'Whatever It Takes, Peres
Must Never Be Israel's
President' - Chamish
By Barry Chamish <>
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In the Fall of 1989, a Geneva-based French arms dealer named Edouard Seroussi paid Ezer Weizman over $3 million to fly to Geneva and meet the PLO, thus initiating the disastrous "peace" process with the most notorious terrorist group on the planet. Although accepting a bribe is illegal in Israel,
Weizman was not charged with selling his country out, rather, the Attorney-General recommended this week that he resign. So, Israel was spared the spectacle of its President tried and then shackled off to prison. The leading candidate to replace Weizman is Shimon Peres and if he is finally chosen, this time Israel will not be spared the spectacle. Peres will be tried and watch out, because this time around it will be for murder.
Israel's moral imperative will be shattered in the wake of the trial. It will suffer a national collapse of conscience. Peres cannot become President!!! Please utilize the following brief resume to fight the looming disaster.
* Throughout his career, Peres has enjoyed the company of gangsters. Whenever he travelled to Paris, he would be wined by the likes of such wanted criminals as Marc Rich, Pinchas Greene, Bernard Cornfeld and Bruce Rappaport. It is the latter who should have ended Peres's for good.
In 1985, Iraq could not export its oil because Iran had blockaded the Persian Gulf. So it turned to Bechtel Corporation to build a $30 billion pipeline to the Jordanian port of Aqaba. Bechtel would not initiate the project unless it had assurances that its investment would not be destroyed by Israel in warfare.
Enter Bruce Rappaport, who the FBI charged with oil sanctions busting. He made his fortune selling oil to the West from countries whose oil was officially forbidden from sale. Hearing of Bechtel's quandary, he acted as a middleman between then-Prime Minister Peres and US Attorney General Edwin Meese, who also happened to be a VP of Bechtel. Peres bribed Bechtel, offering a written promise never to bomb the pipeline in exchange for $700 million, to be deposited in the coffers of the Israeli Labor Party. When word of the bribe leaked, Meese was forced to resign his government post, but Peres, as usual, escaped untarnished.
* In 1986, a government commission headed by Ebba Eban investigated the Jonathan Pollard spy affair. Eban placed most of the blame for the scandal on Peres who knew of Pollard's role, read his intelligence as it came in, used it to build international policy and, as Prime Minister, ultimately authorized the operation. Peres spent a week denouncing Eban, rejected the commission report and threw Eban out of the Labour Party, thus ending his political career.
* During the same period of Peres's 1984-86 term as Prime Minister, he authorized Israel's participation in what became known as Iran Contra. Israel's role included selling arms to Iran and funneling the money to Central America, where the likes of Michael Harrari and Yair Klein had acquired controlling roles in the cocaine trade. Iranian cash bought cocaine sent by the tons to the US, much through a little used airport at Mena, Arkansas, under the watchful eye of governor Bill Clinton. The coke money was laundered and used to buy weapons for the Nicaraguan Contras...hence Iran-Contra.
Peres sent his terrorism advisor Amiram Nir to Teheran where he was joined by the likes of Col. Oliver North and Bill MacFarlane whose goal was to convince the ruling mullahs to release American prisoners held by Hizbullah in Lebanon in return for arms vital to the war effort against Iran, procured from Israel's stocks. Ultimately the deal collapsed though Israel did forward two shipments of Hawk missiles to Iran.
The scam became a national scandal in the US and Nir was subpoenaed to testify before a Senate Commission investigating Irangate. The Israeli government did its best to prevent its participants from flying to Washington but Nir was determined to set matters straight. In anger, Peres locked Nir's office and released him from public service.
Days before Nir was to fly to Washington to testify before the investigating committee, he died in a small plane crash in Mexico. Of the six passengers, he was the only one to perish. Two writers with Israeli intelligence backgrounds, Victor Ostrovsky and Arieh Ben Menashe claimed in their books that Peres ordered the murder.
* In Yitzhak Rabin's 1979 book, he called Peres "an unrelenting conniver" and claimed that he had devoted his life to ruining him. In 1990, Rabin watched Peres corrupt the Knesset in what he called, "the stinking deal."
After the tie in the 1984 elections, Peres understood that his Labor Party could not win a national election because the 600,000 strong Moroccan community would never support its policies. But Peres saw a way around the problem. A new party, Shas, which represented Moroccan interests, had won a few seats in the Knesset. If the party could be corrupted and then financed to become a serious electoral force, Labor could win the Morrocan vote through the back door. He keyed in on 23 year old Arieh Deri, the secretary of the party's spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef. Peres sent his cronies Haim Ramon, Yossi Beilin and Moshe Shahal to flatter Deri, draw him into illegal business deals and further his career. Within a year, Deri was appointed Director of the Interior Ministry Office and by the age of 25, Peres arranged that he become the Minister of The Interior.
In 1990, Peres was the Minister Of Finance in a unity government headed by Yitzhak Shamir. As Finance Minister, Peres recorded every agora of thefts Deri was perpetrating in the Interior Ministry and in February 1990, he decided that the moment had arrived to blackmail Shas.
Working with Secretary of State James Baker to bring down Shamir, he devised a plan to become Prime Minister. Baker presented a new peace plan, which included negotiations over Jerusalem. Peres and Baker both knew that Shamir would have to reject the plan. So Peres caused a government crisis by demanding that Israel, "Say yes to Baker." He ordered a non-confidence vote against his own government, knowing that he would win. He had sent his deputy Yossi Beilin to Deri with a full report of his thefts and gave him the choice of facing prison or felling Shamir. Deri chose the latter and led the once Rightist, Orthodox Shas Party to abstain from the vote. Shamir fell and Peres was appointed Prime Minister, though his term only lasted 88 days. The blackmail of Shas, however, never desisted and the current peace process was built on the back of Peres's corruption of this hapless party.
* In February of 1994, Peres's friend, the French intellectual Marek Halter made an amazing admission to the Israeli newspaper Chadashot. He claimed that in May 1993, he delivered a letter from Peres to the Pope, promising that he would arrange Vatican political hegemony over the Old City of Jerusalem. The plan had the Vatican controlling the Holy city, with UN soldiers guarding the entrances.
As incredible as the story sounds, it was soon backed by solid proof. The Italian newspaper Il Stampa confirmed the Vatican deal and added that it was included as a secret clause of the Declaration of Principles signed with the PLO in September 1993.
In March 1995, the Israeli radio station Arutz Sheva, was given a copy of a cable between the Israeli Embassy in Rome and the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem. This cable described the very promise to the Vatican in detail. The cable was reprinted on the front page of Haaretz within two days.
Trapped, Peres came up with a not so ingenious explanation. The cable was genuine, he explained, but someone had whited out the word, "not." The cable really said that Israel would "not" hand over hegemony of the Old City to the Vatican. Incredibly, numerous Israeli rabbis who had previously cancelled their Passover invitations to Peres, accepted his goofball excuse and reinvited him to their tables. Another crisis passed with Peres emerging unscathed.
* In February 1994, the director of the Labor Party's publishing branch Bet Beryl, Mordechai Nessiyahu, was poised to release a powerful book on the peace process, exposing Peres's real role in Oslo. As publisher of Labor's own writers and employer of Peres's daughter at Bet Beryl, Nessiyahu was well positioned to know the secrets of Oslo. After the newspaper Globes reported that Nessiyahu's book would offer proof that Peres played no role in Oslo, Joel Bainerman, my co-editor of the newsletter Inside Israel and I decided to meet him.
Our meeting was in the cafe at the Habima Theater in Tel Aviv. Nessiyahu was a great supporter of Oslo and had no bones to pick with anyone but Peres. He explained that Rabin and Beilin had initiated Oslo behind Peres's back and both agreed that the talks in Norway had to be kept secret from Peres in order that he not sabotage them. The Oslo talks were sponsored by Washington/London and Peres was tied to France/Continental Europe, whose interests did not coincide with Rabin's. Rabin despised the French and during this period allowed Peres to concentrate on his French diplomacy knowing it would be fruitless.
According to Nessiyahu, Peres did not learn of the Oslo talks until April, 1993, five months after the process had begun with a meeting in London in November, 1992. After the talks were concluded with an agreement, Peres wrote a book including himself in the Oslo track. Nessiyahu told us, "He completely rewrote history. His book is a lie."
Not long after our interview, Nessiyahu's 30 year old son died in mysterious circumstances. His girlfriend explained, "We were sitting with friends and he just stopped breathing." If Nessiyahu's book was ever published, no one ever said anything about it.
* Peres has turned Israel into a shelter for international black money. How he operates was illustrated in the case of the former Ukrainian President Yafim Zviagilski. In June 1994, Peres and Police Minister Moshe Shahal flew to the Ukraine and met with Zviagilski. Three months later, the Ukrainian leader arrived in Israel with over $30 million pilfered from his country's treasury.
He arrived on a visa given him by the Prime Minister's Liaison Office, called Nativ, the very same organization which had hired Yigal Amir, the fall guy for Rabin's murder, for work in Riga, Latvia for five months in 1992.
Naturally, the Ukrainian government protested and demanded the return of the money and extradition of the thief. Peres said he's get right on the case and appointed Tzvi Hefetz, legal affairs advisor for Nativ to investigate.
The Ukrainian president and his money are still hiding in Israel, as are similar crooks and their billions of stolen dollars from the former Yugoslavia, Poland and sundry nations elsewhere.
* For years the rumor that Peres turned masterspy Eli Cohen into the Syrians has floated around Israel but few believed he was capable of betraying an Israeli agent. Then in 1994, newspapers in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and London published a report that makes the rumor believable. Adnan Yassin, as Yassir Arafat's security chief, was the highest-placed Mossad agent in the PLO. As a gesture of good faith to Arafat, the Arab newspapers reported that Peres blew Yassin's cover. Yassin's car was searched and high-tech communications equipment, we well as sophisticated explosives were found. He was shipped to Yemen and never heard of again.
* It's just a matter of time before Peres' complicity in the Rabin assassination is revealed. There are already three books in the Israeli market which accuse Peres of being the mastermind behind the murder and the irrefutable proofs will be released during his term as President, if we allow him to be so appointed.
Natan Gefen in his book Fatal Sting reviews Peres's sick hatred for and jealousy of Rabin and offers a convincing argument that Peres was blackmailed by the Likud before the 1996 elections and forced to lose the race. I reached the same conclusion independently, after I was told the full story by two cabinet officials. As President, Peres will be subject to the same blackmail.
This is not the place to prove that Rabin was murdered by a few officers of the General Security Services (Shabak). For the uninitiated, just know that there are now five books out in Israel which make this claim and prove it. They are my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, Fatal Sting by Natan Gefen, Srak by Ori Barkan, Lies: The Rabin Assassination And The Israeli Secret Service by David Morrison and Your Brother's Blood by Michael Raz. The Israeli public's growing awareness of the Shabak's complicity will explode during the term of the next presidency.
There may be a dozen people in Israel with the power and influence to order a political assassination on the level of Rabin's. Of them, only Peres appointed the primary suspects to high office. On the night of Rabin's assassination, Peres appointed the likely shooter, Yoram Rubin to command the Prime Minister's bodyguard unit. Late last year, Peres appointed the head of the Shabak at the time of the murder, Carmi Gillon, to the high-paying post of Chairman of The Peres Center For Peace. Note: On the night of the murder Gillon was in Paris, he admits, meeting with officials of French Intelligence.
Earlier this year the Zionist Organization of America released documentation that that the Abu Dis Agreement between Israel and the PLO, which divides Israel was signed in Paris by Foreign Minister Peres twelve days before Rabin's assassination. Rabin was never informed of the signing.
The next day, Peres's friend, the French media tycoon Jean Frydman agreed to finance the rally where Rabin died. There is a frightening document in the hands of responsible journalists which will be released in due time. It is an interview with Frydman in French in which he details how he and Peres sat with a most reluctant Rabin and finagled him into participating in the rally. Yet Rabin refused to attend until the last moment. Testimony from Rabin's regular driver Yeheskiel Sharabi has been uncovered and it will be released when the Rabin truth finally explodes. Sharabi explains that 90 minutes before the rally, Rabin unexpectedly called him and told him not to pick him up. He would not be going to the rally. Sharabi offered to remain by his phone in case he changed his kind. But someone had already changed Rabin's plans. Instead of his regular chauffeur driving him, Rabin was driven by Peres's regular driver, Mencham Damti.
And it is the Damti connection which will be Peres's demise. Before anyone was supposed to be in Rabin's car, the back passenger door slammed. For the past four and a half years, researchers have known that someone was waiting for Rabin in his car, but only in the past year has that someone been likely identified. Damti invited several members of his family to be with him in the "sterile zone" and one of them, his twelve year old daughter, snuck into the back seat. She was an accidental witness to the murder and because she was there and had to be removed, Rabin's car was diverted for no less than twelve minutes before he finally arrived at the hospital.
We have Peres captured on videotape rounding Rabin's car, looking in the backseat and then stopping in front of the limousine. He stares intently into the backseat and calls his four bodyguards over, telling them to look into the backseat as well. All their heads turn towards it. They have no explanation for the passenger so Damti is called over to explain. Peres scolds him and Damti looks most perturbed, shaking his head back and forth vigorously. But it is too late to get her out. Peres looks towards the stairs and sees Rabin walking towards his car. There is no stopping the murder. Peres enters his own limousine and the murder carries on as planned, but with an unplanned witness in the backseat of Rabin's vehicle.
There is NO explaining Peres's actions except that he knew how the murder was supposed to be carried out. That is the only way he would have known that something was amiss in Rabin's Cadillac. And that's not the only film of the night that traps Peres. At the emergency cabinet meeting Peres addressed the stunned nation with the words, "We sang the song and then Yitzhak put the songsheet in the side pocket of his jacket where the bullet pierced it."
The next day it was announced that Rabin was shot twice in the BACK. Only months later, when Rabin's medical records were retrieved by diligent researchers was it proven that Rabin was, in fact, shot from the front. On the night of the murder, only a very few close to Rabin's medical treatment knew about the frontal shot. So how did Peres know?
Our nation will not be able to withstand the trauma of a Peres presidency. We are in a fragile enough state without inviting the kind of social collapse which this atrocity will bring. The widespread perception that Peres murdered Rabin has led to a rumor heard throughout the nation. It goes like this: Peres is seeking the presidency to pardon himself when the Rabin truth emerges. It is his last refuge. Unfortunately, the Israeli people will not have the luxury of a similar refuge.
NOTE: The author has been invited to speak in Los Angeles in July 19. If your organization or synagogue wishes to invite him to speak in the ten days leading up to the 19th, please inform the author. By then the new American edition of 'Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?' will be released by Brookline Books. Call 1 800 666BOOK.


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