Illegal Alien Racism,
Hate Vs Whites Growing

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Hi Ted,
Just got done reading your article on Rense. It was great. Thank you.
I am from San Diego (Escondido), and alert to say the least. After the protests by illegals this past week, I have noticed that I am getting angry stares by 'beaners' (I refuse to be politically correct if they are going to call me 'gringo') while in the stores.
I have had several gringos tell me that when they are in a store that has beaners behind the counter (auto parts store, cell phone store, etc) that the beaners are taking care of all the other beaners *before* they will wait on a gringo.
I have experienced the same thing. While in a bank, me and the only other gringo out of about 20 people in line were treated like we were invisible and each of us had the beaner behind us in line bypass us and go to the teller when the teller called "next in line".
All the other beaners thought this was quite funny.
Me and the other whitey were about 5 people apart and the beaners in line laughed each time.
I saw it happen to him first and thought it was an innocent accident. Then when it happened to me, I knew otherwise. I had noticed when I first got in line that me and the other whitey were the only 2 gringos in the bank. I was uncomfortable to begin with...and this in my own country.
I was listening to the car radio yesterday and a Hispanic news talking head (TV) was being interviewed by a radio station. It was a short interview but I thought a couple of things that I heard were interesting.
One was that she said (the talking head - also a professor at a local college) that the protests across the country were not coordinated. That one group (L.A.) didn't know that the other group (Minneapolis) was marching -- that it was all spontaneous. I thought this highly improbable and an insult to the intelligence of us all.
The other interesting thing she said was that the beaners have received a lot of help. The only name I recognized on this "help" list was the CATHOLIC CHURCH. Now call me paranoid, since I have recently read about Jesuit defector Alonso Rivera and his comic books (I read one) on line, but this was startling.
Why would the Catholic church want to incite division? Promote a situation where the people of the US have to financially support 11 million illegals (many estimates run up to 30 million)?
Why don't they take their billions and help the poor in Mexico?
Seems they are still pissed off at America for the Protestant Reformation. Very few are outing the Catholic church/Jesuits on their deception and aiding and abetting our downfall.
As some of us know, nothing that happens politically on this planet is by accident. Knowing your visibility as a writer, I think exposing the Catholic church would be a good idea. Enlightening readers about "think tanks" is a good idea, as well.
It is my belief that all our policies are well thought out and that Americans are clueless about where, when, why, and how the politicians get their public policy.
I did not know about think tanks until I went to college (degree in History and Philosophy). As I once did, most people think our politicians make policy in just a few short months before it becomes policy...or in reaction to recent events. If more people were aware of the procedure and the fact that things are well thought out ahead of time, it would help in making them realize how diabolical it all is.
Take for instance why our politicians haven't acted sooner on the border problem. If people were aware of this problem being deliberate, maybe they would wake up to the fact that their precious country's downfall is well thought out and not some knee jerk reaction to some immigration problem that has just come upon us.
Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to save our country. If only I knew what to do to help. One idea I had was to make a one page flyer with listed 5 rights that have been taken away from us by the Patriot Act (I know there are more but it needs to be kept simple), 5 reasons why we should question the facts surrounding 911, and 5 things we could do to help.
Then I and others, if I could find "others" willing in this apathetic country, would put these flyers under windsheilds in parking lots of malls. What do you think? I was thinking I would probably get blown in, arrested, and put in jail for sedition. San Diego has far too many military families for me to get away with this strategy for long. I think college students are our best shot at spreading the word.
Thanks for your time.
Reply from Ted Twietmeyer
Each contribution everyone does furthers the cause. The components to a grass-roots movement are similar to that of a home. Each is made up of many thousands of small components. The media's universal intention is to have us all feel helpless and hopeless.
Those that oppose this, are aired in the wee hours at night when they know no one is watching, like Alex Jones' interview was. Why is this? Because no matter how big government (uncle) may become, it will ALWAYS fear the people. The only real weapon that uncle can use on the masses is propaganda, brain-washing and mind control techniques.
We must never forget the tools Hitler used on his people, and how he changed the laws to help him take control legally. We now have it happening again today. What's ironic about uncle, is that "it" is made of people just like you and I. Without people, any government is nothing more than a collection of buildings and mountains of paper. If we reach these people we will have a two-fold attack on this travesty to our safety, economic freedom and liberty (such as it is.)
What uncle forgets is this: The first, second and third Reichs were all failures, and in the end so will be the NWO. History has shown that grass roots movements are nearly impossible to stop. Look at what happened to King Louis and Marie Antoinette of France!
Your comment about putting flyers on windshields can be effective. Be sure to check for local ordinances first to avoid a citation - some towns and cities have them. You may only need a 10.00 permit (approximate cost) in some areas. When flyers will exceed 200 copies, move from copier or computer printing to offset press. This results in a FAR lower per-sheet price. Often colored paper stock is little or no extra cost. Printers everywhere are starving for work so shop around for the best price. Offset press cost will run a few cents per page. This is far lower for high volume than going to a company like Kinkos, which cannot provide serious high volume discounts. Use eye-grabbing graphics in one color only, written so it can be read easily will do just as well as spending more money for multi-color. Greyscale images will result in increased production costs. Remember you are trying to get an idea across, and not dazzle readers with elaborate graphic arts!
Use only a few words of large font like Jeff uses for all the article titles. Then use double spaced lines with large font for the text (12 point or bigger.) Then those who may be visually impaired can still read it. Remember, this illegal alien problems affects everyone, everywhere of all ages.
Many years ago we launched a small business very effectively using about 5,000 flyers, all delivered by hand. We did not put them in mailboxes, but instead used a small piece of tape and attached them to the outside. This only took a few days to do by car. You can do both mailboxes along the roadsides as well as windshields. Having a passenger assist you will make this go faster. If you want to put your website URL on the flyer, register a simple and easy to remember URL to use on both the flyer AND on a radio show. It can ve setup to forward to your website, as does. For example,use something simple like
People will remember simple URLs (like, especially if they hear it while driving. Don't try to pack everything you can on your flyer, or no one will read it! This is something that comes naturally to all of us - the desire to pack it all on there. Fight it! You'll find yourself doing about 5-10 versions of the flyer and then suddenly you'll know deep inside that you've got the right one. If your flyer excites you, it will also excite the reader! Test it out on friends to get their reaction, too.
Ted Twietmeyer
A simple flyer or bumper sticker, which some have made
by themselves, saying:
For the TRUTH
can be very effective.



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