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Toxic Barium In Chemtrails -
What It Means

By Dick Eastman

YouTube - Local TV News Confirms We Are Being Poisoned (click)
If a mass of barium is vaporized in space, within seconds much of the barium becomes ionized by the suns rays, producing a highly reflective ionic cloud which deflects newly arriving solar energy back into space, thereby preventing the ground from warming to the temperature it otherwise would have attained. 
Cooler-than-otherwise surface temperature means the air immediately above the ground will not heat as much as it would have, not expand and rise (evacuate upwards) as it would have, and not create the lower air pressure (relative vacuum) in that location that would have obtained otherwise. In short, laying cloud causes air pressure to be higher in regions where the sun has been prevented from reaching the ground.  Oversimplifying somewhat, it means that there will be less "pull" and more "push" affecting movement of air in neighboring regions of near-surface air than otherwise; and that, of course, means control of the weather. 
By using this push-pull ("high-pressure-block/low-pressure-suck")  technique,  the movement of neighboring parcels of air -- the parcels may be wet, dry, hot or cold, or rotating (cyclonic) -- can be redirected from the course that a super-high-speed computer pre-determined they would have taken to new courses calculated during the process.   The calculations take into account (plug into the set of simultaneous equations that comprise the model) all of the variables (interacting factors) fed in real time from sensors collecting data from thousands of points in land, sea air and space. The planes laying reflective cloud change their course seveal times in the middle of a run as new computations dictate the latest requirements  in the weather intervention to effect the desired result.
It is impossible to predict weather more than two or so weeks in advance, because of the errors that creep in each time you multiply a number shortened in the decimal places (man is limited in his data measurements to only so many decimal places and each time different measures are multiplied accuracy is lost, the prediction becomes accurate to fewer and fewer "significant figures."  But the fact that no one computation can predict weather too far ahead ( because of the just-mentioned rounding of data numbers that takes place both in the initial gathering data and in subsequent multiplication of these numbers in "running the model")  does not rule out effective weather modification, as mathematician John von Neumann pointed out. The problem of prediction is solved by continuous computing and building the desired weather effect through successive short-run approximations.
Clandestine weather modification is done by continuous high-speed computing generating tolerably accurate short range-predictions of ,1) what will happen without intervention and 2) what will happen towards the desired event given a "fitted"  a trial intervention. When an intervention is found that moves the weather system closer to producing the desired effect, the CWM planes are instructed to execute that intervention. And even as the planes are heading to their assigned targets a new intervention is being computed for achieving the next approximation to what is needed to get what is wanted.   In this way short-range interventions following one after another so that the final goal -- a drought in one place, a flood in another, a hurricane landing on a particular point on a coast  -- is attained. This is clandestine weather modification -- also called weaponized weather modification -- or perhaps more dramatically but no less accurately, playing God with peoples lives.
The new weather modification leglislation passed by Congress has been crafted to conceal, not to regulate this activity. The legislation does not recognize the technology and so these interventions are exempted. (It's like a company continuing to sell  a cancer-causing product simply because the Food and Drug Administration has not officially recognized this effect.) 
Also, there are those who argue that the laying of ionized cloud is part of a benevolent plan to save the earth from global warming due to greenhouse-effect-producing gases in the atmosphere. While it is true that physicist Edward Teller did make such a proposal, the last thing you should think is that weaponized weather modification has anything to do with the government secretly saving us from global warming. Global warming a deception, the result of selecting the research, suppressing research, and differentially rewarding researchers for the conclusions they reach. Global warming is a cover for the use of weather technology by the most powerful people in the world for their own economic and geopolitical benefit.  Global warming is more real than space aliens at Roswell or ray guns bringing down the twin towers of the WTC. Increased carbon dioxide is not a threat, but a potential boon to mankind. The global warming deception both conceals weather crimes (unlegislated crimes against humanity) for profit and it is used as an excuse for international agencies (copntrolled by the weather atrocity perpetrators themselves)  to take over more of the economic activity of the human race.
I attach below my usual message on this topic:
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Clandestine Weather Modification
I spent several years on the "chemtrail issue", eventurally calling the activity "clandestine weather modification" and determining that it works like this: 
The cloud cover that is generated causes the surface of the earth (land or sea) to be cooler than otherwise. 
Cooler surface means the air directly above the ground or ocean will be less warmed than otherwise, which means less air will rise than would have risen otherwise, which means the pressure in that area will be higher than it would have been otherwise, which means that air flows will be redirected. 
Note: Whenever a high pressure area is to your right you will have wind at your back. This is called the Buys-Ballot rule.  Thus, to create wind at your back create high pressure at your right -- or more specfically, have an aircraft lay cloud so that to your right the ground will be cooler with less thermal energy from the sun, with the near-surface air therefore less heated, and the pressure therefore higher. Explanation: Air does not just pour straight into a low pressure area.  This is because of the spinning of the earth producing the Coriolis Effect.  Try tossing a ball back and forth with someone while standing on a gigantic rotating platter. The air molecules are like the ball moving in straight lines over the rotating earth.   
With this simple ability to create higher than otherwise pressure by laying cloud,  if you have an amazingly high powered/fast computer (the National Science Foundation computer was the fastest known in the world the last time I looked) and a powerful enough weather model (systems of simultaneous equations with thousands of real data coefficients all continuously updated) then you can control major weather events with this proviso:
Even with the most complete data, the best model and the fastest computer, mankind's continuing inability to gather data and compute data out to enough decimal places will yield eventual big-time error as approximation/estimate computations are multiplied too many times in the computation (fancifully called the "chaos" effect.) This limits the ability to predict weather in a single computation to perhaps a week or two. 
However, this is enough to modify weather because all that is needed is a succession of fresh short-term interventions. Continuous inverventions and continuous re-computing affording successive approximations to the desired effect to enable clandestine weather modification; and so parcels of air that are hot or cold, wet or dry, spinning or not spinning, can be redirected. 
If hot air is contained in one area, its movement slowed by high pressure areas blocking its usual movement, that air will become hotter, i.e. as when Yugoslavia was fried in 124 degree heat to bring down Slobodan Milosovic. The Sahara heat from the south was kept in the Mediterrainian area by chemtrailing -- I call it "cloudtrailing" -- creating high pressure in Central Europe where it would ordinarily have circulated. The air parcel hung in the Mediterrainain getting hotter and hotter. 
Also when you put "chemtrailed" cloud cover over the central Pacific south of the equator, the higher-than-normal air pressure -- remember the sea surface gets cooler than normal so the air above the sea does not get warmed as much --  the air does not rise as it would have; it does not create the relative vaccum (low pressure) to maintain the wind. 
So  in this way you stop the prevailing winds (the air moving west) and this in turn stops the South Equatorial Current normally pushed by those winds, which in turn stops the Peru Current behind it (replacing the water that went west)  that normally brings cold arctic surface waters (and fish) up the west coast of South America. And you have created the El Niño effect which devestates the economies of many countries (including our own). 
The conspiracy is that El Niño and other high-impact weather events really are  under control of powerful private interests.
Of course there are other aspects to it: Using the spin of one system to accelerate another of smaller scale; changing the radius of a cyclonic system to speed it up; altering the intensity of hurricanes by seeding near the wall of the eye etc.  My goal here is merely to convince you of the validity of one aspect of current CWM technology. I have merely  presented the simple model of redirecting weather movements by the creation of high pressure zones. I do not deny that the weather is complex. Remember, the economy is not complex either, but the supply and demand model nevertheless provides players with power to predict and control economic events.
No critic on usenet weather and physics newsgroups has ever touched this argument. The science is rock solid and the computation, modelling, monitoring and cloud-laying systems all exist.  Billions have been spent -- and the elite does not spend money like that merely to know when to put their cars in their garages. No meterologist or earth scientist has agrued against what I am saying and many meterologists have said they are open to the possibility.  An Israeli meterologist who read my articles on CWM on the Usenet in the late 1990's informed me that Israel gets 21 percent of its rain from weather modification. 
Also, National Science Foundation has given its weather models and global weather monitoring feedback to Red China, while it does not share this super data  with the National Weather Service. The Chinese are the world's experts in medium-term weather modification. Yet in the United States weather modification is a taboo subject. Americans still think of it in terms of cloud seeding or carboning the sky to warm and dissipate cloud (the van Stratton effect). We are left to guess what methods the Chinese use. My guess is that they use CWM.
I suppose I would have gotten further in getting the word out if I didn't put so many ideas in one sentence all the time. Editing my own writing is impossible because when I try I only think of more qualifying and elaborating phrases to include, etc. I invite anyone to break down the above and put it out on their own. It never has recieved a clear statment for the general public.  
The existence and criminal use of CWM is something that everyone in the world should be made to understand. Forget the "Global Warming" myth -- which I believe is mere cover for what is really being done.  The people who brought you 9-11 are capable of doing a lot worse with CWM -- in fact they already have. 
One more thing: The people who are controlling the weather are more interested in destroying crops for geopolitical purposes (weaponized weather modification) and for economic purposes than for "benefiting farmers." If you buy agricultural commodities futures (rights to buy farm products in the future at a given price) and then destroy this crop around the world using CWM to raise the price (supply and demand) you really "make a killing" in every sense of the word.
Did I mention that hurricane systems can also be steered by this process? A hurricane is simply a spinning parcel of air. The rotating parcel moves along like any other parcel of air, pushed and pulled by differences in air pressure in neighboring regions. There is as much money to be made following a hurricane as there is following the invasion of a Muslim country. Katrina? And remember, the ruling minority are Malthusians -- they think it is doing God a favor to kill off surplus population. In this way they justify their depradations.
And were tornadoes in Washington D.C. on recent year meant to send the same message as the anthrax scare?  
Google Dick + Eastman + Clandestine Weather Modification in google groups from about 1998 to 2002 and you will see about a hundred messages with documentation, first hand observation, an inventory of the technology at the service of clandestine weather modification, debate,  and forwarded letters sent to me from individuals around the world -- including a letter from a man who layed chemtrails over the Indian Ocean but didn't know what the mission was about. 
Unfortunately I left all this behind me following 9-11 and especially after the Pentagon security camera video was released in March 2002. 
One more thing: When you tell people about this they just reply by dropping the name HARP as if that magic word makes everything I have uncovered about the true purpose of
"chemtrailing" irrelevant and so is forgotten. HARP is a system that can heat parcels of air (whatever else it does) and so can create low pressure areas, instead of high ones, -- or so I speculate -- but that does not change the fact that creation of high pressure areas by laying cloud is being done with disastrous effects on agriculture, water needs, farm communities, all regions hit by steered cyclonic weather and the general economy.
Bottom line: Chemtrails -- cloudtrails --  although less conspicuous than in the late 90's (perhaps because some of us are on to them) is still being done and it is still  mass-murder and a crime against humanity if there ever was one.
My thanks to Jackie Patru for her helpful editing of this text.
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