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Skies Over UK Still Swarming With Astounding UFO Activity
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Anthony Woods would like it to be known that regrettably he has decided to distance himself and his family from the UFO subject. He has therefore ended all association with any and all parties who were previously involved in the release & promotion of his material. IF Anthony's footage or images have or are currently being distributed, sold or displayed publicly by ANY parties whatsoever, since the closure/liquidation of UFO Magazine UK as of February 2004, they do so ILLEGALLY! They are not authorized to do so, are in violation of copyright and Anthony's wishes. They do NOT represent Anthony Woods in any way, shape or form.

Anthony has agreed with the Rense site for his articles to remain on their site for posterity, exclusively. He would like to take this opportunity to thank both Jeff Rense & James Neff for the kindness and support they have shown towards him and his case. He would also like to thank the Rense visitors for their interest & support of his case over recent years. "If by showing my material has changed just one persons life or views on the reality of this phenomenon, then it was all worth it"

- Anthony Woods, May 6, 2004

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UFO magazine has released a documentary regarding the experiences & sightings of Anthony Woods which is named the "Journey." Featured in the documentary are some of Anthony's footages including the fleets from 2001 & 2002 + the sensational red objects with light that he filmed on march 27th 2002. It is available on video & DVD. Details & information can be found at


After the excellent sightings I witnessed and filmed on the 13th June 2003 I wasn't sure when the next would come, but I didn't have long to wait because on the 18th June early in the morning I was fortunate enough to film a single sphere hovering high in the sky. I managed to film over 15 minutes of footage as this object stayed absolutely static throughout the sighting. I got to film over 7 minutes of it using the tripod, one of the most interesting feature about this object "apart from hovering for many minutes" was that on its departure it didn't gradually move away in to the distance, but rather dimmed its brightness suddenly before slowly vanishing or dissolving on the spot over a two minute period, then on the 21st June I managed to capture another object using the tripod hovering high in the sky (note: this could indicate the object was moving directly away from the viewpoint Anthony had into the distance or a moment of dematerialization), this sighting was also witnessed by my brother-in-law who had excellent view of this object looking through his binoculars.This object was another one of those sightings when one minute it was there and the next it had some how disappeared in front of your eyes.

View MPEG Clip Of This UFO
Approx 1.5 Megs (18.6.03 footage)

My next significant sightings would happen several weeks later on the 12th July, it was another one of those days that I would go on and film multiple objects in one day, the first sighting started like many sighting before, early in the morning after just stepping out in to my garden, it was around 7am on this beautiful July morning that I spotted an object hovering high in the sky to the west of my position, over the next half an hour I managed to film this object continuously on the tripod as the object slowly moved east to directly above my home before doing a complete circle around my home and heading back west again,

Then later on that morning at around 10am I went on to film a fantastic sighting of a large sphere object, once again I managed to film it using my tripod, this object was so low and bright, my wife also managed to film this object on a second camcorder, the interesting thing about this footage is that because the object was fairly low in the sky and the fact I managed to use my tripod the rotation / motion of this object was very apparent, my wife also shot some excellent footage of this object really showing the strange but controlled movement of the object.


View MPEG Clip Of This UFO
Approx 1.7 Megs (slo-mo from 12.7.03)

View MPEG Clip Of This UFO
Approx 1.7 Megs (2nd object from 12.7.03)

Then 5 minutes later it returned again this time flashing very strangely almost like the object was blinking in and out of reality. I managed to get another 10 minutes of footage before I finally lost it.

After all the excitement from the previous day, on the 13.7.03 I never expected to witness something else remarkable so soon, but whilst visiting my parents home which is around 7 miles away from my home I again managed to film another unknown crossing the sky very slowly. At some points the object appeared to stop several times before carrying on its journey. On playback of the footage I was amazed to see that this object was not on its own, it was at least accompanied by one or maybe two other objects that on several occasions performed acrobatic flybys with the object I filmed, below is a set of frames showing one instance of this.

I am unsure if what I am filming and witnessing has anything to do with extraterrestrials or aliens etc, I have not seen any concrete evidence to convince me of that yet, the truth about their origin could well be closer to home, who knows? But what I have observed and filmed over the last few years is without doubt conclusive proof that they are most definitely some type of unknown "non human" intelligent species that fly with impunity in the skies above the area where I live on a fairly regular basis -- that's a fact, whether it represents extraterrestrial technology or not. But I believe what is important now is that the scientific world in general should be really taking notice & studying this very real and important subject which has been witnessed by countless credible people throughout the years. Forget about the unfair stultification the UFO subject in general has suffered in the last 50 years, there is enough evidence collated throughout the world now to prove this subject is real science and it deserves to be treated as such, the subject is crying out to be seriously studied now. From my own prospective what I have observed and filmed in recent years "especially in regards to the light sphere phenomenon" is that they appear to me to be an unknown living organic species of some sort that has the capability to generate there own light source. I believe their structure could be some sort of semi-solid plasma or crystal light structure, they are non threatening, they have the capability to move at tremendous speeds, blink in & out instantaneously, fade in and out, hover in one place in the sky completely uninfected by wind or weather conditions, sometimes they appear on mass in big fleets, sometimes they appear in groups or as single objects, the single spheres appear to have the capability to morph& gel with each other making themselves as one larger object. Whatever these objects are, they are very real, they are intelligent & they are most certainly here.




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