Racism Really Is One Way Street

By Ted Twietmeyer
What we see in the press today that one-way racism has been the de-facto standard for many years. This is even promoted by the press. We constantly hear about "down-trodden races" everywhere on our planet. I have many friends who belong to various races and they are honorable people. They don't hold it against me being a "white guy" (which in the mirror looks a bit tan to me and to others who are white.) So-called "race crimes" by whites against blacks and other minorities are highly publicized. But crimes by blacks against whites are suppressed or downplayed.
Pat Buchanan in his book [1] points out that there isn't one criminal case of a white man raping a black woman. Why not? Everyone knows that rape is a hate crime. When a white person does a race-related crime their picture is usually posted in the newspaper. But when a black person commits a crime, even murder against a white person their picture usually isn't shown. But various unique first names which black people often have can give away who they are. And now we see that Hispanics are calling for the death of all "gringos." Isn't gringo a term just as racist as calling a person a "cracker" or a black person the "N" word? It's all about WHO does the name calling (i.e. labeling) and NOT WHAT the label is.
We must ask ourselves some of these questions about the Mexican issue:
1. Why is it increasingly fashionable to bash and hate white people, and even call for their extermination?
2. What did the American people do to Mexico to deserve this?
3. Where did the American people do it to them?
4. Why has all this suddenly taken on a life of it's own?
5. Where is it written that all of the continental USA is part of Mexico? Says who and why? (In reality, the Mexican government itself signed over rights to the lands of Texas, Arizona and other parts of the US almost 200 years ago.)
6. Why aren't they out to exterminate the Chinese, Koreans and other races, or even the conquering Spanish? (more on that later)
Perhaps the answer lies in the infamous "problem-reaction-solution" used by globalists. With the human race things tend to naturally settle down on their own as people quickly return to the daily grind of life and just surviving. That is, unless someone comes along to stir things up or make war.
Alex Jones recently pointed out that in the end, the Mexicans will suddenly find themselves made into the enemy. His prediction may not be true - the Trans-Texas Corridor being constructed for hundreds of miles down to the Mexican border (bypassing approvals by voters or local leaders) seems to be "concrete" evidence of something else. After all - if in the end the Mexicans were to be demonized and a war started with them, what's the point of later tossing their people into POW camps? I'll admit that Alex is often right - but perhaps not in this case. After all, Mr. Bush wants to give them amnesty - not drop bombs on them.
There is a nation geographically quite close to America where sweat shops can be created to produce all kinds of products dirt cheap, similar to India. It's known as Mexico. What other purpose can the Trans-Texas Corridor serve? The hidden agenda which is building that structure certainly isn't spending their billions to make immigration easier. So what are the keys behind every globalist move? MONEY and CONTROL. It is the engine that drives every decision bar none, including war. In the end, the border with Mexico may or may not be dismantled. That will depend on how heavily resistance to the idea is fomented by the American people.
So how does all this fit in with one-way racism? It's part of a complex picture to add more stress to the average American's life. Yet another form of psychological warfare. As a white-race dominated nation, we are supposed to feel deep in our souls just how awful we have treated the other world's races. Pack your bags, because you're supposed to go on a guilt trip for what happened centuries ago. It's all the fault of this generation and several before it that caused slavery and "stole Mexico." Yeah, right....
Canadians in Canada have asked themselves in the past, "Who are we?" Keeping in mind their current culture is actually European based and heavily influenced by American media and military power, that's an understandable question to ask. The indigenous people of Canada are mostly living up near the Arctic Circle. This identity crisis is not unique to Canada, and one must respect our northern neighbors for having the courage to ask that question of themselves.
Let's take a closer look at Mexico. WHO are the people that live there? Do they even know who they are anymore? Spanish was NOT the original language of Mexico. It has the history of the ancient Aztecs and the Mayans. The Mayans and later Tzolkins [3] who gave us the calendar hanging on your wall (which ends December 2012.) The ancient people of Mexico developed astronomy and other arts. If these were violent people, always at war with every other race around them there would have been no time for such endeavors. For the Mayans to work out a calendar that could last 1,000 years was no small accomplishment considering they didn't have calculators, computers or telescopes.
Are these Mexicans the same ancient people who want to steal American now? NO. The Spanish conquest of 1519-1521 changed their culture and lifestyle, and not just their language. Note the LENGTH of the Spanish conquest. If one were to take into account the slow progress of horses across the land, proportionately this would be about equivalent to the quick takeover of Poland by Hitler with motorized troops. The Spanish Conquest was really a cakewalk for Spain as the Spaniards were on horses, well-armed (and armored.) On April 21, 1519 the first Spaniards came ashore in Mexico. [2] They arrived here in 11 Spanish Galleons (there's that number 11 again.) They methodically went about destroying the ancient people's records and centuries of accomplishments. Oh how kind of them, to rub out a civilization's history. But that was the mindset of that day.
But do we hear Mexicans today yelling about that travesty, which was in reality a brutal act of racism? Why not? Simply because the Spaniards forced their culture down the throats of the ancient, innocent people of Mexico so effectively. The Spanish way of life became the "de-facto standard" way of life in Mexico to this day. Talk about brainwashing! History and also today's current events appear to prove that the "you owe us" Mexican people today have no visible mental connection to their peaceful ancestors. This is not to say all Mexican people today are like this - but apparently those marching in protests are.
The curious thing about racism is that it's mainly about applying labels to people. A black or Hispanic comedian can appear on national television, hammer his own race into the ground and people will laugh. In the real world, it's not just about WHAT the label is - but WHO is the label-maker. In movies, black people hurl the "N" word at each other and it's considered fashionable. The true facts about racism are just one more fact of life teachers intentionally neglect to teach our children in school. If teachers taught children ALL of the truth of how society is controlled, then children would question the status-quo. We certainly can't allow them to teach that, can we?
Should the American people support an invasion? By a people that truly have no idea WHO they really are? Why is "Homeland Security" doing very little about the problem, telling border agents to run the other way from illegals? Does this make sense that we should give tens of millions of illegal aliens aid and comfort at taxpayer expense while suffering an increased crime rate, all for a people that hate and despise us simply for BREATHING?
WHO will pay for these millions of illegals on welfare when there are NO REAL DECENT JOBS left for anyone here to support a family? If the Mexicans kill off the current working class, then WHO will support THEM? Let's not forget the auto parts plant moved from Detroit to Mexico just a few years ago, that was then moved back to Detroit about a year later. Why? Because after 12 noon they did almost no work. Several auto production lines were in danger of shutdown because sub-assembly parts were late. Is this the future of America?
Can anyone in their right mind support all this incredible foolishness? Perhaps common sense has finally deserted all of America for good....
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] "The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions
Imperil Our Country and Civilization" a book by Patrick J. Buchanan
[2] Detailed history of the invasion of Mexico -
[3] Calendar origins -
Dennis & Ann Bossack
Hi, Ted,
We loved your article, Racism Really Is One Way Street, April 01, 2006. We also read the email you received from one of your readers, Terry.
Below is an incident that happened to Ann and me.  Mind you, this was a trip to my cardiologist.  Not a visit to a bank, auto parts store or cell phone store.  This could have been a matter of life or death.
We're losing America at a rapid pace.  We live in New Mexico, thirty miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border.  We have seen not only Mexican illegals, OTMs, but also Middle Eastern men being led across the border by the Coyotes.  Now, our own citizens are willing and ready to flat give away our rights, our freedoms, our culture, and the United States of America itself.
We find it absolutely disgusting and treasonous that American schools are allowing students and staff to fly the Mexican flag above the American flag.  It is time for all patriotic Americans to take a stand and defend our homes and country. 
Where we live in New Mexico, we have zero, nada, no police protection, border patrol, or immigration department.  For years, we have been trying to get the law enforcement we pay taxes for, just like all other citizens of New Mexico to do the job they are paid to do.  However, every time I've ever complained, written or broadcast this information, it gets buried. New Mexico is a freeway for illegal aliens and this is supported by our governor and federal officials. 
In closing, racism IS alive and well in this country.  Only now, it is the Mexicans' turn to hate white people.
I've never been a prejudiced person; maybe I need to change my attitude. Should America have to start shooting as they illegally cross our desert?  I hope it never comes to that, but if it does, I am prepared.
Sincerely concerned about the invasion of America,
Dennis & Ann Bossack   This incident took place in October, 2005, long before all the protesting started.
Since moving to the border area we've experienced racism on a first-hand basis.  The latest and most irritating was my second, and last, trip to my cardiologist.  You heard me correctly: my cardiologist.
Ann drove me to my appointment, which was for 1:30pm.  I gave my appointment card to the receptionist and took a seat.  That was 1:15pm.  At 2:15pm, and after watching every Hispanic person who walked in go before me, I'd had enough.  I went to the counter to ask the receptionist what was going on.  She told me that my appointment was for 3:00pm.  The card stated 1:30pm, and the afternoon before during the call from the doctor's office verifying my 1:30pm appointment, I knew I was correct on the time.
Shortly before I went to the counter, another white man asked about his appointment and said he had been waiting for thirty-five minutes.  He also stated he was tired of sitting there and watching everyone be taken before him.  Well, needless to say, I, too, walked out.  Angry as all get-out, I might add.
This was racism, no doubt about it.  Every Hispanic who walked in was taken before the white people.  Blatant racism, if ever I saw it.  By the way, the cardiologist is from Paraguay. 
I do need to add that during my first visit to the same cardiologist, we waited five hours, that's right, five (5) hours to see the doctor.  By the way, I had an appointment that day also, at one o'clock.
Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello, Jeff - First of all, it is nice to see Dennis & Ann Bossack responding to the email. Racism is nothing new to Mexico. Just look at the class strife in Mexico. Those of native backgrounds or mixed ethnicity, overwhelmingly make up the underclass. If you notice, the top government of Mexico is of European...white...heritage. The illegals flooding across the border into the US are the folks who have resentment for not only whites but for the US in general.
If a foreigner wanted to immigrate to Mexico, I can assure you they have to endure years of protocol to achieve Mexican citizenship, if they can do it at all. A foreigner cannot simply cross the mexican border and expect to use any of Mexico's services. A foreigner must have serious personal financial resources as they cannot legally get work in Mexico. A foreigner who wants to buy a condo or house near the beaches must do so with the help of a Mexican third party who, in fact, owns the home or condo. Foreigners cannot get a Mexican drivers license. And lots of luck getting free medical services in Mexico.
Mexico is doing the right thing, protecting its borders and precious resources.
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD
Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics
Univ of West Indies
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