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Barry McEwen
Michael Lawrence Morton

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From some of the email I have been receiving, it appears some of the readers are beginning to see beneath the surface of these articles and squeeze a little of the real juice that lurks within the apparent unfolding paradox. Somewhere between the physical, materialistic aspect of suppressed caves and possible treasures for our bank accounts, and the seemingly innocuous ranting of an esoteric linguist, there still may be found a common middle ground. With one eye in your pocket and the other in the sky of diamonds, you just might focus somewhere between the two and a totally new picture snaps into the forefront of your attention.
We'll see.
In our first article, mention was made of a navigational and surveying device that has been patented by Crichton Miller. It is designed after the Celtic Cross. Mr. Miller now has a web site with lots more information about this remarkable tool, and its discovery by him relating to the Great Pyramid. This remarkably simple device can accurately be used in cartology, astronomy, surveying, time measurement, navigation, and solar and lunar observations.
I received an email that brought my attention back to a book that I had not read since 1997. The book is titled Mars/Earth Enigma, by DeAnna Emerson. What the reader brought to my attention was the appendix of this book, titled 'Search for the Red Serpent'. The entire connection of this book and the appendix is far too lengthy to include in these articles, so a short summation of the appendix will have to suffice to bring this new information into the context of our current search.
A privately printed book titled Le Serpent Rouge (The Red Serpent) was written by three Frenchmen, Gaston de Koker, Pierre Feugere, and Lous Saint-Maxent. They left it at the Bibliotheque Nationale, the former royal library of France. The little book consists primarily of 13 riddles in the form of short verses, each riddle corresponding to one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The thirteenth riddle is placed between the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, and is the sign of Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Holder,in the Serpens constellation. Within the riddles are also references to the goddess Isis or Magdalen and the "red serpent uncoiling across the centuries."
And why a "red" serpent? My impression here goes back to when I had learned that one of the original meanings of the name 'Adam' (of Adam & Eve fame) was "red earth". Also, red being the lowest frequency of the chromatic colors as found in the rainbow etc. Here I am reminded of my favorite quote from Einstein: "Intelligence is not as important as imagination".
Shortly after depositing their book into the library, all three were found hanged to death within two days of each other. Speculation is that they possibly were members of some secret society and that the book made public certain entrusted information. For this act of treason to the society they were executed. Another possibility (whether or not they were members of a secret society) is that the three pledged a suicide pact as an overt act to bring attention to the book. (wow, talk about a serious marketing ploy!)
A quote from the book: "Cursing the profane in their ashes and those who follow their ways; returning from the darkness while making the gesture of horror at the abyss into which I had plunged. Here is the proof that I knew the secret of the seal of SOL(O)MON and I had visited the secret places of this QUEEN. Take heed my friend, do not add or take away one iota; think and think again, the base lead of my words may contain the purest of gold."
The rather odd formation of Solomon in the text suggests to me that it refers to the Sun (sol) and the Moon (mon), with the "O" also representing a circle, a completion of a circuit, and also brings to mind the 'squared circle' of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Canon of Man' image (which has direct geometrical correspondences to the Great Pyramid and the relative size of our Moon etc.). QUEEN, of course, is the mother goddess, and in our context, Isis. King Solomon is also known to have worshiped the mother goddess Ashtoreth, as related in biblical text, a practice which was considered heretical at the time.
Author and cartographer David Wood has supposedly been able to decode some of the enigmatic riddles of the The Red Serpent and thus found relevant geometrical correspondences with the Rennes-le-Chateau landscape, and the goddess being associated with Venus. This suggests that the Knights Templar may have consciously terra-formed the landscape around Rennes-le-Chateau in accordance to sacred geometrical configurations, thereby leaving a coded message hidden in the very terrain. (or was the terrain already in accordance with sacred geometry?) (if we find significant sacred geometry in the terrain of the Grand Canyon we must conclude it was nature's hand at work, not the Templars) Again, if we accept this notion, this points us again to the heavens, in the context of the same way that the layout of the three pyramids of Giza are positioned to exactly mirror the positions of the three stars in the belt of Orion. (Message of the Sphinx, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval...< and < ) (also, an independent Egyptian archeologist, Larry Hunter, claims to have found all the other locations of temple or pyramid sites, buried under sand, that mirror exactly the remainder of the major star positions of the Orion constellation! see Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Drunvalo Melchizedek, page 302. also see <
At the Temple of Denderah, the Egyptian zodiac shows Isis standing on a serpent in the sign of Leo. And remember that the star Regulus is in the heart of Leo, the lion, (body of Sphinx and looking to star Sirius at its rising in the East every July 23) and also the connection of the Sphinx, Regulus and Sirius with Isis Temple from the CODE as presented in the first article?
This all brings to mind the traditional biblical account of creation and the serpent that resides in the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. And if truly there is a real connection between the serpent/dragon/crocodile mythos and the DNA code imbued in its symbolism, what better place for the snake to reside than the "Tree of Life", or the crocodile in the life-giving waters of the Nile River ( the length of the Nile River contains the initiation temples relating to all the chakra centers, it also is the only river that flows from South to North...there is a portion of the Colorado River that runs North for a ways in the Grand Canyon, beginning at a point not far from Crystal Creek, running North for a total of around 23 miles, and 6 miles up from Crystal Creek is Serpentine Rapids ...hmmmm)
Yet another clue to the physical aspect of this suppressed archeological find has found its way to our door. A reader gave me a link to some posted email communications that relate back once again to the young fellow who claimed to have found sealed caves in the Grand Canyon, and also some additional information suggesting that there is indeed suppressed information regarding the Smithsonian Institute's role in this inquiry.
Apparently, this young man went back a second time, with his girlfriend, and that after they "walked through a doorway" they entered an "altered state". They became too frightened by the experience to continue or go back again.
This brings to mind the very thoughts I have been tossing around since the "reptilian-subterranean" aspect came into the picture. It has been my contention that the electro-magnetic parameters beneath the surface of the earth are not the same as those on the surface. It is also known that altered states begin to occur when one is not within the geo-magnetic fields of earth, and that early experience in space flight proved this to the point where artificial magnetic fields need to be implemented for the safety and mental stability of the astronauts when outside the earth's magnetic field. It is also known that the geo-magnetic fields shift around the earth, the patterns continually moving and fluxing over a period of about 2000 years. ( see pages 44 - 58, Awakening to Zero Point, Gregg Braden, 1994 ) It is not too much a leap to speculate on the role geo-magnetics may have on altering human consciousness beneath the surface. The resonant chambers and passageways of a vast subterranean system may also act as sub-sonic wave-guides etc. in a similar fashion as the initiation temples, pyramids, kivas and anonomolous energy areas around the globe. Could this account for the strange and exotic tales encountered in the underground world. Could the geo-magnetic, electric, gravity and sonic parameters be such that other dimensional translations of reality become accessible?
An informant, known only as "W M", in the email communications, brings to light yet more significant clues. (< < ews62x.htm for full text ) This person knows the location of the temple site as told in the 1909 newspaper article, and has been there within the last ten years. He and others researched the "S.A. Jordan" that is mentioned in the 1909 article, and found a S.A. Jordon ( "o", not an "a" ) mentioned in a rare limited edition of the Smithsonian Scientific Series of that era. Apparently Jordon was an esteemed European field archeologist (not from Idaho, as mentioned in the 1909 newspaper article....dis-information?) who was contracted by the Smithsonian.
The possible reasons for suppressing such archeological evidence may have changed throughout the years. Originally it could have been to destroy any information that would prove any pre-Columbian ties with the new world from Egypt, Europe or Phoenician sources, as this would have given the Native American Indians a possible bloodline that would undermine the U.S. policy of justifying genocide and territorial colonization.
W M also sites Roman artifacts from Texas and the Mogollon Rim (near Springerville, Arizona), and "vaulted cave mummies and a spiral staircase carved in rock" found in New Mexico in 1993 by a contract archeologist. This New Mexico find inspired the web site, and was reported in Newsweek and the Smithsonian magazine. The articles describe an underground cavern the size of a football field, vaulted passageways and mummies, yet the Smithsonian denies any mummies being found anywhere in the U.S. Yet, a few years later a subterranean citadel at the Mogollon Rim revealed mummies also. (anyone having information on any of these articles, please pass it on to me so that it can be posted in future articles here)
Last, but not least, W M tells of an encounter with a retired Grand Canyon Ranger who has seen ancient, worn steps carved into the solid rock, midway up a 1500 foot cliff.
CODE information from Michael L. Morton is delayed this week because of his computer virus. More next time.
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