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Skies Over UK Still Swarming With Astounding UFO Activity
Part 3
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UFO magazine has released a documentary regarding the experiences & sightings of Anthony Woods which is named the "The Journey." Featured in the documentary are some of Anthony's footage including the fleets from 2001 & 2002 + the sensational red objects with light that he filmed on march 27th 2002. It is available on video & DVD. Details & information can be found at


Over the last few years since I started to document and film the ufo activity above my area. I have been trying to catalogue the different types of craft that I have witnessed, easily the most common & regular type of craft I witness appear to be two main types which appear to be linked, the first is the small sphere type that is mainly white in colour and the second type is the larger plasma looking disk or diamond shape craft which has the capability to morph its shape. They are also mainly white in colour, from my observations. It appears the larger disk objects are either one big object in themselves "like giant luminous carriers" that just carry the smaller spheres in side of them or that the large disks are able to split themselves up "like atoms splitting" from there own body to make many smaller individual spheres. I personally believe they may be able to do both, but obviously it is only my own assumption, like I have stated before, it is my belief these craft are an unknown living / organic type of species. Who they are? Or where they originate from? Is still very much a mystery.
On the 20th July 2003 it turned out to be a beautiful summers day and whilst myself and my family were visiting my parents home on this day I was fortunate enough to film a very good sighting -- it happened mid afternoon when I spotted one of the larger plasma disk objects slowly crossing the sky, I managed to film around 5 minutes of footage. The peculiar thing about this object was the very bright and luminous pulses the object emitted at regular intervals emanating from the whole length of the craft. This was not surface reflection from the sun, it was very clear to see that this object was emitting a very bright light source from within itself.
Just over a week later on the 2nd of August I filmed another one of these larger objects hovering above my home again. It was performing the same action of illuminating itself from within at regular intervals. I filmed over 25 minutes of footage of this object on the tripod. This was an amazing sighting but little did I know then that the day after this sighting I would go on and film one of my best sightings to date.
It all happened on the 3rd august again in the skies above my parents home, it was around midday when I first spotted an unknown hovering high in the sky to the west of my position, I filmed over 4 minutes of footage as the object slowly moved off to the west, at one point another unknown object appears to fly in to view from the left hand side, very close and directly underneath the object I am filming before suddenly just disappearing after it passes, no sooner as I finished filming that object my attention was turned to the skies to the east of my position, there was another object hovering absolutely still. After several minutes the object started to move off slowly heading east in a completely different direction to the previous object I was filming. After witnessing these two sightings back to back I had the feeling something special maybe taking place but the best was yet to come.
It was around mid afternoon and me and my family were just preparing to head back home from spending the day at my parents, I just stepped out in to my parents garden for one last look in the skies, when I noticed a very large object heading in my direction from the south above the rooftops. My initial reaction was to think that it was maybe a hand glider or micro lite, but as the object drew closer it became evident this was not the case. I quickly dashed indoors and got my camcorder. When I got back and started to film, this object just stopped dead in its tracks and just sat there in the sky. By this time I could make out real detail of the object and I could see that this object was one of the larger plasma disks/group of spheres together, straight away I thought how similar this object was to the object I filmed back on the 13th June with my brother-in-law. People might say, this must be balloons, but I assure you this was not balloons stuck together, you could really see that each sphere was absolute separate from each other. There definitely wasn't any string keeping them together, also the movement and dancing the spheres performed was breathtaking to see, it was also apparent that the spheres kept gelling backwards and forwards to being individual spheres one minute and then to one big object the next. I watched this display for several minutes before I called to my wife to come and see this, within a minute we were both filming this same object on two separate camcorders. Throughout this time the object hadn't moved its position in the sky at all, they were dead still in one spot, the wind direction had no part to play in what we were observing, all they were doing was continuously dancing and gelling around each other. After around 15 minutes they very slowly moved off to the north east, briefly stopping several times as they slowly moved away. I managed to get over 25 minutes of footage of this sighting. I was really pleased that I had filmed this UFO along with the 13th June sighting because now it had been really confirmed to me about the connection with the larger objects and the smaller spheres.

View MPEG Clip Of This UFO
Approx 3 Megs (3/8/03 footage)
It had made me reflect back to the fleet sightings I gad filmed back in march 2002 and the 18th October 2001 fleet, if you refer back to specifically the 18th October 2001 sighting you will see for yourself that this sighting involved the smaller spheres and the larger morphing objects together, if you analysis those fleets and the 13th June sighting along with the 3rd of august sighting you see they are all connected & one of the same, Please see the frame below from the 18th October 2001 fleet


Below is a frame showing the connection to the large plasma-looking disks to the smaller spheres, as seen in my fleet footages as well as the 13th June sighting & the 3rd august sighting.
It was nearly 3 weeks later on the 19th august that I filmed another very interesting sighting, it happened on a very cloudy and overcast morning when I observed a fairly large black object cross the skies above my home, the first thing I noticed about this object was the way it was moving, it appeared to continuously rotate in a tumbling motion that was clearly controlled, this object was not effected by the wind direction at all, it just gently crossed the sky in no hurry, at one point I lost it as it passed over the roof top but just as I was about to put my camcorder down it suddenly reversed itself back in to my view again, I filmed around 10 minutes footage of this object, this object had a vague familiarity to a previous black object that I filmed back in august 2001, the same controlled rotation was observed.


In September I observed and filmed several interesting sightings, one of them I have included below, on the 24th I observed and filmed a couple of the large plasma looking disks that came over in the afternoon, I managed to get some excellent footage using my tripod with good reference points included, all in all I filmed over 25 minutes of footage of this sighting.
My next significant sighting would come over 2 weeks later on the 11th October. It was a beautiful day and I had asked my brother-in-law to come to my home, around 1.45pm we were standing in my garden talking when from directly behind and above us we observed a low and very bright object just sitting in the sky. It really took us by surprise, for a few seconds we just stood there in complete awe & disbelief, staring at this very bright object in broad daylight, I quickly switched my camcorder on and started to film, my brother-in-law observed with his eyes and through his binoculars, it was so strange looking at this very strange bright light in broad daylight -- it was so unnatural to witness, when I really stared at this object I could make out a very strange marble effect on the objects surface, like swirling luminous gasses moving around inside, it was really bizarre. The object was not moving anywhere in a hurry so I managed to get my camcorder on the tripod, it was at this point I notice the large bright object appeared to be accompanied by several smaller sphere objects that were performing acrobatics around the main object, the way the object was moving was truly bizarre definitely like a living creature of some sort -- it reminded me of some type of sea creature swimming across the sky. I kept filming for about 5 minutes until I lost it behind the trees, at this point I rushed outside of my garden with my camcorder and tripod in hand and managed to film it for another couple of minutes, getting in some good reference points as well, before it just vanished in to thin air,

View MPEG Clip Of This UFO
Approx 3 Megs (11/10/03 footage)
As we were walking back in to my garden we observed in total confusion and disbelief the same object again directly above my home again, but this time the object slowly moved off in the other direction in totally the opposite direction it was initially going, I managed to film it again for several more minutes before I finally lost it behind the rooftops, this was truly one of my most dramatic and best sightings I have ever witnessed,
Both myself and my brother-in-law both agree this, and we both agree that what we had both just witnessed on this day was the same type as the 13th June sightings, 3rd august sightings and the fleets etc, what ever these objects are? Or where ever they come from? I feel really privileged that I have been fortunate enough to observe and film them.
I hope you enjoy viewing the images & footage supplied, and that you may find some interest in what I have to say about the phenomenon that I have observed. I think its important that this subject gets the credibility and respect that it deserves. For myself, it has not always been easy getting my message across properly or showing my footage in the right light, whilst also trying to maintain some sort of credibility for myself. I suppose it is always going to be an up hill task trying to get credibility when I have filmed so much, a person who just witnesses one sighting has trouble convincing others of there sincerity, but I think there is a fine line between tacky sensationalism & credibility -- sometimes it is unavoidable that you may portray yourself on the wrong side of the fence, but at least I am trying to get it in the public domain one way or the other, and that's the most important thing!!
This is a real genuine phenomenon and it should be recognised as such, and I think that its important that as many people as possible get to view & hear about what I have seen & filmed, that is why I am very grateful to James Neff & Jeff Rense for allowing me the opportunity to include on the Rense site as much images and footages as possible, so people can see for themselves. like wise, UFO Magazine (UK) have just released a documentary showing some of my sightings called The Journey. Information about this documentary can be found at most of the footage on the journey is from 2001 & 2002 showing the fleets & the red objects with lights & many others.

On a final note, I hope in the near future the truth will be finally revealed to the public about exactly what is going on in our skies. From my own experience I have observed some amazing occurrences regarding this phenomenon. I have regularly witnessed unknown species or life forces that regularly fly in the skies above my area that perform clearly intelligent & out of this world behaviour whether extra-terrestrial, multi-dimensional or earthbound, they're here!! It's a fact!!!!
Another thing I would like to say about the pitfalls of going public with my experiences & footage is that it is a waste of time trying to convince every person of your sincerity & honesty in regards to what you have filmed or experienced. In my experience since going public I have been subjected to all the negative emotions imaginable from various individuals who have never actually met me in person but who feel some how disgruntled towards me for one reason or another -- the rivalry, jealousy and resentment that engulfs this subject has been a real eye opener for me, from local ufo group leaders who feel bitter that you chose not to involve them in your case, as well as a few so-called sky watchers who proclaim themselves as experts in the field of ufology off the back of filming a few sightings & will criticize anyone else that comes along with anything new because you are a direct threat to there own self importance in the subject. I can go on and on, but the bottom line is, it's a waste of time trying to get approval or trying to convince these types of guys of anything; all you can do is be honest and open as you can about your experiences, ignore the crap from the negative chatterers that sadly plague this subject, and hope the majority of people find what you have to say and film interesting.

Amen to that Anthony, and we deeply appreciate you sharing your material with us, sticking your neck (and camcorder!) out for the sake of truth!! Whatever that truth may be! - ed


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