The Unified Atmospheric
Preservation Act

Dr. R. Michael Castle
Revised May 18, 2005


Prohibiting the utilization of aerial deployment regarding aerosolized chemicals or biological agents for any purpose in the United States Global Warming Mitigation, Climate Change and/or Weather Modification Programs which are deployed into the unified atmosphere over the United States or Canada. This will result in irreparable, long term, toxic and heavy metal poisoning of the populace. This is not to exclude the infinite environment of the United States and Canada, which includes our land masses, rivers, lakes, waters, forests and seas. The atmosphere, and upper-atmosphere will also be affected." This Environmental Terrorism must end.

A proposed Law that effectively Bans and Prohibits the deployment or otherwise released, into or on the Earths Natural Atmospheric/Stratospheric column:

1. Banning mixtures (any Organic or Inorganic chemicals or compounds, elements of the Periodic Table, gases, solids or plasmas) of chemical materials known as chaff from military training operations. Ceasing the operation of Chemical trails (ChemTrails) that occlude sunlight. Weather modifications or any combination of chemical biological mixtures used for any purpose are expressly prohibited;

2. Cloud Seeding and Atmospheric/Stratospheric seeding technologies that utilize chemicals, gases, synthetic filament carriers or biological substances of any sort for the purposes of weather manipulation/modification, such as precipitation, drought, cyclonic, ultra-violet, infra-red heat or cosmic storm management.

3. Electro-Magnetic radiation/radio and SCALAR or plasmic energy waves generated, transmitted, propagated, reflected or otherwise articulated into a focused beam or pattern. These include: microwave, Extreme Low Frequency (ELF), Extreme High Frequency spectrum, all energies traveling through the Atmosphere, bedrock or oceans reflected back to the planet surfaces. Doing so would result in total and cumulative radiation dosage to Humans and the Environment. The use of such technology exceeds pre-set EMR thresholds and limitations and is banned from use.

4. Vaccines deployed into or unto the Atmospheric/Stratospheric Air Column. Bio-controls deployed aerially in mass are expressly banned and prohibited from usage that have any mixtures of chemical or biological materials. Bio-controls containing genetically engineered microbes or biological life forms, natural or genetically engineered are banned and prohibited.

5. Document Vectors/Modalities and Standards

6. Emergency Research Funding-$8.0 Million to research for environmentally benign substitutes to replace UV and Cosmic energy aerial radiation screens, shields or reflectants. Exo-Atmospheric, low-sub-orbital materials to achieve same.

7. International Operational Coordination and Treaty by the Directives of this Bill, the President of the United States shall seek International cooperation through the coordination of all technologies utilized, globally.

The President shall engage In International negotiations for the Enjoinment of the United States in an International Treaty for the prohibition and banning of A aerosolized chemicals or biological agents and/or genetically engineered life forms, released into the Unified Atmosphere or Stratosphere of the entire planet.

Purpose: Ceasing aerial chemical / biological / electromagnetic treatment, deployment, modification or manipulation of the Unified Atmosphere/Stratosphere via any artificial means, for any and all purposes.

Scope: A vote by the citizens of the United States of America through our elected United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate, with the signature of the President of the United States, this legal and binding authorization would put a ban and prohibit the release of any organic/inorganic chemicals, compounds, elements as heavy metal aerosol particulates, polymer filaments, dipoles of metallized glass or crystalline compositions. This would include vaccines; bio-controls of genetically altered biological life forms. This Law will effectively abate all fallout (back-to-earth), aerial-released chemicals, biological materials, extraneous and spatial reflected electromagnetic radiation.

Section 1. This Law shall ban and prohibit the intentional and purposeful release of all chemical and biological substances into the Unified Atmosphere including the upper atmosphere/stratosphere. Current laws and International treaties do NOT recognize, prohibit or regulate atmospheric/stratospheric releases of chemicals, elements, or biological materials which are used in Global Warming Mitigation, Weather-Modification(s), Climate change or other biosphere mitigation strategies.

These substances and agents will fall back to Earth with results of widespread chemical and heavy-metal contamination of breathable air, food, water supplies (including groundwaters), foliage and fauna. The release of toxic substances will be causative of chemical poisoning and toxicity to the infinite environment and humankind as a whole.

This Law is intended to interrupt and impede current and all future practices of artificial/man-made aerial releases or deployment(s) of various chemicals, which cause residual fall-out of pollutants that will descend to the earths surface.

Section 2. This Law is designed to intercede and bring to immediate cessation any and all current and future operations. To also ban and prohibit deploying of aerosolized polymer filaments, chemical technologies, climate changing/weather modification/manipulation chemicals, and EMR energy-excited operations for the further cause of Global Warming Mitigation. To declare an immediate national moratorium on the deployment or use of Global Warming Mitigation technologies that are intended to artificially shield the Earths surface from ultra-violet and cosmic radiation or in-situ reparations of the ozone or ionospheric layers in the unified atmosphere/stratosphere.

Section 3. Vaccine Prohibition - Prohibits the aerial release of any artificial vaccine en-masse onto segments of the human or animal species. This encompasses chemical or biological experimentation on humans until such a time when exacting, exhaustive public, civil and private-sector medical/scientific studies can prove the overall benefit(s) to humans and the environment. To also inform the Public of the acute/chronic effects that the vaccines will have on humanity and mother earth.

No Agency of the United States, including the U.S. Military shall have the authority or official capacity to dispense, deploy or otherwise release some form of mass vaccine(s) on to the Civil or Military populace. Specifically, the President of the United States nor the Secretary of Defense may order mass aerial vaccines be deployed unless a Declaration of War has been declared by the United States Congress.

Section 4. Document Languages/Vectors/Modalities and Standards

Human Health Risk Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Public and Civil Disclosures shall be written in languages, statistics, data and vocabularies that common people and citizens of the United States of America may read, hear or otherwise be informed of; to understand any transmitted communication on the subject(s) of this Law.

All information pertaining to the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Law shall be the responsibility and duty of the U.S. Homeland Security and/or the U.S. Justice Department for collection and transmittal or disbursement to the public. The public notification(s) will be vectored through the Federal Agency to the States Attorney General Offices to the Regional or State Emergency Management Agency, direct to the public. The US Environmental Protection Agency is excluded and shall not, in any way, be involved with Policy issues, public information or interface and be relegated to the role of overseeing testing and accumulation of data. The US EPA shall report all findings to the U.S. Homeland Security Agency or the U.S. Justice Department.

Prior to deployment or usage of any UV/Cosmic radiation screening technologies, an exhaustive disclosure should be made available to the Public of all the known health risk factors, environmental consequences or predicted conclusions, which includes cause and effect surrounding the deployed countermeasure technologies. The issuance of a clear, concise and unbiased Comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement would provide and protect Humans and the natural infinite Environment from any chemical, energy and biological pollutants, should the effects be warranted.

This Law will ensure that pre-deployment knowledge, derived from toxicological and integrative research of Earths Bio-spherical/Geo-spherical system sciences with disclosure(s) of all Human Health Risks and Environmental Impact factors be in compliance with the directives contained herein, for any current or future countermeasure technology considerations.

An original Standard for direct or reflective source(s), Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure (EME) shall be established and maintained by this Law. These standards shall establish exacting electromagnetic exposure thresholds and limits to Humans and the infinite Environment from point source, reflected or cumulative energy specificity. These Standards will prohibit the utilization of HAARPS (Tesla/Eastlund), High-Energy technologies and plasmic transmissions to orbiting geo-stationary satellite receivers and re-transmitting to the Earth's surface. Also prohibits reflected high dosage sources of microwave, Extreme Low Frequency (ELF), Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) and Electromagnetic Radar/Airborne Chemical synergism Interface via the ionosphere.

Section 5. Emergency Research Funding

Understanding the magnitude of the task of substituting the current toxic technologies utilized and the funding for current operations will be a great necessity to find or develop benign technologies to replace them on a national or global basis.

The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2003 responds to this anticipated necessity. The President shall establish monetary provisions for Emergency Research Funding to explore, evaluate and develop these varying benign solutions for the expressed doom. Therefore, major Research Grants shall be established and funded to Universities, Private sector, Governmental Agencies and Citizen Groups of the United States to find these solutions that are benign to Humans and the Infinite Environment.

The initial feasibility Appropriations Funding Grants shall be $800 Million dollars. The initial funding phase will be directed towards the feasibility to research, evaluate and develop substitutions for technologies that are passive and benign in terms of Human and Environmental toxins. An expansion of this technical marshalling plan will be developed and provided for Agency Oversight and Budget Appropriation Guidelines.

Research to protect the Earth and her Life.

Section 6. International Operational Coordination and Treaty

The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2003 shall direct the President of the United States to engage in active consultation and negotiations of a Comprehensive International Treaty to enjoin in the international research for UV and Cosmic energy screening and filter alternatives to the aerosolized technologies banned and prohibited by International Treaty.

This Legislation will also encompass Emergency Research Funding for technology alternatives to the aerosolized/electromagnetic/biologic scenarios. The science currently understood in the realm of mitigation technologies for Global Warming, Ultra Violet and Cosmic Radiation deflection do not consider or account for the Human suffrage or infinite environment destruction caused by the deployed countermeasures utilized. Toxicology to Humans and the entirety of the Earth's infinite environment has been ignored. Upon passage of the "Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2003", the International Treaty, will ban and prohibit use of aerosolized particulates, plasmas, biological and/or chemical/EMR technologies. This will also ensure that Environmental Terrorism will not occur, again, as a result of Global Warming/Climate Changing/Weather Modification countermeasures or mitigation efforts.

"We, the People, will prevail"


Prepared and authored by Richard M. Castle, Columbus, Ohio, USA
December 7, 2002
Revised May 2005



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