New Weather Modification
Research Papers By
Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund
The use of satellites, HAARP and microwave frequencies to manipulate and
control severe weather patterns is Science reality.

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Borderland Sciences has recently received two very significant research papers authored by Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund:
SYSTEMS CONSIDERATIONS OF WEATHER MODIFICATION EXPERIMENTS USING HIGH POWER ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, Published in Proceedings of "Workshop on Space Exploration andResources Exploitation-Explospace," 20-22 October, 1998, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. MESOCYCLONE DIAGNOSTIC REQUIREMENTS FOR THUNDERSTORM SOLAR POWER SATELLITE CONCEPT, Published in the Proceedings of "The Second Conference on the Applications of RemoteSensing and GIS for Disaster Management," January 19-21, 1999. Some of the highlights contained in these reports are: * HAARP* MISSLE SHIELD ANTENNA (terrawatt phased array antenna)* NORTH SLOPE GAS CONCEPT WEATHER MODIFICATION* OZONE HOLE MITIGATION EFFECTS* HIGH POWER SOLAR SATELLITES FOR WEATHER MODIFICATION* POWER RELAY IONOSPHERIC MIRRORS* INTERVENTION IN TORNADO GENESIS* SAFETY Dr. Eastlund stressed safety as a foremost consideration and stated:
"Since so much reaction has accompanied the HAARP project, which is to be rated at 3.6 Megawatts cw, compared to the 100 Megawatts to 1 terrawatt of the initial North Slope Gas Concepts idea base, it is clear that international cooperation and disclosure must be obtained for future high power antenna applications no matter how benificial they seem."
"Fortunately, this TSPS (Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite) concept is not part of the military or the government and there is an opportunity to discuss it, and discard it if that is the best thing to do." Also, in the first paper, Dr. Eastlund stated, "The public must be involved in the development of the concept from the start...the public itself must want to accept the risks involved."
These papers are published here in the interest of public viewing and evaluation. Many thanks to Dr. Eastlund for permitting us to post these here and for his openness to publish these documents.
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