Chemtrails Common
Over Philly - But Blue Skies
Over Washington, DC
From Escape Artist
I have been following the chemtrail links on your web site for several months and like most of your readers I am feed up with what I am observing in the skies on a daily basis. I have been taking notes and keeping track of my observations. During a recent trip I noticed a very strange coincidence that I wanted to pass along to your readers.
General observations
I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and have observed the effects of the chemtrail spraying on numerous occasions. There are a few points that are worth noting for the Philadelphia metropolitan spraying. Most of the spraying is done in an East to West fashion and on some occasions they will place an "X" to mark the spot.
If I were to surmise a guess I would say that the planes are on a flight path from NY to Philly or that general direction.
The most significant impact that I have noticed is the ability of the chemtrails to obfuscate the light of the Sun and create heavy shadows on days that would normally be clear and sunny. This tends to take place late in the afternoon between 2 and 5 pm. In one of your previous articles there was a picture that depicted the phenomenon. The sun was at the 2 o'clock position in the sky and the photographer was able to take a picture looking directly at the sun. In the foreground of the picture you can visible see that everything is in a shadow. When the chemtrails create this effect there is also a noticeable drop in the ambient temperature somewhere between 5 and 10 degrees.
In a few of the articles, viewers have noticed a dark black streak imbedded in the chemtrail. I am able to see this with the naked eye and a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses are Revo's with the H2O lenses. The lenses accentuate the dark line inside of the chemtrail. If you notice in the chemtrail photographs the line is very thin when dispensed from the jet. This dark line opens up like the rest of the chemtrail, but is not usually visible with the naked eye. I have tested this numerous times and I can see the line with the sunglasses, but I am unable to see it with my naked eye.
The Trip
My family and I took a trip last week to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. During the trip I was anxious to see if the chemtrails would be visible on the way down to South Carolina. As anticipated I saw several chemtrails on the way down. They displayed the normal characteristics that I see in the Philly area where several lines are created in parallel. The chemtrails then proceed to turn into long clouds. As others have noticed the jets are able to turn the chemtrails on and off at will. I did see one chemtrail being produced where the jet created a dashed pattern. I don't know if it was intentional, since the spraying resumed and the plane flew into the horizon. Perhaps the pump sputtered.
While in SC there was daily spraying, even on the weekends. The planes would go out over the ocean and the chemtrails would just stop. I guess that they don't want to waste the poison on fish.
There were two incidents that were worth reporting while I was in SC. The first was over North Myrtle Beach on Friday afternoon. The family and I went to a water park located on highway 17. While we were there, there was flight training going on overhead by what looked like Blue Angel fighter jets. The planes said navy so I am assuming since they were Blue in color that this was the case. There were several things that seemed odd about the incident. First Myrtle Beach is a huge vacation area and I don't know of any base anywhere in the vicinity. Second, they were flying both tactical maneuvers and wing-to-wing aerial maneuvers. The tactical maneuvers were being performed literally right over our heads at less than 1000 feet and the sound was deafening. While flying the single tactical maneuvers the jets would spew out a white smoke and create a chemtrail. I use the word chemtrail, because it looked and behaved identically to a chemtrail, but at a very low altitude. !
The aerial maneuvers where performed at higher altitudes between 1 and 5 thousand feet and several jets flew in formation and made large loops while pumping out chemtrails. After the jets dispensed the chemtrails our throats became course as if we were getting a sore throat. The sore throats lasted well into the evening and disappeared by morning.
The second noticeable incident was Saturday morning while enroute to PA. We left our vacation home at ~7 am. By 8:30 we were approaching the state line between North and South Carolina. We were heading westbound on Rt 40 and we noticed a heavy chemtrail that looked like it was about 1 or 2 hours old based on the dissipation. There was a grid that was laid out in the sky, with approximately 5 lines in parallel on each axis of the grid. This was the heaviest and most obvious spraying that I have yet to see with my own eyes. On our trip north on 95 we encountered many chemtrails, but there was never more than two lines in parallel. This pattern was evident for some 2 to 3 hundred miles heading north. The by-product was the long wistful clouds that we have become all too familiar with. As we approached Washington DC, I made wager with my family that the Chemtrails would stop over the Capital.
Somebody call the Vatican...for my family and I witnessed a true miracle. Exactly thirty miles outside of the Capital the sky turned absolutely sky blue with sparse cirrus clouds at 10 thousand feet. For those of you familiar with the beltway we traveled around the east side and had a clear panoramic view of the capital and the surrounding metropolitan area. This view was possible due to a slight elevation advantage on the East side of the city. From a vantage point due East of DC we had a 360-degree view of the entire horizon. When we looked south we could see all the remainders of the chemtrails and the long wistful clouds that they make. When looking North, East and West were able to see Blue sky and puffy clouds.
The thing that was very noticeable was that not one of the chemtrails or the cloud dissipation ventured over DC.
Our fearless leaders don't want to be subjected to the same toxic poison as the rest of the US citizens. I am curious if this is a daily phenomenon or if DC receives there fair share of Chemtrails during the week. The other thought that I had related to the flight ceiling restriction that might be created around DC. This could prevent airliners from flying directly overhead at any altitude.
My conclusions
The US citizens need to see the big picture. You have posted satellite photos on your web site. The photos taken by satellites were the most disturbing to me. Especially the on that was taken by NOAA in 1991 over Kuwait. If the US citizens could see a panoramic view taken from satellites they would see just how severe the chemtrail spraying is. Up until last week I had a theory that the spraying was possibly being used to create false cloud cover to prevent satellites from observing sensitive information over US territory.
I considered this plausible due to the extensive spraying that took place over New Mexico. God knows there is plenty to hide in that state. Well, there use to be until Clinton handed over all of our secrets to the Chinese as payment for his illegal campaign contributions. If creating false clouds were the motivation for chemtrails you would think that DC would be under a cloud 360 days a year.
I guess I can cross that theory off my list.

More DC Area Spraying Confirmation
From Jeffrey Kline
I am responding to a recent post on your website about Washington D.C. chemtrails. I work across the street from the White House and can confirm what a recent "postie" stated in a post on your website.
I have watched now for over 7 months. I live in Manassas which is about 25 miles out of DC itself and can say without a doubt that the surrounding areas are being sprayed.
One day, I witnessed a plane flying at roughly 5,000 ft. It had been spraying for quite some time and by the time it flew behind my house (the chemtrail) simply sputtered in a dashed line and quit suddenly. The plane never returned to spraying but continued on its normal path.
Even if I'm wrong about the height, this thing just suddenly sputtered and quit emitting the cloud behind it. My wife also witnessed this incident.
Since I work in D.C. I often take a shuttle into Virginia. Everyday for the last several months, I watch the skies on the way. After crossing the bridge to get into Virginia you can literally see where the lines start. It's an amazing scene. I would like to take pictures of these events but would not like to be labeled by those around me. Plus, the camera that I have is very weak and would only give a basic view.
Rest assured though, I have watched and will continue to watch until this is explained. I've asked several friends of mine who are experts in the field of aviation about what is happening and they start explaining about normal contrails.
I simply stop them and say, "How many planes have you ever witnessed that suddenly sputter out and stop spraying." I have only recieved shrugs to this question as they state that it is not possible...
Jeff from DC

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