Skeptic Watches Chemtrail
Assault On Portland
Hi Jeff,
I have been a regular reader of your website for the past year or more. I usually let two or three days pass, and wait until there are a number of articles that build up before I come back and read. Tonight
I came back to do some reading, and was a little surprised to read all about the chemtrails in Portland. I live and work in the Portland Metro area.
Since this last Saturday - I thought about posting a message to your site, but thought against it. I am a real die hard pessimist when it comes to the subject of chemtrails. I have gotten to the point where I ignore most of the stories and postings I see. My reaction when reading them is: "Geez people !! - get a life !!". This stuff is nothing more than normal jet contrails.
After Saturday - I am still pessimistic on the subject, but I really am at a loss for what I saw. Perhaps someone out there can find and post a suitable explanation for what was going on.
We live near Newberg Oregon - about 26 - 28 miles southwest of Portland. I took my son to his Baseball game that he had at 10:00 on Saturday. He had to be there an hour early for pre-game warm-ups, so we got there around 9:10, or so.
The sky was a beautiful, beautiful, rich blue. Do not see many days like that here in Oregon - so I was looking up and admiring the sky. It was all blue except for a hazy white contrail that went from west to east - and it was directly above me at the "12:00" position. It looked like it had been laid down not too long before - so I decided to follow it across the sky to see if I could spot the aircraft. I was not able to. It did not look like a normal contrail - there was something odd about it. I suppose that is really why I noticed it. You could tell it had been laid down by an aircraft - it looked like a contrail - but it was much wider than it should have been. Especially for such a bright blue sky. It looked like it was pretty high up - perhaps somewhere around 20,000 plus.
Usually a contrail begins to break up pretty quickly and fade into the blue on a day like Saturday. Usually within minutes - instead - this contrail did the opposite. It grew - and at a very alarming rate.
Over the next hour I watched as it grew thicker and thicker. The rest of the sky - except toward Portland, was still a rich deep blue. If you look at the photos that others have sent in, those photos (as most photos) do not do justice to what I saw.
The best way to describe this would be in terms of percentages or "degrees" in the sky. Assume what we see in the sky is 180 degrees of vision. (It is really much less - but let's use that figure for purposes of discussion). Half of a full sky would be 90 degrees. A quarter of that would be 45 .. a quarter of that (an eighth) would be 22.5 degrees ...
Anyway - when I first noticed this contrail, you could see blue sky behind it, and it took up maybe 2 - 3 degrees in the sky. An hour later - it had expanded into a thick white cloud about 20 - 25 degrees in width. It had flattened out, and was dropping in altitude at an alarming rate. This "cloud" that appeared from nowhere in baby blue skies, was getting enormous in front of my eyes, and dropping toward the town in which I was standing. My guess is that it had dropped from 20,0000 feet to somewhere around 8 - 9,000 feet, and then began to break up and spread out.
As I was glancing up - (in between baseball plays) I saw another jet coming north to south from over the Portland area. It had just crossed the dropping, expanding cloud. It, too, was overhead, although it was west of my position...probably travelling directly over the coastal ranges.
The aircraft was clearly visible - it's silver skin shining bright in the morning sun, a trail coming off the aircraft. As I watched, I was thinking to myself: "Geez .. this is really weird, I wonder if these are the chemtrails everyone writes about .. HA! wouldn't that be something...chemtrails."
Just then - as I was watching the aircraft, the trail was switched off. CLICK. No petering-out of the trail. No stuttering. No moisture dying out over the length of the aircraft as it flew .. Just CLICK. The big "OFF". The jet continues to put distance between itself and whatever it was that it just left behind.
I said, "Sh*t !! ... What the hell was that?? Someone just shut something off."
The jet was either dumping fuel - or dumping .... something. The jet was most definitely dumping something. I guess the big question was (and still is ..) WHAT was dumped ?
So - as the day progressed, everything became more overcast as everyone has stated. It looked like Portland to the north was far worse. I ended up with a bad headache that day and allergies, but chalked it up to - 'allergies.'
This IS the time of year for allergies to hit here in the Northwest. So claims of respiratory problems etc - dunno, could be pollen. Or, it could be...(???).
Just the damndest thing to see - this odd cloud, and then a jet obviously and blatantly dumping crap into the clean, blue skies of Oregon.
Please withhold my email address - thanks.

From (anonymity requested)
I work in the media in Portland, but not in a position to influence news coverage or story selection. I think the chemtrails are at least a curiosity, especially with the increase in the number of them we've seen here this spring.
I began noticing them last year at this time. The amount of trails increased dramatically during weekends when outdoor events were planned. The heavy trails last weekend coincide with the beginning of the Portland Rose Festival, traditionally one of the first outdoor things to do here in the rain belt.
One of the patterns I've been noticing lately is where most of the trails originate. I work in downtown and live in a suburb to the southwest. When I get on the other side of Portland's West Hills, there are often dozens of trails. By the time these trails are carried by the wind to the city, they are much more diffused and take on the appearance of a murky, overcast layer of clouds. I skimmed some of the notes from people in this area and didn't notice anyone else who had noticed how a major portion of the trails originate over the western suburbs.
It's definitely a quandary. I hope some answers come soon. Increased air traffic and jettisoned fuel aren't enough of an explanation to satisfy me.
Love the site and the show.

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