Report Of Chemtrail
Spraying Frenzy In Croatia
From Izakovic Rolando <>
From Izakovic Rolando
Dear Jeff,
Here are some exclusive images featuring still ongoing chemtrail spraying operation ower town of Rijeka and it's region in Croatia, as was reported on your page on 06-05-00. They were taken by me with a simple automatic 35 mm camera on several occasions, during usual everyday activities. Most had to be taken in direction of the sun because chemtrails are sprayed upwind of the aimed location, if possible during a calm and sunny day.
As was stated in earlier post, all started in the morning on Saturday, 05-27-2000, a single day after Croatia signed Partnership for Peace with NATO. At 16:20 CET, sky above my garage (view towards east) looked like this, shoving a very low, spread chemtrail:
At 16:25, some 4 km to the North an 'X' marking the center of a new chemtrail layer, was placed above well-spread old one:
To the East scene looked like this. Notice three fresh chemtrails layered low over the nearby hills:
You could touch chemtrail sailing over my rooftop. Being unfamiliar with local ever-changing wind direction, jet zoomed over it laying a fresh one:
In the same time, from the opposite side of my house, you could see 20 km wide Kvarner bay with clear skies. In order to save on chemicals jets have simply cut the spraying when over the sea. This confirms recent reports that the chemtrail spraying system is a separated one.
On the Thursday morning, 06-02-2000, at 09:30 CET, on the plateau 130 m above Rijeka, where my company is located (I am Chief Designer and Marketing Manager of the main genset manufacturing company in Croatia) the "X marks the spot" sign was placed by two low-flaying jets, after the wind have blown away the earlier efforts. It looked like this:
I drove to the town to develop the first film reel and took this images on the main parking lot, 500 m from the city center:
Again, old chemtrails were hundred meters above the ground, and new ones were placed upwind. They had a "no" day because of the constant wind direction changes and sky above Rijeka remained clear. After I have loaded a new reel, while walking over the city square I have taken this photo showing a chemtrail laid by a nervous pilot. Birds got nervous, but people around me are not noticing anything. Or they do, but it is too strange for them to be pointed at:
Next Friday morning, 06-09-2000, sky above my company's parking lot looked like this:
This time they flew in the straight lines from the North, starting in neighboring Slovenia (those mountains on the horizon). State borders are not a factor for this kind of operation.
Weather was perfect for chemtrail spraying. Around noon I took this close-up in the sky above the main city parking lot:
Around 14:00 CET, heavy, low chemtrail clouds drifted to the city center:
Unfortunately, this is not all. There is more.
All the best.
Dear Jeff,
Watching your site, I saw that chemtrails are on again.
This world-exclusive news which, because of its frequently used theme, shall probably be of low interest to your public, is important in that it points out the existence of the significant pressure under which particular Western agencies currently operate:
On 5-26-00, merit of the new social democratic/ liberal government elected last January, after ten-year rule of the Croatian Democratic Union, Croatia finally entered NATO's 'Partnership for Peace.'
Immediately, the NEXT day, Saturday morning 5-27-00, heavy aerial spraying of Croatian main port town Rijeka commenced. Being the first time-ever, foreign aeroplane pilots had the worst luck in guessing the direction of local, constantly changing winds, which they partially-compensated for, in a typically Western way, by working hard all day long.
Pressed by the forces unknown to us, they had to come again second time next Tuesday afternoon, 5-30-00. They start spraying just one hour after the skies have cleared from the day-long rain (they probably waited on the red alert somewhere near).
Third spraying, starting Thursday morning, 6-1-00, was shambles. It had all gone wrong right from the start, when the ' X' marking the centre of the chemtrail-laying effort, suddenly found itself downwind.
Even the transfer of spraying to the opposite side of the town, at the time upwind, did not help because the wind had swiftly changed direction again. So, during the next Saturday night, 6-3-00, they had to increase their efforts dramatically, and the town of Rijeka woke up with a low, thick chemtrail cover.
Operations continued all day long, resulting with incredible chemtrail fog cowering everything from the sea level up to the heavens, if there were any. It was really spectacular because, in these parts, anything remotely resembling fog occurs only during the winter, once in a ten-fifteen year period, or so.
Locals are totally unaware of the origin, state and ramifications of this whole affair and are content to be a joint member of the Brave New World.
All the best, IZAKOVIC,


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