Dr. R. Michael Castle

Dr. R. Michael (Mike) Castle, Active in Chemtrails Research since 2000,
President/CEO, Castle Concepts, Inc.
Environmental Consulting and Engineering Firm located in Ohio. 
"Mike" is a Certified Environmental Risk Auditor, Conducts Environmental Phased Assessments Due Diligence for National Lending Institutions, Industry and Environmental Organizations,  including Sub-surface Investigation, Geologic Interpretation, Core Drilling/Soil Water Matrix Sample Analyses, US EPA Testing Protocol's Specification's, Analytical Interpretation and preparation of Reports - and much more!
He is a practicing Industrial Polymer Chemist with US Patents in Coatings and Adhesives.
Development and Preparation of Investigative Scope-of-Works, Corrective Action Plan, Remedial Action Plan and Site Post-Closure Plans, submittal to State Environmental Agency or US EPA;
Developed Synergistic Co-Train Treatment's that are utilized in-situ with Bacteria to achieve the remediation and clean-up of Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Soils and Groundwaters of the US, PolyChlorinated , BiPhenyls (PCB's) other PolyNuclear Aromatic's, and other Organic/Inorganic Environmental Pollutant's;
Co-Developed a Remedial Process for Environmental Contaminants referred to as BioIntergration used in the hydrogeological manipulation of Groundwaters and contaminated Geologic formations using Co-Treatments and Naturally Occuring Microbes to remediate the subsurface;

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