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Dr. Blaylock Warns Again About
Parents - Avoid NutraSweet for Your Kids
Dr. Russell Blaylock MD

Dr. Blaylock Warms Again About NutraSweet/Aspartame
Parents - Avoid NutraSweet for Your Kids
Dr. Russell Blaylock MD
My wife and I were standing in the supermarket checkout line when I noticed that the young mother in front of us was giving her 6-month-old baby sips of diet cola. The baby loved it and kept grabbing the bottle for more, which the mother allowed.
My wife could see that I was about to have an apoplectic episode. However, I maintained my demeanor and shared with the young mother some of the more important dangers of what she was doing.
While I plan to discuss the dangers of aspartame and the other artificial sweeteners in a future newsletter, for now I just want to warn all mothers concerning the special dangers of feeding aspartame to newborns and small children.
In 1958, a report appeared in an ophthalmology journal in which widespread destruction of the nerve cells in the retina of the eye was described following exposure of newborn mice to MSG (monosodium glutamate).
A follow-up study in 1968 found that MSG also destroyed many cells in the brain as well. Especially sensitive to this toxin were a group of nerve cells (called a nucleus) in the hypothalamus of the brain responsible for controlling an animal's weight. Injury to this nucleus caused the animals to become grossly obese for a lifetime. Dozens of new studies have confirmed this early finding.
Aspartame has been shown to produce this very same destructive effect. Humans are five times more sensitive to this toxin (called an excitotoxin) than are mice, the animals used in the original study.
We are also 20 times more sensitive than the rhesus monkey. In addition, the original study done by the maker of aspartame found that feeding the product to test animals in doses approximating human consumption produced a 47-times increase in brain tumors as well as tumors in multiple organs. And newborns are 4 times more sensitive than adults.
A repeat study found that the tumor-causing chemical was a metabolic breakdown product of aspartame called diketopiperizine (DKP). Aspartame quickly breaks down into this tumor-causing product and by one week very high levels are seen. The makers of diet colas know this, and this is why they began to date the drinks. It is not a freshness issue; it is a toxin issue.
The newborn child is especially vulnerable to this cancer-causing product.
If all this is not enough, we also know that another component of the aspartame molecule, phenylalanine, can severely damage the baby's brain during this critical developmental stage of brain formation. This damage can lead to seizures, mental retardation and abnormal behavior.
All of this has been shown experimentally. Clinical studies have revealed some real horror stories. Therefore, mothers, don't give your babies or children aspartame! Claims of safety are pure lies. And adults shouldn't consume it either.
Dr. Blaylock, MD
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