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The Grand Canyon? - Part 6
Barry McEwen
Michael Lawrence Morton

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The beginning of the end is perhaps in sight for the constellation Serpens, our beloved serpent holder that has been crawling around our investigation of late. It was brought to my attention that the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 10, ran an article about a planet 17 to 40 times as massive as Jupiter that was found in the constellation of Serpens, 123 light years distant from Earth. The attention this constellation has been given just within the last couple weeks seems to warrant further considerations on our back burner of inquiries. I then ran into a web page that said the same thing, but also that there was a second planet in Serpens. Not only that, but they had just found 2 more planets in Aquarius constellation. What made these discoveries unique was that it is the first time that more than one planet was found in a solar system outside of our own. And here they found two at once. Not only that, of the two planets in Aquarius, their ratio of rotation around their sun was unique. One planet took twice as long as the other, or 1:2 ratio, which is highly unusual. see,1282,41088,00.html (Make a mental note to self regarding the snake in the sky in Serpens)
Two separate incidents brought my attention back toward the center of the galaxy, and in so doing, also brought to the forefront, from my back burner, a heavy book in light of the progression of events in the context of the coiling snake and the Grand Canyon in which it hides. In this regard it is fitting to include that the crux of the thread is an encoded cosmic event. And depending upon which way you happen to interpret reality, the cosmic event could be a catastrophic upheaval, or, on the flip side, a harvest of souls at the end of time. ( there is a third option, of course, which is the equilibrium and transcendental implosive Golden Mean spiral into star habitation through DNA heterodyning fixed in the geometrical consistencies exhibited in the code-bearing Tetragrammaton matrix black hole of all mother nurturing/child bearing surrogate neuro-linguistic revivalism inherent within the quantum heavy breathing method employed by the "L" race to see who gets through the void first without ticking off the IRS.... But that's a long story. ) In all cases, it is a buzz word for the guru-sapiens (FEAR) to trick and ease a population into thinking that "the end is near", and for a few dollars more you can learn the "real" secrets to survivalism in face of cosmic devastation. (I'm sorry, I got carried away there for a minute.)
Now, this cosmic devastation, or transition, could even be self inflicted, as is indicated by the recent archeological remains found in India that has high levels of radiation, suggesting that the Vedas contain a true record (not just myth) of a thermonuclear type destructive force that leveled the population in ancient times. (sorry, I don't have the link to that, but you can search for it at And of course the cosmic upheaval could be caused by any number of natural phenomena such as meteorite hits, volcanic eruptions, glaciers, global warming etc. etc. There is also the geophysical evidence of hundreds of geomagnetic pole reversals in evidence within the magnetite records in the layers of earth that goes on for millions of years. (note that geomagnetic pole reversal does not have to be caused by a physical reversal of the entire planet, but rather by the reversal of rotation of the planet. [ see Awakening to Zero Point by Gregg Braden, pages 44-55] In the case of a reversal of planet rotation from our current movement, the su would rise in the West and set in the East. There is evidence of this in ancient records.)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while my Australian friend tapped me into Dr. Paul LaViolette at , which begins to decode the star-field knowledge and the links to the Sphinx and the Tetragrammaton and the zodiac (and ultimately, the DNA code, but Dr. LaViolette doesn't realize that aspect yet). Another reader emailed me and set forth the continuing octaves of understanding of the Osiris mythology which I had been hinting at previously.
He correctly pointed out many bits of coded information in the allegory of the Osiron escapades. I will quote him because it came off so simple and to the point. (thanks Wolfgang!)
"Osiris, Isis, Seth & Horus.....these names are used allegorically to describe a cosmic event. These names appear differently in all major civilizations for tens of thousands of years...the combination of circumstances is always the same. Within each scripture, one or two little pieces of the puzzle are mentioned unencoded.....The same goes for the description of the 'black hole' in our galaxy, the Milky Way, not discovered by our astronomers until a few years ago.....The Mayans knew about the black hole as well and have started & ended their calendar around a polarity reversal, where everything passes thru the hole and exits the other side in opposite polarity.....Hindu literature describes it as the female genitals, it actually looks like that....allegories to celebrate serious cosmic upheavals.......The cutting up & scattering of Osiris by Seth are symbolically depicted....the resurrection shows Osiris as a leaning pole...approximating the earth tilt...with four 'donuts' (rings) at the top...similar to the 'high voltage insulators at Denderra.....Isis is the Earth, Osiris is the Polar Axis, Seth is the catastrophe that caused the polar shift; the conception of Horus is the effort of the Earth & axis to rectify itself.....Horus as a Hawk, observing this drama from above, putting him in the position to restore the tumbling planet to its original or modified position with the possible help of others, implies that outsiders help was engaged......the left brain, the logic brain,the male brain, doesn't believe it.....the right brain, the intuitive brain, the female brain, knows everything, but can't explain it."
This seems to be a very good short answer to what it took two men to say in a very lengthy and complicated book entitled Hamlet's Mill, by Giorgio de Santillana and Herthe Von Dechend. Girgio was a MIT History of Science professor, and Herthe was also a History of Science professor at Frankfurt University. In a nut shell, the book explains that all mythology is a code for the precession of the equinoxes and that there is a collapse, or breakdown, of humanity or civilization at exact times. The implication of the title of this book, and its theme, is the analogy of a millers wheel, grinding the grain into flour, and the flour of course is for the basic staple, bread! The bread of life. The cosmic whole brain bread crumb trail is evident once again! And of course the flour is humanity, but at times there is not enough leaven (yeast) to raise (ascend) the loaf, and it collapses. And of course, it is possible that the millers wheel itself runs amuck, and the milling stops, or is reversed.
The latest geological findings in Australia indicate that the Earth is about 130 million years older than previously thought, which would make it around 4.4 billion years old. (Plenty of time to experiment with getting this life cycle thingy perfect without going haywire at the last minute.) This came about by finding and studying a zircon crystal. It is pointed out that life could have evolved and gone extinct several times in light of this new evidence. see
This brings us full circle back again to Dr. Paul LaViollete, who shows the code (that points to periodic cosmic events) written within the zodiac, with clues to its deciphering contained in the Tarot (which is, among other things, an alpha-numeric gematrian index) and the Sphinx, and some good scientific verification to boot. (not to mention E.T. communication from deep space pulsars!)
Now, just for the fun of it, let's look at a "bread" list and use our "whole brain", i.e., the male and female together and consummate, and have a child that looks down on all these items in this list from a higher, inclusive perspective.
- humanity/civilization evolves in 25,920 year cycles (precession of equinoxes) -reality is organized specifically in octaves of dimensions (like an infinite musical scale) ( dimensions dissolve into octaves of light) ( light dissolves into octaves of consciousness) ( consciousness dissolves into octaves of reality) (reality dissolves back into octaves of dimensions) -these dimensional octaves have light, color, geometry, math and sound as counterparts (as well as the other manifestations within the full electro-magnetic spectrum) -we interpret reality (electro-magnetic spectrum) with five physical senses (typically) -the geometry aspect is revealed in the Unified Vector Geometry of the Global Grid -crop circles give clues -humanity is altered during the cycle of change and transition period -higher dimensional intelligence/knowledge/spirit assists humanity through the altered state/transition -the entire galaxy is involved in the changes and transition -all cultures and all traditions have many names and stories for the same cosmic event/s
The lines of the global grid have been given different names by various cultures and civilizations:
Ley lines...England Fairy Paths...Ireland Road of Hermes...Greek Lioly Luies...Germany Saches...Mayan Ceque Lines...Incan Path of Min...Egyptian Dragon Currents...Chinese/Feng Sheui Dream Paths...Aboriginals Lines of Light...Polynesian Lines of the Spotted Fawn...Hopi
Looking at the global grid and the geometry aspect we see:
-the geometry of the global grid attracts our attention to the fact that it is somehow a hyper-dimensional conduit to a higher knowledge or understanding -the global grid gives evidence of over 80,000 sacred sites, stone circles, kivas, mounds etc. that are arranged on it by all civilizations over a period of thousands of years -the global grid gives evidence of locations of gene pools and breeding grounds forming into civilizations -the global grid gives evidence of the birthplaces of religions, philosophies, arts and sciences -the global grid gives evidence of ocean ridge lines -the global grid gives evidence of atmospheric highs and lows -the global grid gives evidence of migratory paths of birds and mammals -the global grid gives evidence of gravitational and electro-magnetic anomalies -the global grid gives evidence of paranormal/E.T. activities -the global grid gives evidence of concentrations of petroleum and ores -the global grid gives evidence of human population centers -the global grid gives evidence of military base and government centers -the global grid gives evidence of seismic stress and plate tectonic zones -the global grid gives evidence of a perfect geometric replication of the five platonic solids
-the geometry of the global grid is a counterpart of the code of the octaves of dimensions (note that the geometry of the global grid that we notice is static and relatively fixed on Earth, but that there is also a dynamic, or moving, counterpart to the geometric grid that migrates in accordance to the precession of the equinoxes, similar to the geo-magnetic field. The nesting of these platonic geometries, and its shifting influences, are a contiuum and form a matrix field. The key to this code of this matrix is found in the DNA permutations of the four nucleic acids, known by some as the Tetragrammaton.) -the octaves of dimensions is a counterpart of the structure/meta-physical mechanics of reality -the structure of reality is mirrored/reflected in every aspect and manifestation of itself (holographic) -every aspect of manifestation is a 'crumb' of the bread trail (this is why the Grand Canyon is a telling crumb, and held in reverence by the Native Americans as a vast temple wherein the Great Spirit dwells) -the bread crumb trail, and all of manifestation, are cyclic/periodic because ALL is vibration and moves in a rhythmic fashion; the moon and the stars are telling of this -all vibration is information -all information is relevant -relevance is accepted or rejected -acceptance and rejection is itself a form of vibration/polarity -that which you are looking for is that which is looking -the Grand Canyon is looking at you as you are looking at it
My interpretation of why the CODE numbers found in the geographical locations of the Grand Canyon contain so many references to mathematical constants of the circle, sphere, and major stars relating to Egyptian mythology (Sirius, Regulus, Orion)and the precession of the equinoxes, (also note that Maurice Cotterell, in The Mayan Prophecies, found a major Sun cycle of 25,920 years, exactly corresponding to the precession of the equinoxes) is to "prompt" us to notice a pattern within the larger field of our perceptual range, and to extend our sense of reality translation beyond our five physical senses to include innate intuitive qualities, and loft us toward star-field influences. ("star-field" here refers to hyper-dimensional/multi-dimensional parameters of the collective sub-conscious, and the all-inclusive archetypes/proto-types of mind functions governing reality structuring) The reason there is so much reference to The Face and Cydonia on Mars is because of a "hyper-link"/informational way-station placed there as an obvious ploy to jump start our attention away from a self-centered Earth perspective and include a hyper-vision, eventually all the way toward the galactic center via the stars. This is how the "loaf" raises/ascends. The numbers displayed by the CODE that refer to government buildings or military centers, refer to polar influences that counter-balance, or offset, the forces of free-falling...they represent gravitaional forces pulling toward the center of the Earth, rather than flying off toward the galactic center. The agendas "seem" apparently at odds with one another, they actually work hand in hand with one another when viewed from an inclusive perspective. They are like the two counter weights of a scale, as seen in the constellation Libra, and in the polar aspects of Gemini. It is through the 'equilibrium' of opposites that transcendental forces come into play, as on one side of the universe is a black hole that leads to another universe that appears as a white hole...between the white and the black is a void, and it is a conduit for the transcendental.
Now, there are two geographic locations in the Grand Canyon named Castor and Pollux, two major stars in the constellation of Gemini, the Twins. This implies "polarity", "vibration","tension and relaxation", white hole:black hole. The CODE worked by Michael Lawrence Morton and applied to these two locations revealed the following.
The grid latitude is a decimal harmonic of the ratio of two numbers that relate precisely with Earth's precession of equinox, and Earth's main obliquity cycle (which is a full cycle of 40,000 years, during which time Earth's angle-of-inclination from the ecliptic moves by 6.7 total arc-degrees.
The grid latitude is a decimal harmonic of the grid point values of The Face of Mars divided by the grid point value of the White House, Washington D.C.
The grid longitude is a decimal harmonic of the polar diameter of Earth in nautical miles.
The grid point value is a decimal harmonic of the grid longitude of the Akapana Pyramid at Tiahuanaco, and the current location of the last geographic North Pole position on Akpatok Island in Ungava Bay, Canada.
The grid point value of Castor (Grand Canyon location) multiplied by the grid point value of Castor (the Star) sky-position of the archeo-sky matrix circa 2000, is a decimal harmonic of the grid latitude of both Cydonia City Square Center, Mars, and The Tholus.
To really simplify, here is a list of correlations found from Pollux using the CODE:
-Decimal harmonic of Earth's precession of equinox -The Fortress at Cydonia, Mars -The Sphinx of Giza -Decimal harmonic of "Abraham's Number", radian (deg) and cube of Pi -Decimal harmonic of the "Nineveh Constant", permutations of the 4 nucleic acids of DNA, the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, and the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching -19.5 degrees, relating to the hyper-dimensional physics model described by Richard Hoagland, and the geometry of the mathematics found in the D & M Pyramid at Cydonia, Mars, describing a star-tetrahedron within a sphere. -The gematrian number for 'Lord Jesus Christ' -Grid point value for the circa 2000 A.D. sky-position of the star Polaris -Decimal harmonic of the polar circumference of Earth in Nautical miles -Decimal harmonic of the DNA/RNA un-zip angle of 7.3333333333 arc-degrees
Note: the decimal harmonic of the Nineveh Constant (1959552) is a gematrian number and has a mathematical tangent of +3.077683537, the same tangent as the number and angle of "72". "72" is the "pentagonal" number, 72 x 5 = 360. It takes "72" years for one arc-degree of Earth precession.
For complete mathematical analysis of Michael Lawrence Morton's work and our previous articles see:
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