Chemtrail Photos From
England - UK
Residents Get Hit
From Matt Linin

I have been a visitor to the Sightings website for a long time now. I have read with increasing interest and alarm the items relating to the Chemtrail phenomena. It seems obvious to me, even as a member of Joe Public, that something is going on, but I am still undecided as to exactly which of the theories I subscribe to.
A month or so ago, I decided to take my wife and baby daughter on a day trip to the South Coast of England, a drive of no more than hour from where we live. About half way through the journey, I noticed the classic checkerboard pattern in the sky above us. I pointed this out to my wife, who I had previuosly made aware of the Chemtrail situation. We were both amazed and a little frightened at what we were seeing. My wife then grabbed our camera and started to take some shots as we were at the top of a hill and could clearly see the action. As you can see, it was a relatively clear and cloudless day.
I could see a plane in the sky which was making the trails, but the thing which really got me was the fact the it suddenly stopped spraying, made a turn, got back into position, and then began spraying again. This was obviously NOT a commercial aircraft.
As we contiuned to drive we also noticed that the trails were merging into a kind of oblong 'cloud' and heading towards the ground in a kind of hazy mist. Unfortunately for us, our route took us through this mist. I closed all of the windows and switched off the Aircon, until we were through it. We both still noticed a chemical kind of smell. We continued onto the coast and enjoyed the rest of the day. However, a day or so later, we all began to show signs of having flu.
My 16 month old daughter was the worst hit, and was quite unwell for a couple of days. I really hope that this was unrelated, but I am also trying not to be blinkered to a situation which should concern us all. I attach two of the clearest photo's for the site as well.
If you can, please post this note to the site, minus my Email address, as I think it is important to highlight the fact that this is not just happening in America.
More Chemtrials Over Europe And UK
From internetcafe2001
Dear Jeff,
I sent you an email a few weeks ago from Mallorca, in which I told you we had been watching the planes spray overhead. I told you I would send you some photos, including a postcard, with chemtrails. Since then, we have been in Barcelona where we saw heavy chemtrail spraying.
I would like to verify the comments by Matt about heavy chemtrail spraying over England. For the past two weeks we have been traveling around England. I got some photos of chemtrails over Gatwick London Airport while we were landing. The weather in England is not the best, but we have seen chemtrails everywhere we have been - central, southern and northern England. We don't see a difference between the chemtrails here and those in the U.S. We are in London now and I got some photos from the London Tower of the planes. I wish I could have taken a photo with the Union Jack and chemtrails above, but I couldn't manage it. We will be home to California in a few days and we'll send you the best of the photos.

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