The Visual Ray - Or,
How Trevor Taught Me
By Ken Adachi <>
In the Beginning
(Southern California) - It all started about three years ago while eating a $2.50 luncheon special at the China King Restaurant in Costa Mesa with my oft time mentor and partner in crime, Merlin Wolf, and another man. We had just finished yaking for almost four hours with the Bob Beck Gang at the regular Tuesday breakfast meeting and now we were continuing the prattle as a cozier trio in a different restaurant. I forget exactly who else was sitting with us partaking of the Chinese noodles, but he was definitely one of the Beck Gang.
We were talking about Nikola Tesla and experiments he had performed in the late 1800's which affected the weather and created other unusual atmospheric phenomena. Somewhere between the egg roll and the fried noodles, Merlin mentioned the name of Trevor Constable. "Who?" says I. "Trevor James Constable" says he.
Merlin said that the conversation had reminded him of experiments that Trevor Constable had performed aboard ships on the high seas that could affect the weather. He said Trevor could make it rain or turn a cloudy day into clear blue skies using a device invented by Wilhelm Reich called a Cloud Buster.
"Whoa, you're kidding!" says I. "No, I'm not kidding." says he.
Trevor had learned from Reich that it was Orgone energy that held the clouds together and not the little dust particles and droplets of water that we've all been told about in school. I later learned that orgone energy is often referred to as a 'living' energy and has been given sundry names over the years. Nikola Tesla and James C. Maxwell called it the Ether or Aether, the Chinese called it Chi, and Reich called it Orgone. Other bright guys, like Karl Von Reichenbach, John W. Keeley and Viktor Schauberger, also stumbled upon different manifestations of orgone energy in the 19th Century and the early decades of the 20th Century. They too devised methods of harnessing this energy and putting it to practical use.
(Never heard of these men? Never read a word about their discoveries in your science or physics class right along with Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell? Well, there's a 'good' reason for that, but that considerable explanation will have to wait for another time.)
The Second Law
Orgone energy defies many of the accepted 'laws' of standard physics, such as the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which, roughly translated, says that energy always diffuses from a higher state towards a lower one ( higher concentration towards lower). Once you understand the nature of orgone energy, however, you soon realize that the Second Law of Thermodynamics isn't really a 'law' at all, since orgone defiantly demonstrates that its energy can move in the opposite direction (lower concentration towards higher). Before we attach the name 'law', to what is really an assumption based on mechanical observations, it should be immutable and applicable 100% of the time, but if it fails in even ONE instance, it's not much of a 'law'.
Orgone busts the rivets right off this bulwark of establishment science with the same ease that it busts clouds. The reader should be aware, however, that such thoughts are tantamount to high heresy in the minds of conventional physicists and academicians (our article on the Joe Energy Cell, an orgone free energy device, also makes a monkey out of Second Law of Thermodynamics. You might want to take a look at it: )
Merlin Continues
By siphoning orgone energy either away from clouds or directing it into clouds, you could dissolve or build up clouds-at will. Merlin said that Trevor could control the weather to such a degree that he could create a squall line of rain showers just ahead of his ship and keep it moving forward, but never touch the ship.
"OK, exactly how?" says I. "With the Cloud Buster" says he.
Mr.. Poker Face then went on to explain that Trevor's Cloud Buster sort of looked like a Gattlin' Gun with a thyroid problem. In a Cloud Buster, a series of 1 to 12 very long tubes are mounted parallel to each other and held attached to a tripod with a full turret swivel. The entire tube assembly can also be pivoted from horizontal to full vertical. Some sort of 'resonant tuning box' is connected to the rear end of the tubes and a very long wire is also connected from the end of the tubes and trailed into the sea water. By pointing the Cloud Buster at a cloud, you could draw off its orgone energy and direct it into the tubes and then into the water, for which it has a very strong affinity. Somehow (Merlin couldn't remember how), Trevor was able to reverse the process and 'upload' orgone into the clouds and cause them to build up. If he kept on building them up, he could create a thunderstorm; and he often did. Merlin mentioned that Trevor wrote all about this and other fascinating things in a marvelous book called "The Cosmic Pulse of Life".
I knew I wasn't going to forget that book because it had such an intriguing title. While snapping open my fortune cookie, I silently vowed to myself that I would find that book and read more about ole Trevor and the Cloud Buster (control the weather, ..hmm, heavy stuff, but damn that Merlin! Keeps dropping incredible stuff into my lap that I have to devote even more time to look into it).
On and off for the next couple of years, I kept my eye out for that book, but I never saw it in book stores. I looked it up once on, but they said that it usually shipped in 4-6 weeks and sometimes it was out of stock. I was discouraged at the idea of waiting that long and decided to just let it go. However, when I attended a week-long seminar at the Arkansas Research Institute in September of '99, I saw it sitting on the shelf while passing through their library and I reminded myself once again that I've gotta get that book and have a peek inside.
Fast forward to early May of this year
A scientist friend of mine needed to thin out some his 'stuff' at home. He was moving to a smaller place and couldn't take all of the accumulations that most of us 'researchers' are prone to collect. Merlin and I bought a bunch of equipment from him. I stayed there a little longer than Mr.. P.F. and I was able to haul off two big boxes full of great books which included-yes- The Cosmic Pulse of Life ( I didn't tell my wife, of course, about my latest acquisitions and I quickly hid all of my 'new' stuff before she got home. She seems to feel, for some odd reason, that I have enough 'stuff' already and don't need any more...).
Well, at long last, I got to open that red jacketed paperback and see for myself just what Mr.. Constable had to say.
Well, what he had to say, dear friends, is simply amazing.
(Aside: This article is devoted to Trevor's explanation of the Visual Ray and how you can utilize this astounding phenomena yourself to direct orgone energy -with your eyes, but Trevor's book deserves much greater attention since it exposes many revelatory and important topics of what he calls the New Knowledge. I strongly urge you to read this magnificent tome.)
Back to Our Tale...
The Visual Ray Ready
Orgone energy pervades, permeates, and extends beyond the boundary of all living things. It's often called the etheric body, but it is also known as the fundamental body, the formative-force body, and the orgone body. Using dicyanin goggles and sensitizing the eyes, you can readily see it as the human aura. With practice, you can dispense with the goggles altogether and see the aura unaided in dim light with the right sort of background. The luminescence we see as the aura is due to the radiation of this energy. This radiation emanates more strongly from the ends of pointy body parts like fingers. You can feel the orgone body as well as see it.
Sit down in a quiet place and point the ends of your fingers at each other from your slightly cupped hands. Separate the fingers by and inch or two and move them back and forth so they are horizontally traversing each other. Close your eyes and quiet yourself until you feel the feathery, gossamer like brushing sensation as the rays of orgone energy emerging from your fingertips cut across each other. Most people can feel it within a few minutes. As you become more sensitized to the feel of the rays, you can separate your fingers wider apart and see how far out you can notice the effect. For the skeptical who think it's the action of air currents, place a large cardboard wall between your hands and oscillate your hands again. You will still feel the brushing sensation because orgone goes right through cardboard. Trevor mentions that Rudolf Steiner describes, in his writings, the role of the etheric body in all of the body's sensory processes of perception. Aim On page 61 of Cosmic Pulse, Trevor tells us that the departure of a ray of energy from the human eye is an integral part of the process of vision. He refers to the book, Man or Matter by Dr. Ernst Lehrs in which Lehrs identifies the eye beam as the "visual ray".
Trevor continues: "This term is appropriate because the visual ray acts similarly to a radar beam, going out into space from the human being and extending consciousness out into space. Each eye emits energy, but one eye is the "master eye" and controls and the whole process. Through the visual ray, the living energy in you makes contact with external objects, reaching out and grasping those objects, as it were. The visual ray is of the same quality as the rays leaving your fingertips, but is much more sensitive and more functional because of its direct connection to consciousness. The visual ray is also under the direction, in a mechanical sense, of the exquisite human ocular apparatus."
You can feel the visual ray yourself by sitting in a darkened room and allowing yourself to become quiet and acclimated to the environment. Turn off the TV, radio, etc.; any source of distracting sounds. Trevor reminds the reader that, in this exercise, one is attempting to reactivate or awaken faculties and endowments of the human organism that have been beaten down by the assaults of daily life and brainwashed out of us by establishment science which is cemented in mechanistic thought. So give it a chance to work.
He advises: "Give the grander realities a chance to live in you and to show you their wonders. Hold your hands up in front of you in the dark, palms facing you. Remember that the visual ray is a subtle beam of energy that leaves your eyes like a radar beam-the same quality of subtlety as the rays you have seen and felt from your fingertips. Attempt now to feel the gentle passage of the visual ray across your hands. You will find its gossamer subtlety a new experience in feeling. Persist and your sensitivity will improve. Focus all your faculties of touch into the visual ray and send it out into the darkened room to feel all kinds of protuberances."
Now that we have laid the foundation for understanding and have practiced a bit in the home, let's step outside and evaporate some clouds with the visual ray!
1. Pick a day when you have a number of small, cottonball looking, fair weather clouds.
2. Decide on the cloud you want to dissipate and have someone photograph, videotape, or at least witness what you are about to do. The experience is exhilarating and it should be shared.
3. Resolve within yourself that you're going to evaporate the cloud with your visual ray and understand that you will draw the orgone energy that was residing within the cloud, into your eyes and then into your body.
4. Concentrate on the cloud you want to bust and slice your visual ray back and forth across it, checkerboard style, horizontally and vertically. Afterwards, bore holes into it and keep slicing the fragments as the cloud begins to break up. You are drawing the orgone energy into your eyes and into you. Keep up the attack. Eventually (within five minutes), the cloud will completely disappear. The first time I did this was an electrifying experience. I was besides myself with giddiness and self delight. You can continue busting clouds, but only up to a point. Eventually, you will absorb as much orgone energy as your body can tolerate at the moment and afterwards absorb no more.
This experience is thrilling.
Trevor intones repeatedly throughout his book that you must do these experiments yourself in order to own them. Just reading about it isn't enough. By experiencing this capability yourself, you now realize that you are not merely an animated bag of minerals worth 98 cents (going 'rate' when I was in high school anyway) as mechanistic science would have it, but rather a thriving, biodynamic life force exuding creative radiant life energy.
Copyright 2000 Ken Adachi & All Rights Reserved.


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