Latest Chemtrail Photos
From Australia

From Denis Robertson
I've been following your reports on the "contrails-chemtrails" saga with great interest and hope that the accompanying photos may be a useful addition to somebody's files, because thís sequence shows a clear development from the initial thin contrails to the thick and unnatural cloud-cover.
These photos were taken last Sunday (4th June) in country New South Wales (Australia) over the quiet upper Hunter Valley ,100 km inland from the eastern coastal city of Newcastle, between about 9.30 and 11.30 in the morning. These are by no means the first contrails to appear in this area, and the only reason I didn't take more photos on this occasion, as the contrails continued throughout the morning, is that this was the end of the only film I had.
When I took the first photo (looking west) the sky to the east was also full of contrails that had been formed much earlier and had slowly moved eastward. (too bright and difficult to photograph against the sun) I took these 4 photos about 20 or 30 minutes apart.
The day began very sunny and clear with no ground-level wind : the weather forecast predicted a cold front from the west later in the day.
Some time after taking the photos ,around noon, when my son and I were taking some household garbage to the local rubbish tip a mile or two away, we felt compelled to pull over to have a closer look at what appeared to be a Boeing 707(or something very similar with swept-back wings ) as it flew parallel to an older thickened contrail directly over us and quite low - that is, it wasn't a tiny distant dot, the white fuselage was clear and the swept-back wings could be seen.Unfortunately there was no film left in the camera by then.
We could actually see the contrail that formed immediately behind the plane thickening in a very strange and streaky way - the streaks spreading outwards like needles.We distincly identified two planes going back and forth - one to the east and the other above us - although there may have been more we only had a "close" look at that one. (but I'm not sure if the Australian military actually has any Boeing 707s??)
On returning we studied the now-overcast sky and noticed that the entire cloud-layer seemed to be composed of weird-looking filaments and streaks which were being reshaped by wind and upper air movements.
Could it be that there is an international ( obviously secret) study of weather movements going on? What struck me particularly about this activity was that the planes may have been forming a "marker" in a layer of air at a pre-defined level , just before the arrival of a known and expected cold front.This marker would precede the cold front into the Pacific and would be useful for building (at least)statistical information. Maybe that's what's being done in the US , Europe etc too.Before any Power can contemplate controlling the weather as a weapon they have to learn the principles of how the weather works. Scientists may still be closer to this primary learning stage than to the advanced level that some theorists suggest. Has anyone investigated the relationship between the creation of aerial "markers"and the approach of weather fronts? I'd be interested to hear. Anyway , I've enclosed my sequence of 4 photos which show pretty clearly how these contrails develop;.
1) I looked out of the window and thought there was a bushfire in the hills beyond the central house(that's what a big bush-fire looks like >from here) Went onto the balcony and saw the sky was full of contrails. Let's call the "bushfire" contraïl "A"; the thin one low and to the left contrail "B".The contrail to the right is part of the eastern formation which wasn't photographable, although some of those contrails were as thick as "A". When the sun went behind a contrail shadows faded and it became noticably colder, just as with a thick cloud.
2) Same house in the centre. Note telegraph pole for future reference."Bushfire" contrail has moved around - contrail "B" has also moved higher and has been joined by parallel contrail "C". Additional contrail "D" now also introduced close to the hills.
3) "Bushfire A" contrail still unmistakable despite having moved round even further. Parallel contrails "B"and "C" have grown and almost joined. "D" has also begun to thicken .
4) Nice big clouds now. The principle of Parallex might give an indication of the length of the "bushfire" contrail. The end close to the hills seems to have barely moved. If you can use any of this please go ahead, or by all means pass it on to any of the experts who can.

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