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Bhutto No Ghandi - Made
For TV Martyrdom

By Judith Moriarty

Why does anybody think the information on B. Bhutto, assassinated yesterday, is anymore truthful than anything presented in  the major media? It's too bad she's dead - but it was her own doing - lap dog that she was to Washington - meeting with CFR - and falling (or maybe threatened?) for their plans for her. Musharref is a dud - he is about two things: staying alive and staying in power. Little wonder...this prick of a dictator sure lives in style on the BILLIONS that we've poured into Pakistan. Little wonder that there's NO money here at home with the BILLIONS that Washington is showering the whole mid-east with.
Don't lionize Bhutto - she is NOT what the media is presenting (latest distraction)...an aristocrat who cares for the poor of Pakistan. Hardly. She did ZERO for them during her two terms as Prime Minister - where she lived in a $50 million dollar mansion.  Ms. Bhutto comes from a very wealthy Pakistani family (feudal landlord) . She went to Radcliff - Harvard - Oxford.
The officals in Pakistan (including Prime Minister) live high on the hog amidst such dire poverty! Ms. Bhutto lived in a $50 million dollar mansion, talking about the poor. As Prime Minister she did zero. Just a fact - she's who the media has created her to be for this MOMENT in time - and people are buying it. All a distraction.
Before becoming maudlin over her death (any death is tragic - many others died besides her) - you should take the TIME to read what Amy Goodman - Democracy Now (one trusted news source) and her interview with Tarqui Ali (Pakistani historian). Tarqui should know - NOT these talking PR heads on TV who've never been to Pakistan! 
Also, if you want to be informed (Google) take the time to read the in-depth (great) expose that was done Jan 9,1998 - New York Times, 'House of Graft: Tracing the Bhutto Millions'. Now there's a story for you --$1.3 billion siphoned out of Pakistan by Bhutto (husband Asif Zardari) - documented by Swiss accounts - investigations by Interpol - France - Spain - and the UK. Ms. Bhutto's husband was known as Mr. 10% because of the graft he took on all government contracts!
One of their homes - gated mansion community in Dubai
They have homes everywhere - including a 350 acre estate in the UK, a mansion in Dubai on the Arabian Sea, etc. It is astounding (at least to me) the intrigue and corruption (from everywhere) that goes on in these deals. Musharraf granted Bhutto, her husband, associated politicians and bureaucrats involved in this vast money-laundering (theft from Pakistan) a full Presidential pardon (amnesty) which would 'unlock' the countless millions they have stashed in various accounts as determined by investigations done by numerous countries. You KNOW he didn't grant the pardons without a GREEN light from the BIG BOYS (global).
I can see how this might have been an incentive for Ms. Bhutto to return to Pakistan.  Who killed her? Hmmm - the extreme element of Muslims in this country didn't want her (ugh, a woman - lap dog to Washington) - Musharref, maybe, but he's enjoying his singular power too much, or maybe she needed killed, to get the people to turn against Musharref. In any event - she was STUPID for listening to Washington - and stupid for stealing from the Pakistani people.
And the poor of Pakistan - as in any land - why they were looking for a secular savior (but she wasn't it). Just like our election theater here...how sad. A person buying a $175,000 necklace and gated mansions and estates - living in obscene luxury, is NOT a savior to the poor...sorry.  Meantime, our wag the dog goes on.
Check out the New York Times piece and Democracy Now -Dec 28, 2007, Pakistan in Turmoil: http://www.democracynow.org/2007/12/28/pakistan_in_turmoil_after_benazir_bhuttos
Also: Google Article by her niece Fatima Bhutto (LA Times reporter)
'Aunt Benazir's false promises', Nov 14, 2007, Los Angeles Times 
Killing Bhutto: http://www.counterpunch.org/subhani12272007.html
IF you take the time to read this you'll be pissed off at (or should be) how superficial and contrived the infotainment you're (we're) being fed, 24/7/365. PS, the MidEast and Europe aren't being given the Enquirer PR crap that we're getting.
You have to figure if Washington was pinning their hopes on Bhutto - the whole scheme is rotten to the core. Ms. Bhutto was NO Gandhi.

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