Chemtrails Over
Minneapolis-St. Paul, & Detroit
From Brett
Yesterday, I took the afternoon off from work because it was so beautiful out. About 2pm, as I was working in the yard, I noticed two planes fly over, leaving a flattened X right over the top of the cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul), running from west to east. Shortly thereafter, other planes (or maybe the same ones) flew back and forth over the same stretch of sky, leaving contrails that slowly spread out to form high, wispy clouds.
Having seen the very obvious spraying done earlier this summer, this appeared to be done with a bit more subtlety.
Breath Deep. Smell the chemicals?
Congratulations. You've just been innoculated. Against what, I don't know.

From Mike
Today 7 June 2000, started out as a very beautiful day. Clear skies were the rule. As I was driving to work at about 7:30am I noticed a jet and it's contrail (chemtrail as it was not dissipating) traveling West to East across the sky. I live in Lenawee County, MI and work in Manchester, Washtenaw County, MI. I didn't think a lot about it until lunch time when I usually walk.
In the sky were several trails, perhaps a dozen or more criss-crossing the sky. The same familiar patchwork was all around in the sky but there seemed to be more towards Ann Arbor-Detroit area and to the North of Manchester. As I write this the sky has become very hazy, enough that there was a halo around the sun. (time 1:00pm) I just looked outside and a series of new trails are being laid down at this very moment. The pattern is going from the South-west to North-east and from the South-east to North-west.
While walking I experienced a burning sensation on my neck. Two other times I have experienced a similar sensation; one - in the military going through the CS (tear gas) tent in boot camp, two - while mowing my lawn I was down wind of a farmer chemically treating his fields. Neither one of them was a very pleasant experience. Talking with another person, they mentioned that they had a chemical-like taste in their mouth, but didn't know why.
There seems to be quite a bit more air traffic in the area today, but I may be just more aware of it also. One thing is certain, it is NOT jet exhaust from those planes.
I had seen pictures on the this site before, but this is the first time I have notice it being done in our area. My only regret is that my camera is home and I cannot record the happening for more to see. Sure would like to know "what?" and "why?"
From Roxanne Sumner
Dear Jeff,
I have been watching the chemtrails over the twin cities for several months. It seems the sky is never clear blue for very long. Last night I noticed a gray colored spray being released and after I looked over the entire sky, I saw more of these gray chemtrails. Any ideas as to what this is?
Also, I have only had asthma for the last maybe 10 years and it doesn't run in my family. I was severly ill from the end of 11/99 to 2/00, going in and out of the doctor's office several times a month. They suggested a virus but with my weak upper respiratory system put me through several rounds of anti-biotics. I still suffer frequent asthma attacks, especially after going outside.
I signed the national protest letter at and have written Senator Paul Wellstone. Unfortunately no response yet except for the email saying he did receive my letter and will respond.
I highly recommend that everyone take action and tell others. If not for our own health but for our children's.

From Mike < 6-8-00
As a follow up to what I wrote concerning chemtrails in Southeast lower Michigan, the activity continued until about 9:00pm, although not nearly as intense as it was during the day. This time however I did have my camera and snapped some photos.
This shot is looking towards Detroit (northeast) which is about 70 miles away.
These two shots are looking Northwest toward Michigan Speedway which is about 5 miles.
This shot is directly overhead, top of the picture the direction would be East.
These photos don't even come close to the activity that was present from about 10:00am to 3:00pm. The sky was complete patchwork and had become extremely hazy. Today the sky is a crystal blue, not a cloud in the sky. The air traffic from yesterday mysteriously seems to have left us also.

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