Secrets Of The Giza
Plateau Revealed
The Plateau Decoded
By Howard Middleton-Jones <>
Canadian and Swansea (Wales UK) researchers affiliated to the Ambilac Corporation (To Search for the truth) have combined resources to analyse and interpret the ultimate meaning of the Giza Plateau Pyramid complex Near Cairo Egypt.
Using the information provided in the Book of Genesis and Exodus, combined with archaeoastronomical data, crucial evidence has been discovered as to the true purpose and meaning of the complete physical layout of the Pyramid Complex on the Giza Plateau Egypt. The findings offer an incredible and profound re-interpretation as to our very origins both on and off this planet earth, findings that not only show our true heritage as homo sapiens, but to the very make up of our solar system and beyond.
While analysing this Genesis connection the group believed that, in part, a return was imminent of what the Ancient Egyptians termed 'ZEP TEPI'. The 'first time'. A time that begun from the primeval oceans (Nun) to Horus and the redemption of Osiris, god of the underworld and resurrection, and a period the ancients referred to as the 'Time of the Gods', recorded in the heavens above. This was visualised and reflected in the display of the celestial orbs and constellations where the main 'players' were such 'gods' as Ra, (our sun), Osiris (Orion), Isis (Sirius) and Thoth (the moon).
Genesis is the most complex, interwoven coded piece of literature ever written, in which we concluded there were three levels of work, the third level of which is the revealing of man's genetic code. In addition, it was concluded that whoever wrote the book of Genesis had; a) constructed the pyramid complex at Giza, and/or b) possessed intimate knowledge of the blueprint from which the complex was constructed. The research group also presented the thesis that the earth was conceived by two sets of lineage, the first was our solar sun, while the second is the mathematical set of the six identified in the Bible as ADAM, SETH, ENOSH, CAINAN, MAHALALEL, and JARED. ADAM being our point of origin in our 'star map' - zero degrees. E.g. ADAM (Terah) from Alcyone in the Pleiades, Abram our sun and Abraham planet earth. It is from this point that an explanation is offered towards an understanding of our very origins and what is about to occur with the precursory event on May 5th 2000.
By utilising the ages of the biblical characters in Genesis and relating them to the 360 degrees of a circle, it was discovered that they provided a ëstar chartí, the first star in the set being Adam. It is important to remember that we establish the origin from which all direction begun, the Garden of Eden. Everything, including stars and planets east of that point of origin has very distinctive reference co-ordinates; i.e. North, South, East and West. North was established as "0" degrees, where Adam was placed at this point A complete cycle in our mathematics is 360 degrees. When Adam was 130 years old he had a son named Seth. Afterwards, he lived another 800 years for a total of 930. What is important here are the figures of 130 and 930. To triangulate the co-ordinates from Adam to Seth we must transpose Adam's life span into degrees. This method was utilised throughout to eventually complete our start chart.
Using a pyramid model of Khufu, it was overlaid inside the Genesis model by aligning the pyramids outer casing (south side) with the Enoch line, and the centre of the pit found in the subterranean chamber, with the Lamech line. ëLight beamsí were then ëdirectedí down the two shafts into the Queen's chamber rotating the model until the northern shaft intersects exactly with the spot marked Adam. Consequently, the southern shaft lines up exactly with Seth, thus reinforcing the theory that both shafts are aimed at a downward direction, as they do not exit the pyramid. Next, the angle that the pyramid model intersects our Enoch line is slightly greater than 65.90277 degrees, or the point where our Methuselah line should have intersected with Enoch. Using a new meridian line on the pyramid model it was discovered that at this precise location Noah aligns with the entry to the passageway to the Queen's chamber (our old meridian line is dead centre). Therefore establishing a "0" degree alignment. Both shafts in the King's chamber exit the pyramid, unlike those found in the Queen's chamber. The same will hold true (no exit) for the two proposed shafts that extend from the Grand Gallery. None of these shafts were ever intended to provide ventilation for the pyramid. Remember the entire pyramid was once completely sealed by casing stones. By combining this method in conjunction with other testable data, it was discovered that not only were the group able to identify and locate the three tombs of OSIRIS, ENIL and JOSEPH, but were able to ascertain the true purpose and location of what has been referred to as the ëArk of the Covenantí. The ëcovenantí however seems to be in a form of a large natural crystal deep below one of the ëQueensí pyramids of Khufu, and was in fact placed to provide, in conjunction with other crystals sited at sacred spaces around the planet, a protective shield around planet earth. A shield to protect the atmosphere from geomagnetic solar storms and associated solar activity, whether natural, or ëman madeí. This crystal is protected itself by an energy field, or ëblessingí, and it is believed may only be accessed by the correct DNA, genetically inherited, and by acoustic command. Soon we will be witnessing increased solar activity coupled with large Coronal Mass Ejections originating from our sun, the result of these harmful emissions may provide the catalyst for an ancient race of beings, laying in stasis below the Giza Plateau, to awake in time for the May 5th planetary alignment. This alignment is also a combined stellar alignment, where our sun, Saturn and Jupiter are in complete alignment with the star Betelegeuse (the Bethlehem star) in the constellation of Orion. In addition if one were to draw a line through the three belt stars of Orion at this exact time, it would centre directly upon Mars, thus providing an energy flow towards earth and the Giza Plateau. In essence, this affords a cosmic portal, or ëStargateí where inter dimensional flow of matter and beings will be realised.
The complete findings, including testable data, will be revealed at an illustrated presentation on Saturday April 15th at the Taliesin Arts Theatre, University of Wales Swansea UK, where all the Ambilac team will present these findings.
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