Chemtrails Photos
From Pennsylvania
From Mary Paule <>
Dear Jeff,
Attached you will find photos of chemtrails I took 30 minutes ago. As you can see, where I live got bombarded today. I live in northern Tioga county in Pennsylvania, 1 1/2 miles from the New York border. Binghamton is an hour and a half drive east of us and they were spraying east to west. There aren't many people around here, a very small population so I don't know why here. There aren't any large cities close to here, Wellsboro and Mansfield are 30-45 minutes away and their populations are each under 20,000. All the photos I sent you are looking due north, although they are spraying south but you can't see the chemtrails as well.
I was out cutting the grass most of the day as we have a large yard and there was a lot of cloud cover, I looked up quite a bit but did not notice any planes or chemtrails. Now that most of the cloud cover is gone, we can see it all. We had some last year as well, but when I noticed I was at work or somewhere without a camera handy. I sure would like to know for sure who, what, how and why; but it doesn't seem as though any of us will get an answer any day soon.
I still like your website the best, I visit it usually once a day, sometimes twice. I appreciate all the hard work, sacrifice, feeling, and honesty you put into all that you do. I sure wish you were on the radio here, but we get very few stations in up here. I hope this finds you well and happy.
Take care, Mary Paule


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