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Atlantis Rising Timeline
Paranormal scholar William H. Kennedy has prepared this
remarkable research which delineates the Timeline of Atlantis Rising

1916: E.W. Maunder suggested alien visitations in "A Strange Celestial Visitor" Observatory, 39 (1916): 213-214
1919: Charles Fort suggested alien visitations in The Book of the Damned.
1954:  Dr Herman Oberth suggested alien visitations in Flying Saucers Come from a Distant World  (The American Weekly, October 24, 1954)
1955: Morris K. Jessup suggested alien visitations in The Case for UFOs
1957: George Hunt Williamson suggested alien visitations in The Saucers Speak
1957: Peter Kolosimo suggested alien visitations in Il pianeta sconosciuto
1958: Henri Lhote suggested alien visitations in The Search for the Tassili Frescoes
1959: Matest M. Agrest suggested alien visitations in Astronauts of Yor
1959: Jacques Bergier suggested alien visitations in Morning of the Magicians
1960: Brinsley Le Poer Trench suggested alien visitations in The Sky People 
1964: W. Raymond Drake suggested alien visitations in Gods or Spacemen? 
1966: Charles H. Gibbs-Smith suggested alien visitations in May interview (Victoria & Albert Museum)
1967: Brad Steiger published the booklet The Flying Saucer Menace which states that beings from other planets visited Earth and formed an antediluvian global culture. Steiger consolidated previous writers in this area and gives them due credit. The booklet received world-wide distribution. Steiger began to form basis for an expanded book on this subject which he decided to call Atlantis Rising.
1968: Erich Von Daniken published Erinnerungen an die Zukunft (Chariots of the Gods?) in German which draws from most of the themes expressed in The Flying Saucer Menace.  Von Daniken acts as if he were the originator of the ancient astronaut theory.  Steiger completed initial draft of Atlantis Rising and submits it to publisher.
1968-70: Steiger's publisher mysteriously delays release of Atlantis Rising and Steiger expanded the book until 1970 adding new developments.
1970: Documentary based on Chariots of the Gods? gets Oscar nomination and book is translated into English and becomes best seller.
1972: Critics begin to punch holes into Von Daniken's deceptive and misleading scholarship.
1973: After five years of delays Atlantis Rising is finally released and revives interest in the ancient astronaut theory. Steiger's scholarship is outstanding and the book becomes a best seller.
1973-2005: Over 2500 books appear which deal with Atlantisology most of which draw heavily from Atlantis Rising.
2006: Von Däniken files for bankruptcy when his Swiss UFO theme park fails to attract tourists.
2007: Galde Press publishes reissue of Atlantis Rising.
Galde Press Atlantis Rising Page
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