The Deadly Waco Cover-Up
Rolls On - Analysis
By Joel Skousen <>
World Affairs Brief
5-6-00 c. Joel Skousen 2000
Carlos Ghigliotti, owner of Infrared Technology was a man who knew too much. He was found dead in his locked office, slumped over his desk. Foul play is almost certain. Ghigliotti was on retainer as an investigator for the congressional committee studying the role of FBI agents in shooting Branch Davidians as church members attempted to flee the burning compound. According to attorney David T. Hardy, who has been to Ghigliotti,s lab and office, Carlos had a lot of high tech equipment and had numerous proofs that the government was actively attempting to falsify the results of the infrared reenactment. Hardy said that Ghigliotti had a large stack of sensitive files on the Waco case, sitting on his desk, that implicated the FBI in use of drug moneys to fund the WACO operation. Those files are now missing from the office, and provide one of the prime motives for Ghigliotti,s elimination. I don,t expect the autopsy will come up with much. Every major political killing in recent years, from Vince Foster, to Ron Brown has had the autopsy results tampered with. According to Hardy, here is what Ghighiotti was on to:
Ghigliotti thought the re-creation infrared tape was "junk. Not only was it digitally altered to show less detail, but the aircraft wasn't flying at the right altitude. Neither did the contractors verify that the sensor was functioning comparable to the WACO flyover. The temperatures differed significantly compared to the original hot April day in 1993, guaranteeing that the results would be different.
Carlos also had access to the 1993 pilot,s taped conversations. He said they were using the IR films to monitor the Davidians water supply and confirmed to their bosses when the elevated water tank above the compound was empty. That,s when the attack came--just when the government knew the Davidians would have to soon surrender due to lack of water. Since the FBI attacked when the end of the siege was imminent, it raises the suspicion that the government wanted no witnesses to survive.
The original footage shows agents firing on the opening to the underground storm shelter, to make sure those inside could not get out. His view was that they were gassing the underground vault to pin Davidians in place during the fire.
Ghigliotti thought it preposterous that the judge Smith would allow the use of Vector Data Research to do the re-creation IR video. Vector Data is owned by a conglomerate of defense contractors who work for the Pentagon, NSA, and FBI. These are defacto employees of the agencies on trial. Predictably, Vector Data says the duration of flashes on the 1993 Waco FLIR is too long for the flashes to be gunshots, hence they are more likely sunlight reflections. Another government lackey, defense contractor Maryland Advanced Development Laboratory (MADLAB) agreed. Ghigliotti said this is bunk. In fact, they weren,t long flashes at all. When the video is slowed down, it is clear they are rapid bursts of flashes, similar to automatic rifle fire. For an expert to fail to notice this is highly suspicious, he thought.
Vector Data also discounts rifle fire because, "the flashes on the 1993 Waco tape do not show shooters." This is both true and false. A Forward-looking Infrared (FLIR) camera only sees relative temperature. That is why the government insisted on doing the re-creation on a much cooler day where the test shooters would still be visible to the camera. On a hot day, the bodies of the shooters would quickly heat up and would appear as the same temperature as the surrounding ground--disappearing from view. Contrary to government claims and media reports, shooters can be seen next to the gunshot flashes on 1993 Waco FLIR, but only after just exiting their vehicles. As soon as their clothing heats up in the sun, they do become invisible to the camera.
According to attorney Hardy, Carlos Ghigliotti had several media video tapes made through gigantic telephoto lenses, from one or two miles away. Carlos could import video into his computers showing on one frame the regular media video and, in another, the FBI infrared film side by side. When he would see a flash on the FLIR video, he would search for an agent shouldering a weapon in the corresponding frames from the media video--BINGO--a match. On one video segment, he magnified it and found it showed the agent shouldering the weapon, taking a shot and then turning to look at the media cameras. When the agent sees he is being filmed, he quickly ducks behind a tank for cover. The FLIR then shows flashes from that area as the agent continues to fire upon the compound. This is the kind of evidence the government could not allow to exist.
The fact that some committee staffer gave Carlos confidential files showing FBI use of drug funds has other implications as well. My suspicion is that the staffer suspected that the committee was trying to help the FBI whitewash the case, leaked these files to Ghigliotti to ensure someone else would bring it up in their report to Congress. It may have been those leaked files that forced the dark side to act.

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