then, I had `bought` into the consensus viewpoint, and although as a serving officer in London, I had been aware of all the rapid changes taking place in society, I had not realised that these changes were orchestrated and designed, as opposed to `evolutionary`.
I had imagined that Denmark would be little more than a smaller version of my homeland. My wife was/is not much different in views and culture from myself, and our countries shared a joint history. For the first half year or so, I didn't take too much notice of my surroundings, as we were occupied with the day to day business of setting up our home and all those other mundane necessities.
It was when I was able to sit back and take note of my new environment that I was struck immediately at how different Danes were from British people. My wife had lived in the UK for some years and I soon learned that she was not typical of her country folk. The most immediate, and annoying character trait I noticed was the habitual need Danes have to tell other people how wonderful Denmark is, and how much better everything is compared to other places. To even the casual onlooker, it was clear that they were deeply delusional.
Denmark is an okay place, but no better and a degree worse than some places. It is small, with a population of around 5,000,000. Until very recently, it has been very homogenous, (and to a great extent still is) and somewhat isolated, tucked away as it is up on the top edge of Europe. In fact, if one wished to conduct a `social experiment`, few places would be better suited, or located. Add to this the truth that Danish people are by nature in awe of authority, compliant and passive. Forget the `Vikings` of yore. Most of them settled in Britain, Northern France and down the Volga. 
I began to question this pride in all things Danish. The food variety and quality was nothing like as good as in the UK. The public infrastructure was inadequate, and oh so slow. Monopoly was the name of the game in business. No competition whatsoever. Danish produce and Danish produce only was the rule of things. The sheer cost of living in the place was/is at least 2-3 times that of the UK, and yet everyone was asking me so proudly if I felt lucky to be living in Denmark. Then there is the much vaunted Danish Medical System. Again according to Danes `the best in the world`. But that's just the thing, it wasn't/isn't and the standards are dropping continually, whilst the costs of prescription medicine and Dental care, even on the back of this `public health service` are out of control.
As a former London Police Officer, I was often asked to give lectures at Odense University, on matters relating to crime etc. Over the next few years, I gave dozens of these presentations, and was shocked at how unquestioning and compliant young Danish people were. They were immune even to provocation, which I used on several occasions in order to get a response, but usually to no avail. I was able to attend several classes over this period, and was appalled and shocked at the levels of Marxist/Feminist views being foisted on the young people. The history of their country prior to the end of WWII is just not taught at all, and very few Danes have any grasp of their country's past. Almost all the teachers were female (of a sort), and the classes themselves were overwhelmingly populated by girls. Almost every lecture I attended was weighted heavily towards a `European` future, and very few were not heavily biased in that direction. And yet, pardoxically, the `Denmark is the best country in the world, with the best education system, best medical system, best social system, best economy, ad nauseum was also a constant theme. This is the same message transmitted through every media outlet, and Danes take love of flag to a new height, even decorating Xmas trees and birthday cakes with that national banner. This apparent contradiction, caused me great confusion at the time, but no longer. Today, I understand.
This acceptance/compliance extended into society in general, where complaints against the system of any kind were in very short supply, or non existent to be truthful. With every new law, or government inspired price increase or tax hike, would come the standard response "there's nothing you can do about" or in Danish, "Saadan er Danmark", which literally means, "that's how it is in Denmark". 
Denmark is the country of rules. There are rules for everything here. Even the rules seem to have rules, and the people have an annoying way of interfering in each others lives to the point of self regulation. One of the world's smallest countries has one of the `biggest` governments, and `The State` is by far the biggest employer here, so people depend upon it for their livelihood. 
The ID Card was introduced to Denmark back in the 1970's. Every Dane, or foreign resident here has a `personal number` and unlike the `National Insurance` number in the US or UK, it must be quoted in order to do almost everything. One cannot get a bank account, travel, do business of any kind, learn to drive, drive, be educated etc etc. without it.  It masquerades as a health insurance card, but has a far more all encompassing purpose. It is also backed up by a national register data base. The coming Biometric model will simply be accepted as an `improvement` and or progress.
Conformity in all things is the way of life here. People dress the same, cut their hair the same, eat the same, do the same, like the same, say exactly the same phrases, in fact, modern Danish is more a language of phraseology than anything else (Newspeak ?). They like the same food (and will serve the same `fayre` to guests every time, no matter which Danish home one visits). An evening out at a Danish household, could/can be scripted beforehand, from start to end. 
Danish women and girls have with a few exceptions, become almost androgynous in appearance, and most are fiercely feminist in their views, actions and manners. Danish men are for the most part emasculated. Danes love their country, but will not fight for it. Danes loathe all things foreign, and resist all such influences, to the point where their shops have very little on the shelves, and what there is is rediculously expensive, and yet, they absolutely fail to recognise or resist the looming shadow of the European Superstate, still believing it to be something they can just walk away from when they have had enough.
Danes rarely smile, are very reserved to the point of being rude, and yet, a recent (ish) opinion poll carried out throughout the EU showed them to be the most content of Europe's people. It was this that really got my juices flowing. Danes had been telling me for nearly eight years that `they had it so good`. But they didn't. Not at all. They had it good like a bird in a cage has it good.
I had the feeling even back then that if one made too many comments of an unfavourable `Anti Denmark`nature, then just maybe my residiency might be revoked, or I might come into contact with the `State Authorities`, (Danes are encouraged to `Spy` on each other and do so with gusto). Of course no such thing occured, but the feeling was there. Such is the insideous nature of Danish society, which heralds `Free speech` as an inalienable right (As in the Mohammad Drawings) and yet damns that same `free Speech` to foreigners or dissenters
By the end of the 1990's, I had begun to understand the extent to which the Danish population had been completely indoctrinated. Any form of criticism was fiercly resented. Nobody ever complained about anything of an official nature. Nearly everybody I knew, or those I saw speaking on TV seemed to believe that the Danish Government wished only good things for them. That the ever burgeoning tax burden was necessary, even a good thing. We are speaking of an income tax of on average 50% plus a sales tax of 25%. This level of taxation is across the board, and includes tax on cars, houses, food, and well, everything you can imagine could be taxed is taxed and then some. And all prices on all things rise on 31st January every year, without fail. This is just understood and accepted without comment by the majority of the people. "Saadan er Danmark".
When my wife and I tried to explain to people that in the UK, we paid a fraction of the Danish tax burden, and still managed at least a parity in social welfare, and medical care, they wouldn't believe it. When we told them that the food in DK was of an inferior quality, with no variety and rediculously priced. They again wouldn't hear of it. I just could not be.
We travelled to the US three times between 1996 and 2001 spending a total of fourteen weeks there and travelling some six thousand miles. Those three `trips` were milestones in my life, and I was bursting with tales of our adventures, but upon returning to DK, not one Danish friend or family member showed any interest whatsoever in our stories. It was as if we had never been away. The only people who were at all interested were our `international` contacts. 
Now, I might be rambling at this point, but what I am trying to depict here is a society quite unlike anywhere else, even by European standards, Denmark is different. If it isn't Danish or Denmark, then they cannot contemplate it at all.
I felt totally disaffected with the country, and at that time, even with no knowledge whatsoever of any `Global Conspiracy`, would say things to friends such as; " These are not people, they're like `Body Snatchers`", or "There must be something in the water here", and even "It's in the food they eat". Little did I understand how close to the truth I was.
Then I started to put the pieces together; the inertia of the youth, the conformity of it's citizens. The `blind` obedience of the populace. The apparent contentment being voiced, which was in obvious conflict with the miserable demeanour of Danish people. The narrow, insulated `bubble` view of the world around them. The conditioned state of national denial, refusing to admit even the possibility that some place else might be in some way better. And the absolute kicker; the Danish obsession with work. It is the only thing they talk about. To work is everything, and if one is not in work, then one is a member of a trade union, which will find some way of ensuring that one has little or no spare time to think and consider life, and what is happening all around.
In 2003, I read Sen. Pat Buchannan's book, `The Death Of The West`. This work set me on the path to discovery, and although I have moved a little beyond it, the facts and ideas expressed by the author were in many cases highly relevant to my experiences in Denmark. But the point is this; on page 77, Sen. Buchanan at the top of the page makes this quote, "The perfect totalitarian state, is one where the all powerful political bosses, and their army of managers, control a population of slaves, who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude". This is from Aldous Huxleys nightmare novel `Brave New World`, and it describes Danes and Denmark almost to a tee. 
I spoke to my wife about this, and she told me that she had read the book. That in fact it was required reading at `Upper level` schooling. You see Ted, that is it. Denmark is `Brave New World`. I set about reading `the work`, and it chilled me to see all the parallels with Danish Society.
They have introduced so much of it here. The mindless compliance and conformity, the androgyny, the totally passive and non agitative demeanour. The all pervading Social State. The Brain washing and categorisng of students within the education or rather, `State indoctrination` program`. The resorting to the use of `Psycho Analysis` for any form of `anti social` behaviour, which can be nothing more than daring to publicly criticise the state, or asking awkward questions, or young males playing around in classrooms. The prescription of `happy pills` to supposedly depressed people or in other words, anyone who begins to see what it is that surrounds them. The Mass Media, State Education, State Health Service and all the other avenues of public information tell the same story incessantly. Denmark is the best country, Danes are the best at everything. All things Danish, are better than those which are non Danish. It has created a people so `dumbed down`, so afraid, so passive, so paradoxically proud yet obviously suffering from a deep seated inferiority complex. Arrogant, yet totally lacking in self confidence. Put another way, this is one `mucked up place`.
No need of `Tasers`, or heavy handed Police tactics here. Not much evidence of surveillance cameras either. If the government says inject your kids with this or that drug, Danes will do it because the government told them to. When the time comes to be microchipped, the State will tell them it's for the best and they will do it without question. Simply without question.
Joseph Goebbels said, " Propaganda must be able to be understood by even the most stupid members of society. Then you can make people believe that paradise is hell, and hell is paradise".
Denmark is not quite `hell`, but it's on it's way there. Yesterday, another `BS` news report told Danish people than the reason the cost of food had risen so much was because of problems in Australia and Nigeria. Well then, that's okay then isn't it. We just have to suck it up, there's nothing we can do about it`. The State has explained why we now pay almost double what most people are paying in the rest of Europe for food, Electricity.oil, clothing, transport, tax etc. etc.
The fools just accept it. Nobody asks "What has Australia and Nigeria got to do with a 25% price rise in the cost of Danish Dairy Products, Bacon, Meats, Bread and the spectrum of food stuffs produced in Denmark" ? They are told it's down to a recession, or inflation, or some other (bogus) cyclical economic phenomenon. But the point is, nobody asks any questions. They are simply `content in their servitude`.
Recently, the Danish Prime Minister signed the EU Reform Treaty. Then without bursting into fits of laughter told the Danish people that there would be no referendum on this `Treaty` as it did not affect Danish sovereignty. This is clearly a `bare faced` lie, as once ratified, it will remove Denmarks ablity to decide it's own economy, justice system, home affairs, defence and a whole lot more. In other words, Denmark will be a nation no more, except in the daydreams of it's prozac popping citizenry. When I have tried to explain this to people here, they say things like "No, our Prime Minister would never do that. He would never sign such a document". Them when told he already has, I get, "Ah well, we can always withdraw later if it doesn't work out". 
But that's just the point, they won't be able to. Short of declaring armed resistance, and that's just not the Danish way. To a Dane, raising one's tone a little above whisper level is considered displaying anger. The `Feminazi's` here have done their job very well.
It is my opinion that the EU is running two `Test Models` side by side. Model one is the UK `1984` type, which is intended for those member states whose populations are more prone to resistance, and Model two, the `Brave New World` type, as demonstrated here in DK, for smaller, less rebellious peoples.
I have probably not done this topic justice, but if I have introduced you to what is happening here, that will be my work done. Denmark, is like nowhere else, and Danes are unlike anyone else, except perhaps the Swedes and Norwegians, who from what others have said, are undergoing similar programming.
Hope it wasn't too tedious.
Regards, Philip
PS. It should be said that of course not every Dane follows this pattern, but in my experience at least 96% of those I have met during the past ten years do. Two sites worth visiting for anyone interested in Denmark are www.heising.dk and www.nylonmanden.dk
Ted Twietmeyer



Read the email from Philip of Denmark. It is amazing what happens in other parts of the world and we know nothing of it here in America. I believe there is a correlation. Here in America the dmise of the church is progressing as fortold. I am wondering if the church is even existant in Denmark. I am not talking of the visable/religious church that has been with us since the first century but the real body of believers. I do not know where you are at personally but I do know that the church in America is loves the world and not Christ. The people here are close to believing THE LIE. From Philip's note it appears they are already there.

Larry T.


We lived in Roskilde and in Copenhagen in all of 2005. Sweden for 6 months.

Phillip is right on the point. Totally right and truthful. The place is mind numbing. Totally gone on to the NWO..

All the best, Joe & Janet 


Just read your introduction and Phillips's article on the Danes and Denmark posted at Rense.com. As an American who has lived in Denmark for the past 6 years I have to tell you that Phillip does an excellent job of describing the Danes and their country. I love to play up the John Wayne image of americans and I always seem to be on the opposite side of any argument. Me against a entire office of Danes is pretty much an even match because as Phillip points out the Danish men are wimps so they're easy to manipulate. The women are a bit tougher but they seem to like my 'bad boy 'attitude since it's so different than the local boys.

Living here has given me a new perspective on the path the US is on. However, Hillary and Obama would be considered conservatives in Denmark so we still have a ways to fall. Guys like Ron Paul are a complete mystery to them, but to their credit they at least know who he is.

Keep up the good work



Fascinating article, thanks for making it available. What a boon to get additional commentary from Phillip on the basis, as he observes it, of the conversion of the  Danish people to sheeple: schools, community pressure, government coercion, and other causes as he can interpret them.

In particular, I would be very interested in simply knowing if the drinking water is fluoridated, to what level, and how long it has been that way. You undoubtedly know of the determination of the German government in the 20's and 30's that fluoridated drinking water produces passivity. Well known in government circles here, I'm sure.

Dave L.


Thank you for writing the article about Denmark. I just finished reading it, and it really made me think. I had the same impression about the country upon visiting a couple years ago. At first I was caught into the hype, but I realized this was only superficial. I am deeply disturbed about what is happening, and it is good to hear another person's perspective from across the globe.  

I sometimes kid myself into thinking the control and propaganda cannot be real. I am not yet in my 30's, and the future sometimes seems too frightening. I would like to have a good family someday and live happily. Then I find more information and can't lie to myself anymore. The world seems turned upside down and inside out. I hope you continue to be a careful observer of your surroundings and remain safe. 

Thanks again,


Just read your Brave New Denmark article on Rense great elucidation of "facts" (what's really so) that I hadn't known before! How fascinating to live and function in such an obviously (to an educated aware outsider) hypnotized national culture. I can certainly discern the initial tendencies towards such a state of affairs here within the USA, although all of my close acquaintances share a profound distaste for such a development to the point of forceful personal resistance much like our "founding fathers". J This article <>http://www.kitco.com/ind/willie/jan032008.html illuminates one potent NWO vehicle for accomplishing the Denmark model here. LIt's an interesting journey we are all (whole world) embarked upon time will tell, eh?

Be well,


Some minutes ago I read your column "Brave New Denmark - A Model For The USA?" where a British man married to a Danisgh lady gave some opinions on Denmark. I am a Swede, living in Sweden, 65 years old and during my life I have been visiting more than 50 countries, mainly in Europe, Africa and Asia. Please add my comments to this report, because he is to 100 percent correct and it was amazing to read such an excellent analysis that only can be written by someone who has not been destroyed by our educational system during many decades in Scandinavia.

Everything he describes can be said about my country Sweden, too. Already about 1970 a brilliant British journalist named Roland Huntford wrote a book called "The New Totalitarians" in which he already then described the so called "writing on the wall" - how our country according to political long-term plans had begun its preparations for a situation where the population would be unable to control even their most private actions in their lives without regulations coming from the government. His book was translated to our language, but not many persons read it more than 30 years ago. I did and when it a couple ot years ago came out in a new printing I re-read it. And that was really interesting!! Everything that he had predicted so many years ago is now put in action in our society, and even more evil laws and regulations!! This author is a really gifted prophet, and I wish I knew how to tell him how very accurate predictions he made.

Among other things he noticed (like the man in your column) that the Swedes had for many years been ruled in a way that they not only accepted but even loved their serfdom. Nobody will ever question regulations and laws, taxes or burdens put upon them, because "our government is caring for us". And that is done by a lot of subsidies to different groups of the population, administered by tens of thousands of bureaucrats, wasting hundreds of billions of Swedish crowns down the drain every year at the same time as it ties both "donor" and "receiver" to a mutual dependance. Or as the old proverb says: "The dog does not bite the hand that is feeding him"

Scandinavia has in fact for many decades been a testing ground for all the tricks that will be used when creating the European Union. Or as the Austrian author Karl Steinhauser describes the EU in his book (German language) "EG Die Super-UdSSR von morgen" which in English will be "EU - the Super-Soviet State of tomorrow". Very bad things are prepared for us from behind the stage and unfortunately the majority of the population is acting like another proverb: There is none as blind as the one who does not want to see".

Please continue to inform the world about what we never will get from the mainstream media!!!

Best regards


Just read your commentary / Philip Jones: Denmark! Like Jones, first off let me introduce myself: Danish-born and raised on a farm; been in this country 50 years. Now at 75 years of age I often wonder, if I made the correct choice coming here. I could have stayed or gone elsewhere. Of course on a superficial examination the answer is Yes; besides I now have my family here! I wanted to be a veterinarian; but my old man said No! In those days all the present student help wasn't as available; there were some, but my dad had too much money for me to receive any financial assistance. Consequently I Ieft because of the family dispute; not at all because I didn't like Denmark. I first went to New Zealand for a couple of years, then I came here to California, where I managed to study and become a chiropractor (only because the stupid medics for more than 3 years couldn't figure out, what illed me! In desparation I went to a bonecracker, and in a minute he solved my problem!). Now retired some 15 years and having studied like a crazy man anything related to History, Religion, Politics, Environment and of course Health issues I have a much different perspective from most. This is one freaking Savage Nation built on Genocide, Slavery and Land Grab! The School History Books are nothing but twisted lies and propaganda! - If the article was written by anyone else than a Brit, it might have carried some weight with me; but most Englishmen and Americans are nothing but Pig-Islanders! Won't even change to the metric system; except where it really counts, money! Geography 101: Join the Navy and see the World!

In 1957 I travelled to London, then on to Glasgow; what a throw-back in time, like at least one hundred years! Before I had already been to Germany and other continental countries. What does a Brit know about food? Nada! Fight for one's country? Hombre this is 2008; can't we just sit down and talk things out without preconditions? Live and let live! No, we cannot! Because the Judeo-Christian Anglo-American Elite (with their Jew bankers) is a bunch of blood-hounds! Adam Smith said in 1778: The problem with England too many big factories, too many big merchants! So, the so-called War for Independence, the Civil War and every one since were for what? Tom Brochow: The Greatest Generation; makes for yet more propaganda! The real hero George Patten: My God we have fought the wrong war against the wrong people! He was illiminated like other truth tellers. Truth is England, USA were jealous of German Industry and couldn't compete. FDR's new deal never worked and his cosying up to Uncle Joe Stalin only assured the Cold War! Most US leaders have been just screwy egomaniacs the like of Churchill (Turkey, South Africa!). Read Benjamin Friedman? How many Khazars' DNA would match the Jews of old? Recently heard the head of AIPAC state, that Biblical History had nothing to do with Israel's existence today - John Hege hear that! Belflour; promisses kept (secret)! Well, I haven't been to Denmark for years, so I cannot really opine on today just say, that they're only 5 Million and probably somewhat Finlandizied economically - but happy, and they don't hurt anyone, nor do they pollute a fraction of, what any given 5 million Americans / Englishmen do! A line in a song goes: "Land where few have too much and fewer too little". The haves / have-nots divide is unjust and totally man-made; like the US ouster of Aristedes in Haiti only because he asked for a national minimun pay of $2 a day. Mosamdeg Iran and now Hugo Chavez Venezuela bad, bad guys for trying to keep some oil money for their own people. US oil Co's got to have their $10 Billion profit each and every quarter, basta. Amerika, Inc. Throw some religious fanaticism in the soup! Grandios subsidies to crual, huge factory farming here, that made even my Dad's farm too small, and killing small farms world-wide. Here too the family farm, the corner stone in any society is gone, and the young people have nothing (useful!) to do and join inner city gangs. Mexican illegals; think NAFTA; 1000's of small farmers and small merchants in Mexico went under. Some bitching about maybe $20 Billion being send back to Mexico; hell Wal-mart makes double that just in Mexico. Shoplifting here amounts to $20 Billion; no bitching. 14 Hedgefond managers making $21 Billion; no bitching. Have you read: Confessions of an economical hitman? When the thingy about the Cartoons broke out, I wrote to several papers in Scandinavia questioning their claim of the European Free Speech - with 2000 Holocaust skeptics in prison in Germany! One German man, 85 years old Paul Henss under threat of deportation just went back to face Jew Judges. As young he was only a dog trainer; if he'd only been a little higher up the food chain, he'd have some protection for sure. I could go on rambling; but now with the real facts behind me I'm so pissed at England / US for destroying my beautiful Europe of old! For the needless slaughter. Saw a tv clip, where McGovern proudly defended the firebombing of Dresden, the Atom Bomb wtf! For hundreds of years German craftmen and farmers were invited to settle in many Eastern countries way up to the Volga, to South America; even to Denmark.

Where were the English ever invited? They had to fight their way, where ever they went, hi-jack and plunder. 10 million people killed only in India! Today's trouble spots are in good part because of them, like remapping the old Ottoman Empire! Now that they're exhausted, the US is dutifully taking the lead; sad commentary. Funniest thing if it's true, USA could be sitting on the biggest blob of oil ever right at home; but then what are we doing with 850 military bases in 140 countries? An embassy in Bagdad bigger than the Vatican? Gore Vidal says, that since 1941 US has fired the first shot in 201 incidents; viva the Pentagon-Industrial-Government Complex!! Piont being, in my opinion any UK or US person should look at their own living room before trashing someone else's. When I catch Andre Rieu's Strauss Orchestre on KPBS tears come to my eyes; for my 75th my daughter took me to his live concert here in San Diego - that really sent me! Guess, I'm just here to lent a little class to the joint; the rest of you bring the beer,

Skål! Best!

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